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Joanna Kołsut, Paulina Borówka, Błażej Marciniak, Ewelina Wójcik, Arkadiusz Wojtasik, Dominik Strapagiel and Jarosław Dastych

References 1. Barnes H.J., Nolan L.K., Vaillancourt J.P.: Colibacillosis, In: Diseases of poultry , Blackwell Publishing, Ames, 2008, pp. 691–732. 2. Dho-Moulin M., Fairbrother J. M.: Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC). Vet Res 1999, 30, 299–316. 3. Dziva F., Stevens M.P.: Colibacillosis in poultry: unravelling the molecular basis of virulence of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in their natural hosts. Avian Pathol 2008, 37, 355–366. 4. Ewers C., Janßen T., Kießling S., Philipp H.C., Wieler L.H.: Rapid detection of virulence

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A. Koncicki, B. Tykałowski, T. Stenzel, M. Śmiałek and D. Pestka

chain reaction (PCR) to detect and evaluate the distribution of haemorrhagic enteritis virus in turkeys. Med Weter 65: 413-415. Newberry LA, Skeeles JK, Kreider DL, Beasley JN, Story JD, McNew RW, Berridge BR ( 1993 ) Use of virulent hemorrhagic enteritis virus for the induction of colibacillosis in turkeys. Avian Dis 37: 1-5. Pierson FW, Larsen CT, Domermuth CH ( 1996 ) The production of colibacillosis in turkeys following sequential exposure to Newcastle disease virus or Bordetella avium, avirulent hemorrhagic

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Maria Rodica Gurău, Hasan Majid Hameed, Mihaela Cristiana Popp, Marius Valer Campeanu and Doina Daneș

(3):335-343, accessed february 2018, doi: 10.1007/s12223-017-0570-3. Barnes H.J., J.R. Glisson, A.M. Fadly, L.R. McDougald and D. Swayne, 2003. Colibacillosis. In Saif Y.M., Barnes H.J., Glisson J. R., Fadly A. M., McDougald L.R., Swayne D. E. (Eds.), Diseases of Poultry 11th edn. Ames, Iowa State, University Press, 631-652. Baumler A.J., T.L. Norris, T. Lasco, W. Voigt, R. Reissbrodt, W. Rabsch and F. Heffron, 1998. IroN, a novel outer membrane siderophore receptor characteristic of Salmonella enterica. Journal of Bacteriology. 180: 1446

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M. S. Sadeghi Bonjar, S. Salari, M. Jahantigh and A. Rashki

-1242. Deb JR, Harry EG ( 1978 ) Laboratory trials with inactivated vaccines against E coli (O2:K1) infection in fowls. Res Vet Sci 24: 308-313. Delicato ER, De Brito BG, Gaziri LC, Vidotto MC ( 2003 ) Virulence-associated genes in E coli isolates from poultry with colibacillosis. Vet Microbiol 94: 97-103. Derakhshandeh A, Zahraei Salehi T, Tadjbakhsh H, Karimi V ( 2009 ) Identification, cloning and sequencing of E coli strain chi1378 (O78:K80) iss gene isolated from poultry colibacillosis in Iran. Lett Appl Microbiol 49: 403-407. Dias da Silveira W

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Changhoon Park, Jiwoon Jeong, Kyuhyung Choi, Jae Chul Lee, Oh Sung Kwon, Sung-Hoon Kim and Chanhee Chae

REFERENCES 1. Fairbrother JM, Gyles CL: Colibacillosis. In: Diseases of Swine . United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishing; 2012, 723-749. 2. Marques LRM, Peiris JSM, Cryz SJ, O’Brien AD: Escherichia coli strains isolated from pigs with edema disease produce a variant of Shiga-like toxin II. FEMS Microbiol Lett 1987, 44: 33-38. 3. Imberechts H, de Greve H, Schlicker C, Bouchet H, Pohl P, Charlier G, Bertschinger H, Wild P, Vandekerckove J, van Damme J, van Montagu M, Lintermans P: Characterization of F107 fimbriae of Escherichia coli 107

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Xiaojing Xu, Xiang Chen, Song Gao and Lixiang Zhao


Introduction: Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) is a leading cause of extraintestinal infection and heavy economic losses. Imparting immunity after vaccination with live attenuated strain vaccination is an ideal strategy for infection control. This study considers an FtsK knockout mutant strain as a candidate. Material and Methods: An FtsK knockout mutant of APEC strain E058 was constructed and the pathogenicity of the mutant and wild-type strains was further evaluated in chickens. Results: The 50% lethal doses of each strain for one-day-old specific-pathogen-free (SPF) chickens challenged experimentally via trachea were 105.5 and 107.0 colony-forming units (CFU) respectively. Chickens challenged with the wild-type strain exhibited typical signs and lesions of avian colibacillosis, while those inoculated with the mutant strain showed mild pericarditis and pulmonary congestion. The growth rate of the FtsK mutant strain was much slower than the wild-type strain in the heart, spleen, liver, and lung of infected chickens. Conclusion: These results indicated that the APEC FtsK mutant can be attenuated for chickens, and that this mutant has the potential for the development of an APEC vaccine.

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O. Sitnik, P. Jawor, W. Kopeć, T. Skiba and T. Stefaniak

References Acres SD, Isaacson RE, Babiuk LA, Kapitany RA ( 1979 ) Immunization of calves against enterotoxigenic colibacillosis by vaccinating dams with purified K99 antigen and whole cell bacterins. Infect Immun 25: 121-126. Bartels CJ, Holzhauer M, Jorritsma R, Swart WA, Lam TJ ( 2010 ) Prevalence, prediction and risk factors of enteropathogens in normal and non-normal faeces of young Dutch dairy calves. Prev Vet Med 93: 162-169. Bogstedt AK, Johansen K, Hatta H, Kim M, Caswall T, Svensson L

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M. Kubińska, B. Tykałowski, A. Koncicki and J. Jankowski

selected parameters of cellular immunity and the course of colibacillosis. Pol J Vet Sci 15: 215-220. Krasnodębdska-Depta A, Koncicki A ( 2011 ) Biochemical diagnosis. In: Mazurkiewicz M (ed) Poultry diseases. University of Life Sciences, Wrocław, pp 792-806. Kubińska M, Tykałowski B, Jankowski J, Koncicki A ( 2014 ) Immunological and biochemical indicators in turkeys fed diets with a different Methionine content. Pol J Vet Sci 17: 687-695. Lemme A, Kozłowski K, Jankowski J, Petri A, Zduńczyk Z ( 2005 ) Responses of 36- to 63-day-old BUT Big 6 turkey

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M. Kubińska, B. Tykałowski, J. Jankowski and A. Koncicki

diets - a review. Ann Anim Sci 14: 17-31. Kinscherf R, Fischbach T, Mihm S, Roth S, Hohenhaus-Sievert E, Weiss C, Edler L, Ba¨rtsch P, Dröge W (1994) Effect of glutathione depletion and oral N-acetyl-cysteine treatment on CD4+ and CD8+ cells. FASEB J 8: 448-451. Koncicki A, Tykałowski B, Stenzel T, Śmiałek M, Pestka D (2012) Effect of infection of turkeys with haemorrhagic enteritis adenovirus isolate on the selected parameters of cellular immunity and the course of colibacillosis. Pol J Vet Sci 15: 215

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Elahe Toghyani and Ali Moharrery

protein content on animal production and blood metabolites of dairy cows during lactation. J. Dairy Sci., 92: 1001-1012. Logan E.F., Stenhouse A., Penhale W.J., Arm i sha w M., Ormr od D. (1974). Studies on the immunity of the calf to colibacillosis VI: the prophylactic use of a pooled serum IgM-rich frac­tion under field conditions. Vet. Rec., 94: 386-389. McEwan A.D., Fisher E.W., S elm an I.E. (1970). Observations on the immune globulin levels of neonatal calves and their relationship to disease. J. Com. Pathol., 11: 239