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S. Khaghaninia and Ya. Gharajedaghi

References Chandler, P. J . Observations on plant associations of the Psilidae (Diptera) // Entomologist’s Record and J. Variation. — 1975. — 87. — P. 13–17. Collin, J. E . The British species of Psilidae (Diptera). — Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine. 1944. — 80. — P. 214–224. Freidberg, A., Shatalkin, A. I . The Psilidae (Diptera) of Israel, with emphasis on the Chamaepsila hebracia group // Israel J. Entomology. — 2008. — 38. — P. 35–60. Greve, L., Midtgaard, F . The genus Chyliza (Psilidae, Diptera) in Norway // Fauna Norvegica Ser. Biol. — 1989

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Jindřich Roháček

References Barták M. & Carles-Tolrá M. (2009): Psilidae Loew, 1861. In Jedli č ka L., Stloukalová V. & Kúdela M. (eds): Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Electronic version 2. <<>> + CD-ROM: ISBN 978-80-969629-4-5. Collin J. E. (1959): A new species of Psila (Diptera, Psilidae) from Yugoslavia. - Entomologist 92: 241. Dengler K. (1997): Zur Lebensweise von Chyliza leptogaster Panzer und Ch. nova Collin (Psilidae, Diptera) und ihre

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I. Nikolova and N. Georgieva

predator. In addition, P . quatuordecimpunctata had the highest population density on L . polyphyllus . Fauna of order Diptera was not fully identified. It was represented by 35.5% Liriomyza spp. and 64.3% indeterminate species. Bygebjerg et al . (2011) reported that the larvae of the Nearctic species Chyliza leguminicola consume the roots or stems of L . polyphyllus and probably its pest status in Europe will increase in the coming years. The project AR0138 (2003), which dealt with white lupins, reported that Delia platura was the major insect pest