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.R. Paradkar, S.S. Kadam and K.R. Mahadik, Effect of polymers on crystallo-co-agglomeration of ibuprofen-paracetamol: factorial design, Indian. J. Pharm. Sci.   69 (2007) 658-664. M. Maryam, T. Omid, G. Martin and A. Nokhodchi, Particle design of naproxen-disintegrant agglomerates for direct compression by a crystallo-co-agglomeration technique, Int. J. Pharm.   351 (2008) 123-133; DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2007.09.033. H.A. Garekani, J.L. Ford, M.H. Rubinstein and A.R. Rajabi-Siahboomi, Effect of compression force, compression speed and particle size on the compression


Nowadays, wheat has spread all over the world due to its extensive usability. The colour of wheat grits is very important for the milling and baking industry because it determines the colour of the products made from it. The instrumental colour measuring is used, first of all, for durum wheat. We investigated the relationship between colour characteristics and grain size in the case of different hard aestivum wheats. We determined the colour using the CIE (Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage) 1976 L*, a*, b* colour system measured by MINOLTA CR-300 tristimulus colorimeter. After screening the colour of the wheat fractions of different grain size, grits was measured wet and dry. We determined the L*, a*, b* colour co-ordinates and the whiteness index, too. To evaluate the values we had obtained, we used analysis of variance and regression analysis. We pointed out that the colour of wheat grits of different grain size is dependent on the hardness index of wheat. The lightness co-ordinate (L*) of grits of the harder wheat is smaller, while a* and b* co-ordinates are higher. We also found that while grain size rises, the L* co-ordinate decreases and a*, b* values increase in the case of every type of wheat. The colour of grits is determined by the colour of fractions of 250-400 μm in size, independently from the average grain size. The whiteness index and the L* colour co-ordinate have a linear relation (R2 = 0.9151); so, the determination of whiteness index is not necessary. The L* value right characterizes the whiteness of grits.

Residential Characteristics of Armed-Forces Personnel and the Urban Economy: Evidence from a Medium Sized City in Greece

The paper explores the locational and residential decisions of Greek military households. To achieve this, primary data were collected by means of a questionnaire survey addressed to military personnel located in Volos, a medium-sized Greek city in the greater area of which a number of major military facilities are located. The study starts by examining the residential distribution of military households to consider whether clustering or dispersion is evident. Then, an attempt is made to explain the observed pattern with reference to conventional urban economics' determinants of location choice or to other factors related to the social or professional characteristics of the group. Such analysis enables us to draw some preliminary conclusions on the potential effects military facilities have on both the urban spatial structure and the housing market.

flue-cured tobacco leaves; Tob. Sci. 33 (1989) 86–90. 8. Comber, R.: The effect of bruising on starch degradation in Virginia tobacco leaves; Beitr. Tabakforsch. 9 (1977) 53–57. 9. Johnson, W.H. and F.J. Hassler: Carbon dioxide liberation and carbohydrate accumulation during the yellowing phase of tobacco curing; Tob. Sci. 7 (1963) 85–92. 10. Johnson, W.H., F.J. Hassler, and W.H. Henson, Jr.: Effects of bruising on tobacco curability; Tob. Sci. 1 (1957) 177–179. 11. Anderson, D.S., Y. Abubakar, J.H. Young, and W.H. Johnson: Pressure vs. airflow characteristics

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