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Geoarchaeological evaluation of the Roman topography and accessibility by sea of ancient Osor (Cres Island, Croatia)

., Lambeck, K., Auriemma, R., Gaddi, D., Furlani, S., Orrù, P., Solinas, E., Gaspari, A., Karinja, S., Kovačić, V. and Surace, L., 2007. Sea-level change during the Holocene in Sardinia and in the northeastern Adriatic (central Mediterranean Sea) from archaeological and geomorphological data. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 2463–2486. Biasoletto, B., 1842. Relazione del viaggio fatto nella primavera di 1838 dal Ré Federico Augusto di Sassonia nell’Istria, Dalmazia e Montenegro. Favarger, Trieste, 264 pp. Bašić, T

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The siliciclastics/carbonates shift in the Jurassic of the Western Caucasus (central northern Neo-Tethys): reconsidering research over the last 50 years

-fatsial’nye osobennosti i uslovija obrazovanija karbonatnykh otlozhenij oksforda v Zapadnom Predkavkaz’e. Litologija i poleznye iskopaemye 1, 137-144 (in Russian). Bosence, D., 2005. A genetic classification of carbonate platforms based on their basinal and tectonic settings in the Cenozoic. Sedimentary Geology 175, 49-72. Brandano, M., Cornacchia, I. & Tomassetti, L., 2017. Global versus regional influence on the carbonate factories of Oligo-Miocene carbonate platforms in the Mediterranean area. Marine and Petroleum Geology 87, 188-202. Carmeille, M., Bourillot

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The nature of the Pleistocene-Holocene palaeosols in the Gaza Strip, Palestine

with Mediterranean rubefication. [In:] G. K. Rutherford (Ed.): Soil microscopy . The Limestone Press, Kingston (Ontario), 526-541. Bruins, H. J. & Yaalon, D. G., 1979. Stratigraphy of the Netivot section of the Negev, Israel. Acta Geologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 22, 161-169. Crouvi, O., Amit, R., Enzel, Y., Porat, N. & Sandler, A., 2008. Sand dunes as a major proximal dust source for late Pleistocene loess in the Negev desert, Israel. Quaternary Research 70, 275-282. Crouvi

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Stratigraphic evidence of a Late Maeotian (Late Miocene) punctuated transgression in the Tanais Palaeobay (northern part of the Eastern Paratethys, South-West Russia)

-Kaspija [Towards the problem of the Pontian (Novorossian Substage) of the Euxino-Caspian]. Vestnik MGU, Serija 4, Geologija 3 , 17-23. (in Russian) Chumakov, I. S., Byzova, S. I. & Ganzej, S. S., 1992. Geokhronologija i korreljatsija pozdnego kajnozoja Paratetisa [Geochronology and correlation of the Late Cenozoic of the Paratethys]. Nauka, Moskva, 95 pp. (in Russian) Cita, M. B., 2009. Mediterranean Neogene stratigraphy: development and evolution through the centuries. Sedimentology 56, 43

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The tectonic evolution of Lake Eğirdir, West Turkey

. Robertson & D. Mountrakis (Eds): Tectonic development of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Geological Society, London, Special publications 260, 591-611. Barka, A. & Reilinger, R., 1997. Active tectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean region: deduced from GPS, neotectonic and seismicity data. Annali di Geofizica 40, 587-602. Barka, A., Reilinger, R., Şaroğlu, F. & Sengör, A. M. C., 1995. The Isparta Angle: its evolution and importance in the tectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean region. International Earth Science

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Prospects and limitations of heavy mineral analyses to discriminate preglacial/glacial transitions in Pleistocene sedimentary successions

. Plio-Quaternary geological evolution of the high Salto river valley (Central Italy): The Marano de’ Marsi unit. Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary 22, 325–343. Ciuk, E., 1970. Schematy litostratygraficzne trzeciorzędu Niżu Polskiego [Lithostratigraphical schemes of the Tertiary from the Polish Lowland area]. Kwartalnik Geologiczny 14, 754–771. Cordier, S., Harmand, D., Lauer, T., Voinchet, P., Bahain, J.-J. & Frechen, M., 2012. Geochronological reconstruction of the Pleistocene evolution of the Sarre valley (France and Germany) using OSL and ESR

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Texture and composition of the Rosa Marina beach sands (Adriatic coast, southern Italy): a sedimentological/ecological approach

and their paleoenvironmental applications. Developments in Marine Geology 4, 519 pp. APAT-ICRAM, 2007. Manuale di movimentazione dei sedimenti marini [Handbook of marine sediment transport]. 77 pp. ( view). Barcelona Convention, 1997. Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean, 22 pp. ( Bird, E., 2008. Coastal geomorphology

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Facies, palaeogeography and stratigraphy of the lower Miocene Traisen Formation and Wildendürnbach Formation (former “Oncophora Beds”) in the Molasse Zone of Lower Austria

Bivalvengenus aus dem mährischen Tertiär. 41-42. Salcher, B.C., Meurers, B., Smit, J., Decker, K., Hölzel, M. and Wagreich, M., 2012. Strike-slip tectonics and Quaternary basin formation along the Vienna Basin fault system inferred from Bouguer gravity derivatives. Tectonics, 31/3. Sant, K., V. Palcu, D., Mandic, O. and Krijgsman, W., 2017. Changing seas in the Early-Middle Miocene of Central Europe: a Mediterranean approach to Paratethyan stratigraphy. Terra Nova, 29/5, 273-281.

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Stable isotope geochemistry and petrography of the Qorveh–Takab travertines in northwest Iran

-728. Minissale, A., 2004. Origin, transport and discharge of CO2 in central Italy. Earth-Science Reviews, 66, 89-141. Ozkul, M., Gokgoz, A., Kele, S., Baykara, M.O., Shen, C.C., Chang, Y.W., Kaya, A., Hancer, M., Aratman, C., Akin, T., Oru, Z., 2014. Sedimentological and geochemical characteristics of a fluvial travertine: a case from the eastern Mediterranean region. Sedimentology, 61, 291-318. Ozkul, M., Varol, B., Alçiçek, M., Alçiçek, C., 2002. Depositional environments and petrography of Denizli travertines

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The Sarmatian/Pannonian boundary at the western margin of the Vienna Basin (City of Vienna, Austria)

.54(3).191 Avnaim-Katav, S., Almogi-Labin, A., Sandler, A. and Sivan, D., 2013. Benthic foraminifera as palaeoenvironmental indicators during the last million years in the eastern Mediterranean inner shelf. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 386, 512-530. Bandel, K., Sivan, N. and Heller, J., 2007. Melanopsis from Al-Qarn, Jordan Valley (Gastropoda: Cerithioidea). Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 81, 304-315. Bastviken D., Cole J., Pace M. and Tranvik L., 2004. Methane emissions from lakes

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