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Frans Willekens

. “Statistics on Population With Usual Residence.” In THESIM: Towards Harmonised European Statistics on International Migration , edited by M. Poulain, N. Perrin, and A. Singleton: 181–201. Louvain-la-Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain. ISBN 2-930344-95-4. Available at: (accessed February 2019). Cantisani, G., S. Farid, D. Pearce, and N. Perrin. 2009. Guide on the Compilation of Statistics on International Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region , Publication MEDSTAT II. Paris: Ed. ADETEF

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Alina Gospodaryk, Inga Moročko-Bičevska, Neda Pūpola and Anna Kāle

., Myrta, A., Llácer, G. (2006). Plum pox virus and estimated costs associated with sharka disease. Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin, 36 , 202-204. Capote, N., Bertolini, E., Olmos, A., Vidal, E., Martínez, M. C., Cambra, M. (2009). Direct sample preparation methods for detection of Plum pox virus by real-time RT-PCR. Int. Microbiol., 12 , 1-6. Çevik, B., Yardimci, N., Çulal-Klllç, H. (2011). Detection of viruses infecting stone fruits in Western Mediterranean region of Turkey. Plant Pathol. J., 27 (1), 44-52. Desvignes

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Ināra Melece, Aina Karpa, Māris Laiviņš and Viesturs Melecis

implementation study of biomonitoring for assessment of air quality outcomes. Bristol, Environment Agency, Science Report - SC030175/SR2. 170 pp. Choi, D. S., Kayama, M., Jin, H. O. Lee, C. H., Izuta, T., Koike, T. (2006). Growth and photosynthetic responses of two pine species ( Pinus koraiensis and P. rigida ) in a polluted industrial region in Korea. Environ. Pollut. , 139 (3), 421-432. Bauer, M. L. de, Hernández-Tejeda, T. (2007). A review of ozone-induced effects on the forests of central Mexico. Environ. Pollut

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Arturs Stalažs and Maksims Balalaikins

). Ribera, I., Blasco-Zumeta, J. (1998). Biogeographical links between steppe insects in the Monegros region (Aragón, NE Spain), the Eastern Mediterranean, and Central Asia. J. Biogeogr., 25, 969-986. Rihter, V. A. (1970). [Рихтер, В. A.] Tephritidae (Trypetidae). In: Stakel’berg, A. A., Narcuk, E. P. (eds.). [Opredelitel’ nasekomyh Evropejskoj fasti SSSR, Tom 5, vtoraa fast’: Dvukrylye, blohi). [Штакельбер А. А., Нарчук Э. П. Определитель насекомых Европейской части СССР, Том 5, вторая часть: Двукрылые, блохи Nauka, Leningrad, рр. 132-172 (in Russian

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Laila Kūle

population mobility in the transition period. Folia Geographica , 8, 24-35. Bell, S., Penēze, Z., Nikodemus, O., Montarzino, A., Grīne, I. (2007). The Value of the Latvian rural landscape. In Roca, Z., Spek, T., Terknelli, T., Plieninger, T., Höchtl, F. (eds.), European Landscapes and Lifestyles: The Mediterranean and Beyond (pp. 347-362). Lisbon: Ediēões Universitįris Lusófonas. Bowler, I. (2005). Rural alternatives. In Daniels, P. (ed.), An Introduction to Human Geography: Issues for the 21st Century (pp. 230

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M. Iwańska, A. Oleksy, M. Dacko, B. Skowera, T. Oleksiak and E. Wójcik-Gront

R eferences Bertelsen J.R., de Neergaard E., Smedegaard-Petersen V. (2001): Fungicidal effects of azoxystrobin and epoxiconazole on phylloshere fungi, senescence and yield of winter wheat. Plant Pathol. 50: 190-205. Breiman L., Friedman J.H., Olshen R.A., Stone C.J. (1984): Classification and Regression Trees. Chapman and Hall (Wadsworth, Inc.), US New York. CSO. Central Statistical Office. Concise Statistical Yearbook of Poland. (2017): Available online: