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Sima Rakutienė

. Elsuwege, Peter Van. "The Four Common Spaces: New Impetus to the EU-Russia Strategic Partnership?" 334-360. In: Alan Dashwood and Marc Maresceau, eds. Law and Practice of EU External Relations . New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008. European Commission. Barcelona process: Union for Mediterranean . COM (2008) 319 Final, Brussels 20/05/2008. European Commission. Black Sea Synergy - a New Regional Initiative . COM (2007) 160 final. Brussels, 11.04.2007 //

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Friedrich Schneider

, A. (2007). Shadow Economy in three different Mediterranean Countries: France, Spain and Greece. A MIMIC Approach, Empirical Economics , 33, 51-84. Dixon, H. (1999). Controversy, On the Hidden Economy, Editorial introduction, Economic Journal , 456/3, 335-337. Dreher, A. and Schneider, F. (2009). Corruption and the Shadow Economy: An Empirical Analysis, Public Choice , 144/2, 215-277. Dreher, A., Kotsogiannis, C. andMcCorriston, S. (2009). How Do Institutions Affect Corruption and the Shadow Economy?, International Tax and Public Finance , 16/4, 773

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Marius Pricopi

REFERENCES Chelcea, S. (2004). Iniţiere în cercetarea sociologică . Bucureşti:, 235-262. Cîrdei, I.A. (2016). Countering the Hybrid Threats. Revista Academiei Forţelor Terestre , vol. XXI, 115-116. Council Decision. (2015). Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/778 of 18 May 2015 on a European Union military operation in the Southern Central Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR MED). Official Journal of the European Union, L122/31 , 19 May 2015. Council Decision. (2015). Council Decision 2015/972 of 22 June 2015 launching the European Union

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Victor Serafimov

security and the League of Nations. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1927, p. 346 [11] Aleksovski, St., O. Bakreski, B. Avramovska. Collective security - the Role of International Organizations - Implications in International Security Order. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 5 No. 27, 2007 [12] Claude Jr. Inis L, “Collective Security as an Approach to Peace”, in Classic Readings and Contemporary Debates in International Relations, ed. Donald M, Donald M. Goldstein, Phil Williams, & Jay M. Shafritz, (Belmont, 2006), pp. 289