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The Journal of Riga Technical University


The paper presents an overview of the eINTERASIA international project aimed at supporting international cooperation with Central Asian countries by transfer, adaptation and dissemination of European research results in the area of Information Technology and Applied Software.

Information Technology Transfer Concept (TTC) based on InnoSPICE approach and Capability Maturity Model has been developed.

The concept of showroom as part of the implementation of TTC has been introduced in the selected Central Asian countries. Technological platforms for demonstrators of Virtual Reality-Based scenarios from Fraunhofer IFF were adapted and installed in the region of Central Asia.

Several EU research projects are selected for adaptation and validation in Central Asian countries. Special attention is devoted to demonstrate transfer and adaptation processes in the area of web-based transport logistics.

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Science and Information Technology described the evolution of the faculty scientific school over the last 40 years and presented its structure. The third issue of the series opened with the five papers presented at the international conference “Information System Development” (ISD), which for the first time was held in Eastern Europe and organized by the Division of System Theory of RTU. The papers devoted to the common problems investigated by the scientists of the Institute of Applied Computer Systems were also included in the agenda. In 2002 the editorial

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