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Toxic, but beneficial compounds from endophytic fungi of Carica papaya

References 1. Saeed F, Arshad MU, Pasha I, Naz R, Batool R, Khan AA, Nasir MA, Shafique B. Nutritional and Phyto-Therapeutic Potential of Papaya ( Carica papaya Linn.): An Overview. International Journal of Food Properties 2014; 7:1637–1653. 2. Gurunga S, Škalko-Basnet N. Wound healing properties of Carica papaya latex: In vivo evaluation in mice burn model. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2009; 121:338–341. 3. Mikhalchik EV, Ivanova AV, Anurov MV, Titkova SM, Penkov LY, Kharaeva ZF, Korkina LG. Wound-healing effect of papaya-based preparation

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Aqueous Extract of Carica Papaya Linn Roots Halts Sodium Arsenite-Induced Renal Inflammation through Inhibiting Adenosine Deaminase, 8-Hydroxy-2′-Deoxyguanosine, C-Reactive Protein and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity

al. (2012) Mechanism and significance of changes in glutamate-cysteine ligase expression during hepatic fibrogenesis. J Biol Chem. 2012; 287:36341-55. 17. Dick G. “Papaya”: A tantalising taste of the Tropics. Maricopa County Master Gardener Volunteer information, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, 2003. 18. Ayoola PB, Adeyeye A. Phytochemical and Nutrient evaluation of Carica papaya (Pawpaw) Leaves. Int J Res Rev Appl Sci. 2010; 5 (3). 19. Baiyewu RA, Amusa NA. The Effect of temperature and Relative Humidity on pawpaw fruit rot in South

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Callus induction in papaya (Carica papaya L.) and synseed production for low temperature storage and cryopreservation

References Anandan R., Sudhakar D., Balas ubra manian P., Gutiérr ez-Mora A., 2012. In vitro somatic embryogenesis from suspension cultures of Carica papaya L. Sci. Hortic. 136: 43-49. Ascêncio-Cabra l A., Gutiérr ez-Pulido H., Rodríguez- Gara y B., Gutiérr ez-Mora A., 2008. Plant regeneration of Carica papaya L. through somatic embryogenesis in response to light quality, gelling agent and phloridzin. Sci. Hortic. 118(2): 155-160. Ashmore S.E., Drew R.A., Azimi M., 2007. Vitrificationbased shoot

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PCR Detection Assay for Sex Determination in Papaya Using Scar Marker

References Deputy, J. C., Ming, R., Ma, H., Liu, Z., Fitch, M. M. M., Wang, M., Manshardt, R., Stiles, J. I., 2002: Molecular markers for sex determination in papaya ( Carica papaya L.). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106, 107-111. Doyle, J. J., Doyle, J. L., 1990: Isolation of plant DNA from fresh tissue. Focus 12, 13-15. Gschwend, A. R., Qingyi, Y., Eric, J. T., Fan-Chang, Z., Han, J., Vanburen, R., Aryal, R., Charlesworth, D., Moore, P. H., Paterson, A. H., 2012: Rapid divergence and expansion of the X chromosome in papaya. Proceedings of the

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Screening of metabolites from endophytic fungi of some Nigerian medicinal plants for antimicrobial activities

, Neto EMdFL, Melo JG, dos Santos JP. Medicinal plants of the Caatinga (semi-arid) vegetation of NE Brazil: A quantitative approach. J Ethnopharma. 2007; 114(3): 325-54. 7. Adebolu T, Oladimeji SA. Antimicrobial activity of leaf extracts of Ocimum gratissimum on selected diarrhoea causing bacteria in southwestern Nigeria. Afri J Biotec. 2005; 4(7): 682-4. 8. Saeed F, Arshad MU, Pasha I, Naz R, Batool R, Khan AA, Nasir MA, Shafique B. Nutritional and Phyto-Therapeutic Potential of Papaya ( Carica papaya Linn.): An Overview. International Journal of Food

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Yellow Krang – A New Cultivar Of Papaya For Green Consumption With Tolerance To Papaya Ringspot Virus

. (in Thai) Chaiyaboon W., Janthasri R. 2013. A comparison of the growth and production of 10 papaya lines in Maha Sarakham Province. Master’s degree thesis, School of Agricultural Technology, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, 90 p. (in Thai with English abstract) Department of Agriculture 1997. Proceedings of a seminar on papaya held at the Jaroen Thani Princess Hotel, Khon Kaen Province on 2-4 July 1997, 90 p. (in Thai) Drew R. 2014. The use of non-transgenic technologies for the development of papaya ringspot virus resistance in Carica papaya

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The Influence of Some PH Values and Substratum on Sunflower Seeds Lipase Activity

lipases: an overview. Biotechnol Adv 24, pp. 180-196. Giordani R., Moulin A., Verger R., 1991 - Tributyroylglycerol hydrolase activity in Carica papaya and other lattices. Phytochemistry 30, 1069-1072. Hills M. J., Kiewitt I., Mukherjee K. D., 1990 - Lipase from Brassica napus L. discriminates against cis-4 and cis-6 unsaturated fatty acids and secondary and tertiary alcohols. Biochim Biophys Acta 1042, 237-240. Kirk O., Christensen M. W., 2002 - Lipases from Candida antarctica: unique

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Detection of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Roots of Strawberry with Nested PCR Technique

'Elsanta'. J. Fruit Ornam. Plant. Res. 19(1): 13-34. Sukhada M., Manjula R., Rawal R. D. 2011. Evaluation of arbuscular mycorrhiza and other biocontrol agents against Phytophtora parasitica var. nicotianae infecting papaya ( Carica papaya cv. Surya) and enumeration of pathogen population using immunotechniques. Biological Control. 58: 22-29. Watanarojanaporn N., Boonkerd N., Wongkaew S., Prommanop P., Teaumroong N. 2011. Selection of arbusczlar mycorrhizal fungi for citrus growth promotion and Phytophtora

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Preliminary studies on the molecular identification of sex in Taxus baccata L.

Carica papaya. Euphytica 153(1-2): 215–220. DOI:10.1007/s10681-006-9256-7 Danilova T. V., Karlov G. I. 2006. Application of inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) polymorphism for detection of sex-specific molecular markers in hop ( Humulus lupulus L.). Euphytica 151(1): 15–21. DOI:10.1007/s10681-005-9020-4. DiFazio S. P., Wilson M. V., Vance N. C. 1996. Variation in sex expression of Taxus brevifolia in western Oregon. Canadian Journal of Botany 74(12): 1943–1946. DOI:10.1139/b96-232. Gangopadhyay G., Roy S., Ghose K., Poddar R., Bandyopadhyay T

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Sperm Immobilization Properties of Aqueous Ethanolic Extract of Hymenocardia Acida Stem Bark

Ethnopharmacol. 2008;115:36-41. Souad K, Ali S, Mounir A, Mounir TM. Spermicidal activity of extract from Cestrum parqui . Contraception. 2007;75(2):152-156. Chakrabarti K, Sulagna Pal S, Bhattacharyya AK. Sperm immobilization activity of Allium sativum L. and other plant extracts. Asian J Androl. 2003;5:131-135. Lohiya NK, Kothari LK, Manivannan B, et al. Human sperm immobilization effect of Carica papaya seed extracts: an in vitro study. Asian J Androl. 2000

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