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Andrei Crauciuc, Florin Tripon, Andreea Gheorghiu, Georgiana Nemes, Alina Boglis and Claudia Banescu

References 1. Yang GK, Jooyen C, Srinivasan C. Hybrid restriction enzymes: Zinc finger fusions to Fok I cleavage domain. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 1996;93:1156-1160. 2. Carroll D, Charo RA. The societal opportunities and challenges of genome editing. Genome Biology. 2015;16(1):1-9. 3. Xue HY, Ji LJ, Gao AM, Liu P, He JD, Lu XJ. CRISPR-Cas9 for medical genetic screens: applications and future perspectives. J Med Genet. 2016;53:91-97. 4. Ishino Y, Shinagawa H, Makino K, Amemura M, Nakata A

Open access

Svetlana Kryštofová

ER, Waghmare SP, Wiedenheft B, Pul Ü, Wurm R, Wagner R et al. (2011) Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 18: 529—536. Liu R, Chen L, Jiang Y Zhou Z, Zou G (2015) Cell Discovery 1: 15007. Makarova KS, Haft DH, Barrangou R, Brouns SJ, Charpentier E, Horvath P, Moineau S, Mojica FJ, Wolf YI, Yakunin AF van der Oost J, Koonin EV (2011) Nat. Rev. Microbiol. 9: 467—477. Makarova KS, Wolf YI, Alkhnbashi OS, Costa F, Shah SA, Saunders SJ, Barrangou R, Brouns SJJ, Charpentier E, Haft DH, Horvath P, Moineau S, Mojica FJM, Terns RM, Terns MP, White MF, Yakunin AF

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Kevan M.A. Gartland, Munis Dundar, Tommaso Beccari, Mariapia Viola Magni and Jill S. Gartland

, Charpentier E,. The new frontier of genome engineering with CRISPR-Cas9. Science 2014; 346: 1258096. 32. Cong L, Ran FA, Cox D, Lin S, Barretto R, Habib N, Hsu PD, Wu X, Jiang W, Marraffini LA, et al. Multiplex genome engineering using CRISPR/Cas systems. Science 2013; 339: 819-823. 33. Lander ES. The heroes of CRISPR. Cell 2016; 164: 18-28. 34. Theodilou F,. Genome editing, biochemical superpower? Biochemist 2016; 38:3. 35. Taylor G,. Rewriting the book of life. Biochemist 2016; 38: 10-13. 36

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Ranko Mladina, Neven Skitarelić, Cemal Cingi and Nuray Bayar Muluk

. International Consensus Statement on Allergy and Rhinology: Rhinosinusitis. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2016;6 Suppl 1:S22-209. DOI: 10.1002/alr.21695. 9. Mladina R, Skitarelić N, Carić T, Raguž M. Type 5 and 6 nasal septal deformities: Could we predict and prevent acute coronary syndrome attacks in the future? Med Hypotheses. 2015;85(5):640-4. DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2015.08.001. 10. Liang P, Xu Y, Zhang X, Ding C, Huang R, Zhang Z, et al. CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing in human tripronuclear zygotes. Protein Cell. 2015;6(5):363-72. DOI:

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Md. Tofazzal Islam

, 20130087. [9] Haque, E., Taniguchi, H., Hassan, M.M., Bhowmik, P., Karim, M.R., Smiech, M., ´ Zhao, K., Rahman, M. Islam, T. 2018. Application of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology for the improvement of crops cultivated in tropical climates: recent progress, prospects, and challenges. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9, 617. [10] Zhao, X., Cui, H., Wang, Y., Sun, C., Cui, B., Zeng, Z. 2017. Development strategies and prospects of nano-based smart pesticide formulation. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66 (26), 6504–6512. [11] Ditta, A., Arshad

Open access

Kevan M.A. Gartland and Jill S. Gartland

debate. MIT Technology Review (2015) https: // gmo-debate 73. Shew AM, Danforth DM, Nalley LL et al. New innovations in agricultural biotech: consumer acceptance of topical RNAi in rice production. Food Control (2017) 81: 189-195. 74. Shan Q, Wang Y, Li j et al. Genome editing in rice and wheat using the CRISPR/Cas9 system. Nature Protocols (2014) 9: 2395-2410. 75. Gartland KMA, Dundar M, Beccari T et al. Advances in biotechnology: genomics and genome editing. EuroBiotech

Open access

Edo D’Agaro

, Lander ES, Zhang F. Development and Applications of CRISPR-Cas9 for Genome Engineering. Cell 2014; 157: 1262. 126. Sternberg S, Doudna J. Expanding the Biologist’s Toolkit with CRISPR-Cas9.Molecular Cell. 2015; 58: 568. 127. Tsai SQ, Zheng Z, Nguyen NT, Liebers M, Topkar VV, Thapar V, Wyvekens N, Khayter C, Iafrate AJ, Le LP, Aryee MJ, Joung JK. GUIDE-seq enables genome-wide profiling of off-target cleavage by CRISPR-Cas nucleases. Nat Biotechnol 2015; 33(2): 187. 128. Slaymaker IM et al. Rationally engineered Cas9 nucleases with improved specificity

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Magdalena Hryhorowicz, Joanna Zeyland, Agnieszka Nowak-Terpiłowska, Jacek Jura, Wojciech Juzwa, Ryszard Słomski, Jan Bocianowski, Zdzisław Smorąg, Anna Woźniak and Daniel Lipiński

transgenic rabbits. Transgenic Res., 8: 223–235. Wang Y., Du Y., Shen B., Zhou X., Li J., Liu Y., Wang J., Zhou J., Hu B., Kang N., Gao J., Yu L., Huang X., Wei H. (2015). Efficient generation of gene-modified pigs via injection of zygote with Cas9/sgRNA. Sci Rep., 5: 8256. Weiss E.H., Lilienfeld B.G., Muller S., Müller E., Herbach N., Kessler B., Wan-ke R., Schwinzer R., Seebach J.D., Wolf E., Brem G. (2009). HLA-E/human beta2-microglobulin transgenic pigs: protection against xenogeneic human anti-pig natural killer cell cytotoxicity. Transplantation, 87: 35

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Li Han

-chimeric-ribozyme constructs Antiviral Res. 2010 87 2 204 212 [29] Xu F., Liu G., Liu Q., Zhou Y., RNA interference of influenza A virus replication by microRNA-adapted lentiviral loop short hairpin RNA, J. Gen. Virol., 2015, 96(10), 2971-2981. 10.1099/jgv.0.000247 Xu F. Liu G. Liu Q. Zhou Y. RNA interference of influenza A virus replication by microRNA-adapted lentiviral loop short hairpin RNA J. Gen. Virol. 2015 96 10 2971 2981 [30] Barrangou R., Birmingham A., Wiemann S., Beijersbergen R.L., Hornung V., Smith Av, Advances in CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering: lessons learned from RNA

Open access

Ewelina Dziwota, Urszula Fałkowska, Katarzyna Adamczyk, Dorota Adamczyk, Alena Stefańska, Justyna Pawęzka and Marcin Olajossy

. (2013) Systemic delivery of MeCP2 rescues behavioral and cellular deficits in female mouse models of Rett syndrome. J. Neurosci. 33, 13612–13620 42. Savic, N. and Schwank, G. (2015) Advances in therapeutic CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. Transl. Res. Published online September 26, 2015. 43. Deffit, S.N. and Hundley, H.A. (2015) To edit or not to edit: regulation of ADAR editing specificity and efficiency. RNA Pub-lished online November 26, 2015. 44. Ricceri, L. et al