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R Maheswaran and V Srinivasan

Analysis: Part I—Influence of Blend Ratio and Break Draft on Mass Variation, Hairiness, and Physical Properties of 15 Tex PES/CO Blended Ring Spun Yarn. Journal of Natural Fibers, 9(3), 197-206. [4] Samander Ali Malik, Assad Farooq, Thomas Gereke & Chokri Cherif (2016). Prediction of Blended Yarn Evenness and Tensile properties by using Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Linear Regression, AUTEX Research Journal, Vol. 19, No 1, March 2019, 16(2), 43-50. [5] Sekerden, F (2011). Investigation on the Unevenness, Tenacity and Elongation Properties of Bamboo

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Mohammad Hatamvand, Seyed Abbas Mirjalili, Saeid Fattahi, Tariq Bashir and Mikael Skrifvars

References [1] Klein, W. (1987). Short Staple Spinning Series (Manual of Textile Technology), Vole 4, A Practical Guide to Ring Spinning, The Textile Institute, UK (Manchester). [2] Grishin P.F. (1945). A Theory of Drafting and Its Practical Application. Journal of Textile Institute, 45, 167-267. [3] Martindale, J.G. (1947). An instrument for measurement of the forces operating between fibers during drafting. Journal of Textile Institute, 38, 151-166. [4] Roder, H. L. (1958). The Evaluation of

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Samander Ali Malik, Assad Farooq, Thomas Gereke and Chokri Cherif

: Part I—Influence of Blend Ratio and Break Draft on Mass Variation, Hairiness, and Physical Properties of 15 Tex PES/CO Blended Ring-Spun Yarn. Journal of Natural Fibers, 9(3), 197-206. [5] Malik, S. A.; Mengal, N., Saleemi, S., & Abbasi, S. A. (2013). Blended Yarn Analysis: Part II - Influence of Twist Multiplier and Back Roller Cot Hardness on Mass Variation, Hairiness, and Physical Properties of 15 Tex PES/CO-Blended Ring-Spun Yarn. Journal of Natural Fibers, 10(3), 271-281. [6] Veit, D.; Hormes, I., Bergmann, J., & Wulfhorst, B. (1996). Image

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Hyun-Soo Kim, Chun-Ju Lee, Kyung-Sik Choi and Moon-Chan Kim

for Sea Ice. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 22, pp.285-298. Valery A. Belyashov, Alexandr V. Grozdov, Kirill E. Sazonov and Alexandr P. Tumashik, 2008. “Yury Topchev” and Vladislav Strizhov” Multipurpose Ice-breaking Vessels for Prirazlomnaya Platform Maintenance : Field and Model Tests. ICETECH 08-106-RF. Zahn, P.B. Humphreys, D. and Phillips, L., 1987. Full-scale Towed Resistance Trials of the USCGC Mobile Bay in Uniform Level Ice. SNAME Transactions, 95, pp.45-77.

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Md. Juel Rana Kutub, Nishat Falgunee, Shahreen Muntaha Nawfee and Yasin Wahid Rabby

References Abdullah, H. M., Mahboob, M. G., & Biruni, A. A. (2010). ‘Drastic expansion of ship breaking yard in Bangladesh: a cancerous tumor to the coastal environment’. Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh (ICEAB), Sept. 4, 2010, University of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan, 2010, pp. 234–237. Available at: . Accessed 15 July 2015. Abdullah, H. M., Mahboob, M. G., Banu, M. R., & Seker, D. Z. (2013). Monitoring the drastic growth of ship breaking yards in Sitakunda: a

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Adrian Naznean

References 1. McMorrow L. “Breaking the Greco-Roman Mold in Medical Writing: The Many Languages of 20th Century Medicine” in Fischbach, Henry (ed.) Translation and Medicine, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. 1998;Volume X:13-27. DOI: 10.1075/ata.x.04mcm 2. Olohan M. “Scientific and technical translation” in Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, 2nd edition, Abingdon/New York: Routledge. 2009;246-9. 3. Montalt V, González Davis M. Medical Translation Step by Step. Learning by Drafting, Manchester/Kinderhook: St

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Meg Russell

. Cabinet Office, 1999, Modernising Parliament: Reforming the House of Lords, The Stationery Office, London. Cabinet Office, 2007, The House of Lords: Reform, The Stationery Office, London. Cabinet Office, 2011, House of Lords Reform Draft Bill, The Stationery Office, London. Coakley John, 2014, 'The Strange Revival of Bicameralism', Journal of Legislative Studies, XX(4): 542-72. Cook, R. (2003), The Point of Departure (London: Simon and Schuster). Crowther-Hunt, N. and Peacock, A. T. (1973

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Leah Sherwood

]. Shiraev, E. and Zubok, V. (2015). International Relations. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press. Shuster, S. (2012). Russian Realpolitik: Inside the Arms Trade with Syria. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Jan. 2017]. Simma, B. (1999). NATO, the UN and the use of force: legal aspects. European Journal of International Law, 10(1), pp.1-22. Solomon, A. (2016). The Jersusalem Post. Record-breaking $65 Billion Global

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Egons Lavendelis and Janis Bicans

for Systems of BDI Agents". In Agents Breaking Away, 7th European Workshop on Modelling Authonomous Agents in a Multi-Agent World. Eindhoven, The Netherlands, LNCS, Vol. 1038, Springer, 1996. pp. 56-71. "Draft Standard for Learning Object Metadata", IEEE 1484.12.1-2002 E. Lavendelis and J. Grundspenkis "MASITS Methodology Supported Development of Agent Based Intelligent Tutoring System MIPITS" In "Communications in Computer and Information Science" (CCIS), Springer, 2010 (accepted for publication).

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Remigijus Civinskas, Mindaugas Kaselis and Saulius Pivoras

Reflections”: 171–192. In: Liesbeth Heyse, et al., eds. Reform in Europe Breaking the Barriers in Government . Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006. 10. Horton, Sylvia. “Participation and Involvement of Senior Staff in the Reform of the British Civil Service.” Review of Public Personnel Administration 25 (1) (2005): 56–68 //DOI: 10.1177/0734371X04268489. 11. Huber, John D., and Charles R Shipan. Deliberate Discretion? The Institutional Foundations of Bureaucratic Autonomy . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. 12. Ketelaar, Anne, Nick Manning, and Edouard