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A. Chandran and M. Neelamegam

, ” Study On the Compressive and Split Tensile Strength Properties of Basalt Fiber Concrete Members, Global Journal of Researches in Engineering” Civil and Structural Engineering, Volume 12, Issue 4, Version 1.0, 2013. 8. Akshay P. Gholkar, et al, “Experimental study of the flexural behaviour of Damaged RC beams strengthened in bending moment region with basalt fibre reinforced polymer sheets” IJERA, ISSN: 2248-9622, Vol. 4, Issue 7 (Version I), pp.142-145, 2014. Hallam University, UK, 2004

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Marta Kosior-Kazberuk and Julita Krassowska

REFERENCES Atutis, M., Valivonis, J., Atutis, E., 2018. Experimental study of concrete beams prestressed with basalt fiber reinforced polymers. Part I: Flexural behavior and serviceability , Composite Structures, 183, 114-123. Borhan, T.M., 2012. Properties of glass concrete reinforced with short basalt fibre . Mater Des, 42, 265-271. Branston, J., Das, S., Kenno, S., Taylor, C., 2016. Mechanical behaviour of basalt fibre reinforced concrete . Construction and Building Materials, 24, 878-886. Duic, J., Kenno, S., Das, S., 2018

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Pamela Miśkiewicz, Iwona Frydrych, Wojciech Pawlak and Agnieszka Cichocka

References [1] Frydrych, I. (2008). Study of clothing materials - raw materials for protective clothing, Part I Clothing for fire protection. (In Polish) Przegląd Włókienniczy-Włókno Odzież Skóra, Issue.6, pp.29-33, 2008. [2] Miśkiewicz, P., Frydrych, I. (2017). Considerations on modifying basalt fabrics protecting against the thermal radiation. In World Scientific News An International Scientific Journal, vol 76, pp. 85-90. [3] Majchrzycka, K., Pościk, A.. (2007). Selection of individual protection means. (In polish), Warsaw, pp.244

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Olga Mysiukiewicz and Tomasz Sterzyński

-lubrication polyoxymethylene composites filled with low-density polyethylene and rice husk flour, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 108 (2008) 2778-2786. [17] Xiang X., XiangD., FangW., MaJ.,Friction and wear behavior of POM composites filled with LDPE and wood fibers, Advanced Materials Research, 415-417 (2012) 293-296. [18] Bajpai P. K., SinghI., MadaanJ.,Frictional and adhesive wear performance of natural fibre reinforced polypropylene composites, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology 227 (2012

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D. Mikučionienė, L. Milašiūtė and R. Milašius

References [1] Ertugrul, S., Ucar, N. (2000) Predicting Bursting Strength of Cotton Plain Knitted Fabrics using Intelligent Techniques. Textile Research Journal, 70 (10), 845-851. [2] Das, A., Alagirusamy, R., Kumar, P. (2011) Study of Heat Transfer through Multilayer Clothing Assemblies: A Theoretical Prediction. AUTEX Research Journal, 11 (2), 54-60. [3] Gilewicz, P. et al. (2013) Change in Structural and Thermal Properties of Textile Fabrics Packages Containing Basalt Fibres after Fatique Bending Loading

Open access

Andrey Benin and Ekaterina Bogdanova

References [1] Recommendations for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Structural Calculations. P - 16 - 78, Moscow, 1976, 21 p. (in Russian). [2] STEPANOVA, V. F. - STEPANOV, A. YU. - ZHIRKOV, E. P.: Polymer Composite Reinforcement Bars. Moscow, 2013, 200 p. (in Russian). [3] BLAZNOV, A. N. et al.: On Chemical Stability of GFRP Rebars. Design and Construction in Siberia, #3, (21), 2003, pp. 34 - 37 (in Russian). [4] DALINKEVICH, A. A. et al.: Basalt Fiber Aging Kinetics in Alkaline Environment. Plastic Masses, #3, 2002, pp. 7 - 10 (in Russian

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Vladislav Sviatskii, Pavol Božek and Mikhail Sokolov

foundations of the production of chemical fibers. Moscow: Chemistry, 272 pp. PERTON, M. – SPICA, Z. – CAUDRON, C. 2018. Inversion of the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio in presence of strong lateral heterogeneity. In Geophysical Journal International, vol. 212, no. 2, pp. 930–941. SENTYAKOV, B. A. – TIMOFEEV, V. L. 2004. The production technology of heat-insulating materials on the basis of basalt fiber. Izhevsk: Publishing house of ISTU, 232 pp. SENTYAKOV, B. A. – SHIROBOKOV, K. P. – SVIATSKII, V. M. 2010. Fibrous sorbent for the collection of oil

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Xiaoying Li, Gaoming Jiang, Xiaolin Nie, Pibo Ma and Zhe Gao

Conference: Technitex, Portugal, Vol. 1, 2001: 490–496. [10] Abounaim M, Hoffmann G, Diestel O and Cherif C. Flat-knitted spacer fabrics with hybrid yarns for composite materials. Melliand Textile berichte, 2009: 3-4(87-89): E30-E31. [11] Cao H, Qian K, Wei Q and Li H. Low-velocity impact behaviour of 3-D glass fibre hollow integrated core sandwich composites. Polymers & Polymer Composites, 2010: 18(4): 175-179. [12] Cao H, Qian K, Wei Q and Li H. Compression after impact of 3-D integrated hollow core sandwich composites. Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon, 2011: 21

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Elena Ferretti

manufatti. Edizioni PREprogetti. [29] Micelli, F., Angiuli, R., Corvaglia, P., & Aiello, M. A. (2014). Passive and SMA-activated confinement of circular masonry columns with basalt and glass fibers composites. Compos Part B-Eng, 67, pp. 348-362, 2014. [30] Ministero dei LL.PP. (2008). Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni. D.M. 17 gennaio 2008. [31] Ordinanza del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri 20 marzo 2003 n.3274 (2003). Primi elementi in materia di criteri generali per la classificazione sismica del territorio nazionale

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Cyril Dube, Roman Tandlich and Brendan Wilhelmi

-113. Timakul P, Rattanaprasit W, Aungkavattana P (2016) Improving compressive strength of fly ash-based geopolymer composites by basalt fibers addition. Ceram. Int. 42: 6288-6295. Tran L, Wu P, Zhu Y, Liu S, Zhu N (2015) Comparative study of Hg(II) adsorption by thiol- and hydroxyl-containing bifunctional montmorillonite and vermiculite. Appl. Surf. Sci. 356: 91-101. ul Haq E, Kunjalukkal Padmanabhan S, Licciulli A (2014) Synthesis and characteristics of fly ash and bottom ash based geopolymers – A comparative study. Ceram. Int. 40: 2965-2971. Visa M (2016