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Jan Wolf, Ivo Ondrášek and Tomáš Nečas

REFERENCES Anonymus, (2018). Techniques of Budding. Available at: (accessed03.04.2019). Audergon, J. M., Duquesne, J., Nicolas J. C., Audubert, A. (1991). A new selected plum rootstock for apricot varieties: Torinel ® . Acta Horticult. , 293 , 395–400. Buchtová, I. (2017). Situational and outlook report of fruits. Ministry of Agriculture in Czech Republic, Prague, pp. 60 (in Czech). Available from: http

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Shadan Khorshidi, Gholamhossein Davarynejad, Fahime Azmoode and Mehdi Kameli


The damage to pear and plum buds was investigated in Mashhad, after a period of unusually warm weather for a few days in March 2013 followed by a sudden drop in temperature to -12°C. Frost damages of vegetative and reproductive buds and spur-part below the buds of pear and plum cultivars were investigated based on visual observations. The following pear (Pyrus communis L.) cultivars were investigated: William’s, Bell de june, Ida, Spadona, Koshia, Domkaj, Dare Gazi, Mohamad Ali, Boheme, Shekari, Ghodumi and one Asian pear (Pyrus serotina Rehd.). Japanese plum (P. salicina L.) included ’Shiro’, ’Shams’, ’Computi’ and European plum (Prunus domestica L.) included ’Stanley’, ‘Early Santa Rosa’, ’Late Santa Rosa’, ’Shablon’ and ’Black Diamond’. Electrical conductivity (EC) and proline content were measured in reproductive buds. It was discovered that visual damages were different between cultivars, as the vegetative pear bud of ‘Ghodumi’ suffered the most damage and all parts of ‘Late Santa Rosa’ were the most susceptible in plum cultivars. On the other hand, ‘Computi’ had the most resistant reproductive bud and no damage was observed in the other parts. The EC and proline content of ‘Dare Gazi’ were the highest despite the fact that high proline content did not show high resistance, which was related to the phenological stage of ‘Dare Gazi’.

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Mirosława Cieślińska

using vector and graft transmission. Acta Hortic. 657: 449-453. Carraro L., Loi N., Emancora P. 2001. Transmission characteristics of the European stone fruit yellow phytoplasma and its vector Cacopsylla pruni. Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 107 (7): 695-700. Carraro L., Loi N., Emancora P., Osler R. 1998a. High tolerance of European plum varieties to plum leptonecrosis. Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 104 (2): 141-145. Carraro L., Osler R. 2003. European stone fruit yellows: a destructive disease in the

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Irita Kota-Dombrovska and Gunārs Lācis

References Botu. M.. Şarpe C., Cosmuleļscu, S. (2002). The genetic control of pollen fertility, pollenizing and fruit set for the Prunus domestica L. plum cultivars. Acta Hort., 577, 139-145. Decroocq, V., Hagen, L. S., Fave. M. G., Eyquard, J. P.. Pierronnet A. (2004). Microsatellite markers in the hexaploid Prunus domestica species and parentage lineage of three European plum cultivars using nuclear and chloroplast simple-sequence repeats. Mol. Breed., 13. 135-142. Donoso. J. M., Aros, D.. Meneses, C

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Janina Witkowska

:// Pelkmans J. (1997), European Integration. Methods and Economic Analysis , Longman, Harlow, New York. Petri P.A., Plummer M.G. and Fan Zhai (2012), ASEAN Economic Community: A General Equilibrium Analysis , ‘Asian Economic Journal’, East Asian Economic Association and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd., Vol.26, No 2. Pomfret R. (2013), ASEAN’s New Frontiers: Integrating the Newest Members into the ASEAN Economic Community , ‘Asian Economic Policy Review’, Japan Center for Economic Research, No 8. Soaestro H. (1998), Open regionalism, in: Europe and the

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Sun Yuhong, Mu Yifei and Jun Yang

-86. Liu, P. (2014). The economic effect of China and South Korea free trade area under the TPP background: Based on the simulation analysis of GTAP model. Asia-Pacific Economic Review, 5, 20-25. Petri, P. A., Plummer, M. G., & Zhai, F. (2011). The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: A quantitative assessment. East-West Center Working Papers, Economic Series No. 119. Retrieved from Lu, S. (2013) potential impact of the Pan Pacific

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Amanjot Singh and Parneet Kaur

Emerging Stock Markets. European Central Bank, Working Paper Series No. 1113. Bianconi, M., Yoshino, J. A., & Sousa, M. O. (2013). BRIC and the U.S. Financial Crisis: An Empirical Investigation of Stock and Bond Markets. Emerging Markets Review , 14, 76-109. Click, R., & Plummer, M. (2005). Stock Market Integration in ASEAN after the Asian Financial Crisis. Journal of Asian Economics , 16(1), 5-28. Diebold, F. X., & Yilmaz, K. (2009). Measuring Financial Asset Return and Volatility Spillovers, with Application to Global Equity Markets. The Economic

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Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai

semantics of the left periphery , 97-138. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Chao, Yuen-Ren. 1968. A grammar of spoken Chinese . Berkely: University of California Press. Cheng, Lisa L.-S. 1991. On the typology of Wh-questions . Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Cheung, Lawrence. 2007. Negative Wh -construction: Question-hood, negation and implicature. Paper presented at the 4 th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-4), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 30 December. Chomsky, Noam. 1977

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Pornphrom Yoysungnoen Chintana, Ponthip Wirachwong, Apichart Suksamrarn and Suthiluk Patumraj

, Malago M, Steveling K, Reis H, Cicinnati VR, Schmid KW, Baba HA. Activation of the ERK and AKT signalling pathway predicts poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma and ERK activation in cancer tissue is associated with hepatitis C virus infection. J Hepatol. 2008; 48:83-90. 5. Yoysungnoen P, Wirachwong P, Changtam C, Suksamrarn A, Patumraj S. Suppression of tumor neocapillarization induced by HepG2 cells in nude mice supplemented with curcumin or tetrahydrocurcumin: An in vivo comparative study. Asian Biomed. 2008; 2:77-82. 6

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D. Marcinčáková, M. Falis, P. Schusterová, P. Váczi, S. Marcinčák and J. Legáth

REFERENCES 1. Ad’hiah, A. L., Al-Bederi, O. N. H., Al-Sammarraie, K. W., 2013: Cytotoxic effects of Agrimonia eupatoria L. against cancer cell lives in vitro . J. Assoc. Arab. Univ. Basic Appl. Sci. , 14, 87—92. 2. Al-Snafi, A. E., 2015: The pharmacological and therapeutic importance of Agrimonia eupatoria . Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology , 5, 112—117. 3. Barbier, O., Jacquillet, G., Tauc, M., Cougnon M., Poujeol, P., 2005: Effect of heavy metals on, and handling by, the kidney. Nephron Physiol. , 99, 105