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Impact of armour layer on the depth of scour hole around side-by-side bridge piers under ice-covered flow condition

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fort Collins, CO, 428 p. 74. Cea, L., Puertas, J., Pena, L., 2007. Velocity measurements on highly turbulent free surface flow using ADV. Experiments in Fluids, 42, 3, 333–348. Dey, S., Barbhuiya, A.K., 2004. Clear-water scour at abutments in thinly armored beds. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 130, 7, 622–634. Dey, S., Raikar, R., 2007. Clear-water scour at piers in sand beds with an armor layer of gravels. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 133, 703–711. Ettema, R

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Simulating three dimensional wave run-up over breakwaters covered by antifer units

3D simulation. ICE Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 18-20 September 2013, pp.120-130. Dentale, F., Russo, S.D. and Carratelli, E., 2009. Innovative numerical simulation to study the fluid motion within rubble mound breakwaters and the armour stability. 17th Armourstone user meeting, Wallingford, UK. Frens, A.B., 2007. The impact of placement method on Antifer-bloack stability. Netherlands: Delft University of Technology. Hsu, T., Lai, J. and Lan, Y., 2011. Experimental and numerical studies on wave propagation over coarse

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Theoretical Study on Adhesives Used in Ballistic Protection Structures and Transparent Armor

References 1. R. Zaera, S. Sánchez-Sáeza, J.L. Pérez-Castellanos, and C. Navarro, “Modelling of the adhesive layer in mixed ceramic/metal armours subjected to impact”, Composites, 31, Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing (2000): 823-833. 2. National Research Council, Opportunities in Protection Materials Science and Technology for Future Army Applications, (Washington D.C.: The National Academies Press, 2011). 3. G.F. Freeguard, and D. Marshall, “Bullet-resistant glass: A review of product and process

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Overview of processing technologies for tungsten-steel composites and FGMs for fusion applications

-006-9007-2. 9. Hassanein, A., & Konkashbaev, I. (1996). Lifetime evaluation of plasma-facing materials during a tokamak disruption. J. Nucl. Mater ., 233 , 713–717. DOI: 10.1016/S0022-3115(96)00213-9. 10. Matějíček, J., & Boldyryeva, H. (2009). Processing and temperature-dependent properties of plasma-sprayed tungsten-stainless steel composites. Phys. Scripta , T138 , 014041. DOI: 10.1088/0031-8949/2009/T138/014041. 11. Vilémová, M., Nevrlá, B., & Matějíček, J. (2012). Mechanical and thermal properties of tungsten composite coatings. In Coatings and layers

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Damage level prediction of non-reshaped berm breakwater using ANN, SVM and ANFIS models

, Technical Report NC-TR-98-030, Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK. Subba Rao, Pramod, C.H. and Rao, B.K., 2004. Stability of berm breakwater with reduced armor stone weight. J. Ocean Engineering, 31(11-12), pp.1577-1589. Subba Rao, Subrahmanya, K., Rao, B.K. and Chandramohan, V.R., 2008. Stability aspects of nonreshaped berm breakwaters with reduced armour weight. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, 134(2), pp.81-87. Tørum, A., Franziska, K. and Andreas Menze., 2003. On berm breakwaters

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Structured catalytic reactor for VOC combustion

Thin Layer Catalysts: Operational Experience in Steamcracker Gas Phase Hydrogenation, poster presented at ICOSCAR-2 conference, Delft, 2005 (not published). Personal communications from the Faculty of Textile Architecture of Lodz Univ. Technol. and Polish State Mint, 2005. Personal communication from Katator AB, Sveden, 2005. Schlichting H.: Boundary layey theory, 7 th ed., McGraw-Hill, new York, 1979. Lange C. F., Durst F., Breuer M.: Int. J. Heat Mass

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Impact and Ballistic Resistance of a New Aluminium Alloy for Ship Construction Elements

properties of 7000-series aluminium alloys at large strain rates. Polish Maritime Research 1 (72) vol.19 2012 9. Jurczak W. Kolenda J.: Patent submission - three-layer shield (in Polish), 2004 10. Jurczak W., Szturomski B., Simulating the Impact of Exposure to Corrosive Medium on Cracking Initiation in AW7020M Alloy Specimens, Solid State Phenomena, Trans Tech Periodicals published by Trans Tech Publications Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland 2014, 11. Kinslov R. at al.: High-Velocity Impact Phenomena. Academic Press, New York and

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Numerical wave interaction with tetrapods breakwater

-Rovers, I. and Bakker, P., 2005. Placement and structural strenght of Xbloc and other single layer armour units. Proceedings of the International Conference on Coastlines, structures and breakwaters, N.W.H. Allsop, London, 20-22 April 2005, pp.556-568. Nielsen, S.R.K. and Burcharth, H.F., 1983. Stochastic design of rubble mound breakwaters. 11th IFIP Conference on System Modelling and Optimization, Copenhagen, 25-29 July 1983, pp.1-21. Postma, G.M., 1989. Wave reflection from rock slopes under random wave attack. M. Sc. thesis. Delft

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Investigation of Mechanical and Anti-Corrosion Properties of Flame Sprayed Coatings

REFERENCES 1. Zhai T., Yan R., He W., Ma H., Corrosion protection performance of Mo-incorporated 2-hydroxyphosphonoacetic acid-Zn2+ complex conversion layers on the cold-rolled steel substrate. Surface and Coatings Technology, (351) (2018) 50-59. 2. Goyal M., Kumar S., Bahadur I., Verma C., Ebenso E.E., Organic corrosion inhibitors for industrial cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in acidic solutions: a review. Journal of Molecular Liquids, (256) (2018) 565-573. 3. Marcus P., Corrosion mechanisms in theory and practice, 3th Edition, CRC

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Electrochemical Corrosion Characteristics of High Strength Low Alloy Domex 700 Steel After Mechanical Surface Treatment in Chloride Environment

References 1. Pastorek, F.; Borko, K.; Fintová, S.; Kajánek, D.; Hadzima, B. Effect of surface pretreatment on quality and electrochemical corrosion properties of manganese phosphate on S355J2 HSLA steel. Coatings 2016, 6 (4), 46. 2. Crouch, G.; Cimpoeru, S., J.; Li, H.; Shanmugam, D. The Science of Armour Materials, Chapter 2 - Armour steels, pp. 55-115. Victoria (in Australia), 2017. ISBN: 978-0-08- 101002-0. 3. Mohrbacher, H. Green and Sustainable Manufacturing of Advanced Material, Chapter 6 - High

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