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Ľubomír Panigaj and Miroslav Kulfan

Distribution and Bionomics of Udea Alpinalis (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) in Western Carpathians (Slovakia)

Here we summarize all known and new localities with occurrence of Udea alpinalis (Denis et Schiffermüller, 1775) in Slovakia. Furthermore, based on our data we discuss distribution, hypsometric claims and variability of forewings design.

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Ranka Godec

volatile organic compound source apportionment by chemical mass balance. Atmos Environ 2001;35:1567-84. Funasaka K, Miyazaki T, Tsuruho K, Tamura K, Minuzo T, Kuroda K. Relationship between indoor and outdoor carbonaceous particulates in roadside households. Environ Pollut 2000;110:127-34. Cao JJ, Lee SC, Ho KF, Zhang XY, Zou SC, Fung K, Chow JC, Watson JG. Characteristics of carbonaceous aerosol in Pearl River Delta Region, China during 2001 winter period. Atmos Environ 2003

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Hanene Bessaklia, Abderrahmane Nekkache Ghenim, Abdessalam Megnounif and Javier Martin-Vide

characteristics of flood regimes across the Alpine-Carpathian range. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 394. Iss. 1–2 p. 78–89. P atel N.R., S hete D.T. 2015. Analyzing precipitation using concentration indices for North Gujarat agro climatic zone, India. International Conference on Water Resources, Coastal and Ocean Engineering. Aquatic Procedia. Vol. 4. p. 917–924. P eng S., X ueyuan Q., X i C., M i Z., S imin Q., X inxin M., Z hicai Z. 2013. Spatial distribution and temporal trends in daily and monthly precipitation concentration indices in the upper reaches of

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Claudio O. Delang

Council of the People’s Republic of China. Retrieved from Hou EQ, Wen DZ, Li JL, Zuo WD, Zhang LL, Kuang YW, Li J (2012) Soil acidity and exchangeable cations in remnant natural and plantation forests in the urbanized Pearl River Delta, China. Soil Research 50(3): 207–215. Huang RQ, Li WL (2011) Formation, distribution and risk control of landslides in China. Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 3 (2): 97–116. Hvistendahl M (February, 2010) Fertilizer Is

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Mathias Harzhauser, Oleg Mandic, Matthias Kranner, Petra Lukeneder, Andrea K. Kern, Martin Gross, Giorgio Carnevale and Christine Jawecki

. Geologische Karte der Republik Österreich 1:50.000, Geologische Bundesanstalt Wien, pp. 29-85. Bruch, A.A., Utescher, T., Alcalde Olivares C., Dolakova, N. and Mosbrugger, V., 2004. Middle and Late Miocene spatial temperature patterns and gradients in Central Europe - preliminary results based on palaeobotanical climate reconstructions. Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, 249, 15-27. Bruch, A.A., Utescher, T., Mosbrugger, V., Gabrielyan, I. and Ivanov, D.A., 2006. Late Miocene climate in the circum-Alpine realm - a quantitative analysis

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Marija Horvat, Urs Klötzli, Domagoj Jamičić, György Buda, Eva Klötzli and Christoph Hauzenberger

1 Introduction The Slavonian Mountains in Croatia, comprising the Psunj, Papuk and Krndija mountain ranges ( Fig. 1 ), represent a complex geological structure created by numerous tectonic events throughout the geological history of the Tisia Megaterrane/Tisza Mega-Unit basement in the Circum Pannonian Region (CPR, Ebner et al., 2008 ) or Alpine-Carpathian-Dinaridic orogenic system (ACD, Schmid et al., 2008 ). The Tisia Megaterrane/Tisza Mega-Unit is commonly regarded as a lithosphere fragment which broke off the southern margin of Variscan Europe during

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Róbert-Csaba Begy, Szabolcs Kelemen, Hedvig Simon and Claudiu Tănăselia

. 2000.015 RIZA the Netherlands DDNI Romania and Danube Delta Biopshere Reserve Authority 166 pp Qi S, Leipe T, Rueckert P, Di Z and Harff J, 2010. Geochemical sources, deposition and enrichment of heavy metals in short sediment cores from the Pearl River Estuary, Southern China. Journal of Marine Systems 82: S28–S42, 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2010.02.003 . Qi S Leipe T Rueckert P Di Z Harff J 2010 Geochemical sources, deposition and enrichment of heavy metals in short sediment cores from the Pearl River Estuary, Southern China Journal of Marine Systems 82 S28 S42 10