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B. Leszczynska-Madej

Attempts have been made to describe the influence of sintering temperature on the microstructure and properties of Al - SiC composites. Mixtures of 100%Al and Al - 5% SiC, Al - 10% SiC were produced by tumbling for 30 minutes in the Turbula T2F mixer. The powders were subsequently cold pressed at pressure 300MPa in a rigid die on a single action press. The green compacts were sintered in nitrogen at 580°C and 620°C for one hour. The main objective of this work was to determine influence of chemical composition and the manufacturing parameters on microstructure and properties of Al - SiC composites produced by powder metallurgy technology.

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Prasad Raturi Himanshu, Prasad Lalta, Pokhriyal Mayank and Tirth Vineet

. Process Parameters Optimization for Producing AA6061/TiB2 Composites by Friction Stir Processing, Journal of Mechanical Engineering - Strojnícky časopis, 2017 (67), No. 1, 101 - 118 [7] R. Jančo, L. Écsi, P. Élesztős. FSW Numerical Simulation of Aluminium Plates by Sysweld - Part II, Journal of Mechanical Engineering - Strojnícky časopis, 2016 (66), No. 2, 29 - 36 [8] S. Lal, S. Kumar, Z.A. Khan, A.N. Siddiquee. Wire electrical discharge machining of AA7075/SiC/Al 2 O 3 hybrid composite fabricated by inert gas-assisted electromagnetic stir casting

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M. Suśniak, P. Pałka and J. Karwan-Baczewska

References [1] M. Jurczyk, Mechaniczna synteza, Poznań (2003). [2] C. Suryanarayana, Rev. Adv. Mater. Sci. 18, 203-211 (2008). [3] S. Kamrani, A. Simchi, R. Riedel, S. M. Seyed Reihani, Powder Met. 50, 276-282 (2007)/ [4] J. Dutkiewicz, A. Kukula, L. Litynska-Dobrzynska, W. Maziarz, Mater. Trans. 52, 304-308 (2011). [5] N. Saheb, I.K. Aliyu, S.F. Hassan, N. Al-Aqeeli, Materials 2014 7, 6748-6767 (2014). [6] N. Al-Aqeeli, K. Abdullahi, A. S. Hakeem, C. Suryanarayana

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J. Wozniak, M. Kostecki, K. Broniszewski, W. Bochniak and A. Olszyna


The main aim of this work was to study the effect of time and method of Al, SiC powders mixing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of composites. Moreover, the influence of applicating direct extrusion with a reversibly rotating die on the homogeneity of the composites was examined. Microstructure observations with the use of an optical microscope and scanning electron microscope were applied. A quantitative analysis of composite microstructure was conducted. The density (helium pycnometer method), Vickers hardness and the Young’s Modulus of the composites were also determined. The results show that the homogeneity of Al/SiC composites rises with an increase of mixing time. However, better results were obtained by application of high energy ball milling process.

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B. Leszczyńska-Madej, A. Wąsik and M. Madej

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A. Rutecka, Z.L. Kowalewski, K. Makowska, K. Pietrzak and L. Dietrich

parame-ter for P91 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel and fatigue pre-damaged P54T carbon steel, Fatigue & Fracture of Engi-neering Materials & Structures 37 , 195-205 (2014). [8] A. Rutecka, Z.L. Kowalewski, K. Pietrzak, L. Dietrich, K. Makowska, J. Woźniak, M. Kostecki, W. Bochniak, A. Olszyna, Damage development of Al/SiC metal matrix composite under fatigue, creep and monotonic loading conditions, Procedia En-gineering 10 , 1420-1425 (2011). [9] A. Korbel, W. Bochniak, Method of Plastic Forming of Materials, U.S. Patent No. 5, 737, 959 (1997). [10] W. Bochniak

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Sandra Veličković, Slavica Miladinović, Blaža Stojanović, Ružica R. Nikolić, Branislav Hadzima and Dušan Arsić

Reference A deosun , S.O., O soba , L.O., T aiwo , O.O. 2014. Characteristics of Aluminum Hybrid Composites , International Journal of Chemical, Molecular, Nuclear, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering 8(7), 731-738. BANSAL, S., SAINI, J.S. 2015. Mechanical and Wear Properties of SiC/Graphite Reinforced Al359 Alloy-based Metal Matrix Composite , Defence Science Journal 65(4), 330-338, DOI: 10.14429/dsj.65.8676. B asavarajappa , S., D avim , J.P. 2013. Influence of Graphite Particles on Surface Roughness and Chip Formation Studies in

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M. Suśniak, J. Karwan-Baczewska, J. Dutkiewicz, M. Actis Grande and M. Rosso

-3350 (2009). [6] L. Blaz, A. Kula, J. Kaneko, M. Sugamata, G. Wloch, K. Sobota, Journal of Microscopy 237 , 416-420 (2010). [7] P. Kurtyka, N. Ryłko, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 58 , 357-360 (2013). [8] J. Torralba, C. da Costa, F. Velasco, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 133 , 203-206 (2003). [9] D. Garbiec, M. Jurczyk, Composites Theory and Practice 13 , 255-259 (2013). [10] B. Leszczyńska-Madej, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 58 , 43-48 (2013). [11] K.L. Meena, A. Manna, S.S. Banwait, American Journal of

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Vahid Monfared

R eferences [1] D ragon , T. L., W. D. N ix . Geometric Factors affecting the Internal Stress Distribution and High Temperature Creep Rate of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Metals. Acta. Metall. Mater., 38 (1990), No. 10 , 1941-1953. [2] I smar , H., F. S chröter , F. S treicher . Inelastic Behaviour of Metal-matrix Composites reinforced with Fibres of Silicon Carbide, Alumina or Carbon: a Finite-element Analysis. Compos. Sci. Technol. , 60 (2000), No. 11 , 2129-2136. [3] K im , K. J., W. R. Y u , M. S. K im . Anisotropic Creep

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J. Wieczorek, B. Oleksiak, J. Łabaj, B. Węcki and M. Mańka

. Dolata-Grosz, Interaction of Al-Si alloys with SiC/C ceramic particles and their influence on microstructure of composites, Solid State Phenomena 176, 55-62 (2011). [15] A. J. Dolata, M. Dyzia, Aspects of fabrication aluminium matrix heterophase composites by suspension method, Conference Series-Materials Science and Engineering 35, Article Number: 012020 (2012). [16] A. Boczkowska, P. Chabera, A. J. Dolata, Porous ceramic - metal composites obtained by infiltration methods, Metalurgija 52 (3), 345-348 (2013). [17] L