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T. Sutradhar, B.K. Datta and R.K. Bera

References Abbaoui K. and Cherruault Y. (1994): Convergence of Adomian’s method applied to differential equations. - Computers Math. Applic., vol.28(5), pp.103-109. Abbaoui K. and Cherruault Y. (1995): New ideas for proving convergence of decomposition methods. - Computers Math. Applic., vol.29(7), pp.103-108. Adomian G. (1994): Solving Frontier Problems of Physics: The Decomposition Method. - Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Adomian G. and Rach R. (1993): Analytic solution of nonlinear

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J. Biazar and K. Hosseini

(2009) A new HPM for ordinary differential equations. Numer Methods Partial Differ Equ 26:480-489 20. Hosseini K, Biazar J, Ansari R, Gholamin P (2012) A new algorithm for solving differential equations. Math Methods Appl Sci 35:993-999 21. Biazar J, Hosseini K (2016) A modified Adomian decomposition method for singular initial value Emden-Fowler type equations. Int J Appl Math Research 5:69-72 22. Pedersen S (2015) From calculus to analysis. Springer, Switzerland

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S. Soradi Zeid, M. Yousefi and M. Yousefi

Vibration and Control , 19, 2523-2540. Alizadeh, A., and Effati, S. (2016). An iterative approach for solving fractional optimal control problems. Journal of Vibration and Control , 8, 1-19. Adomian, G. (1989). Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Theory and Applications to Physics. Kluwer Academic Publishers Kluwer . Adomian, G. (1988). A review of the decomposition method in applied mathematics. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , 135, 501-544. Adomian, G. (1991). Solving frontier problems modelled by nonlinear partial differential

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O.D. Makinde, U.S. Mahabaleswar and N. Maheshkumar

References Adomian G. (1994): The Decomposition Method . - Solving Frontier Problems of Physics Kluwer, Boston, MA. Ahmed A. and Asghar S. (2011): Flow of a second grade fluid over a sheet stretching with arbitrary velocities subject to a transverse magnetic field. - Appl. Math. Letts., vol.24, pp.1905-1909. Andersson H.I., Bech K.H. and Dandapat B.S. (1992): Magnetohydrodynamic flow of a power law fluid over a stretching sheet . - Int. J. Nonlinear Mech., vol.27 pp.929-936. Crane L

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Jagdev Singh, Devendra Kumar and Sushila

), 1192-1194. A. M. Wazwaz, On multiple soliton solutions for coupled KdV-mkdV equation, Nonlinear Science Letters A, 1 (2010), 289-296. G. Adomian, Solving Frontier Problems of Physics: The Decomposition Method, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Boston, 1994. G. C. Wu and J. H. He, Fractional calculus of variations in fractal spacetime, Nonlinear Science Letters A, 1 (2010), 281-287. J. H. He, Variational iteration method—a kind of nonlinear analytical technique: some examples

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Mohammad Javad Noroozi, Seyfolah Saedodin and Davood Domiri Ganji

-109. [20] Liao S.J.: The proposed homotopy analysis technique for the solution of nonlinear problems. Tong University, 1992. [21] Zhou J.K.: Differential Transform and Its Applications for Electrical CircuIts. Huarjung University Press, 1986. [22] He J.: Variational iteration method - a kind of non-linear analytical technique: some examples. 1999, Vol. 34, pp. 699-708. [23] Singla R.K., Das R.: Adomian decomposition method for a stepped fin with all temperaturedependent modes of heat transfer. Int. J. Heat Mass Transf

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Mohamed Taha

References [1] Adomian, G. Solving Frontier Problems of Physics: the Decomposition Method, Boston, Vol. 60 of the Fundamental Theories of Physics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994. [2] Taha, M. H., A. Omar, M. Nassar. Dynamics of Timoshenko Beam on Non- linear Soil. Int. J. Civil Eng. Research, 3 (2012), No. 2, 93-103. [3] Bahnasawi, A. A., M. A. El-Tawil, A. Abdel-Naby. Solving Riccati Differential Equation using Adomian’s Decomposition Method. Appl. Math. Comput., 157 (2004), 503-514. [4

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Zenon Matuszak

References Adomian G.(1994). Solving Frontier Problems of Physics: The Decomposition Method. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston/London. Alexander S., Entin - Wohlman O. & Orbach R. (1985). Relaxation and nonradiative decay in disordered systems. I. One-fracton emission. Phys. Rev. B., 32 (10), 6447-6455. Alexander S., Entin - Wohlman O. & Orbach R. (1986). Relaxation and nonradiative decay in disordered systems. II. Two-fracton inelastic scattering. Phys. Rev. B. , 33 (6), 39353946. Butzer P.L. & Westphal U. (2000). An Introduction to

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M. Arefi

References [1] Pradhan, S. C., T. Murmu. Thermo-mechanical Vibration of FGM Sandwich Beam under Variable Elastic Foundations using Differential Quadrature Method. J. Sound. Vib., 321 (2009), No. 1-2, 342-362. [2] Ying, J., C. F. Lu, W. Q. Chen. Two-dimensional Elasticity Solutions for Functionally Graded Beams Resting on Elastic Foundations. Compos. Struct., 84 (2008), 209-219. [3] Banerjee, A., B. Bhattacharya, A. K. Mallik. Large Deflection of Cantilever Beams with Geometric Non-linearity: Analytical and

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Hossein Aminikhah

equations: Homotopy perturbation method and Adomian's decomposition method. Applied Mathematics and Computation 173, 493-500. YILDIRIM, A. AND KOCAK, H. 2009. Homotopy perturbation method for solving the space-time fractional advection-dispersion equation. Advances in Water Resources 32, 1711-1716. SHAKERI, F. AND DEHGHAN, M. 2008. Solution of delay differential equations via a homotopy perturbation method. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 48, 486-498. AMINIKHAH, H. 2010. An analytical approximation for solving nonlinear Blasius equation by NHPM. Numerical