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A.A. Stępniewski and J. Grudziński

evaluation of inertial motion capture technology for use in the analysis and optimization of road cycling kinematics. – Stellenbosch University. [10] Park S.-Y., Lee S.-Y., Kang H. C. and Kim S.-M. (2012): EMG analysis of lower limb muscle activation pattern during pedaling experiments and computer simulations. – Int. J. of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, vol.13, No.4, pp.601-608. [11] Diefenthaeler F., Carpes F.P., Bini R.R., Mota C.B. and Guimarães A.C.S. (2010): Methodological proposal to evaluate sagittal trunk and spine angle cyclists

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Tomasz Leszczyński

HIROMB model, [online], [access 04.08.2017]. [10] ACS758. Datasheet, pdf, [online], [access 20.04.2017]. [11] Digital Compass Solution HMR3000. Datasheet, pdf, [online], [access 24.04.2017]. [12] GG1320AN Digital Ring Laser Gyroscope. Datasheet, pdf, [online], [access 11.02.2015]. [13] Headway LiFePo4. Datasheet, pdf, [online], [access 13.05.2016].

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Zsolt Mihály Szabó

References [1] Michelberger P., Lábodi Cs. : Vállalati információbiztonság szervezése . In Vállalkozásfejlesztés a XXI. században II. (Ed.: Nagy I. Z.), Óbuda University 2012. 241-302. [2] Répás S., Dalicsek I.: Az információbiztonsági kockázatelemzés módszertani kérdései a kritikus infrastruktúra elemeket üzemeltető szervezetek esetében. A NKE állam- és közigazgatás-tudományi szakmai folyóirata 4. (2015) 22-33. [3] Szabó Zs. M.: A nyugdíjfolyósítás kiberbiztonsági kérdései . In: VI. IDK2017 (Eds.: Ács K, Bódog F, Mechler M, Mészáros O

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Andrea Sujová and Ondrej Remeň

Phenomenological Analysis. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research , 56 (50), 14873-14887. doi: 10.1021/acs.iecr.7b03059 Dobrovic, J., & Timkova, V. (2017). Examination of Factors Affecting the Implementation of Organizational Changes. Journal of Competitiveness , 9 , 5-18. doi: 10.7441/joc.2017.04.01 Drdla, M., & Rais, K. (2001). Řízení změn ve firmě – reengineering [ Management of Changes in a firm – reengineering ]. Prague, Czechia: Computer Press. Dumas, M., La Rosa, M., Mendling, J., & Reijers, H. A. (2013). Fundamentals of Business Process

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Anetta Barska and Janina Jędrzejczak-Gas

the European Communities,. (2006). The Growth and Jobs Strategy and the Reform of European cohesion policy. Fourth progress report on cohesion, COM(2006) 281 final. Retrieved from Florida, R. (2000). The Learning Region. In Z. J. Acs (Ed.), Regional Innovation. New York, USA: Knowledge and Global Change. Gawroński, H. (2014). Zintegrowane zarządzanie jednostkami terytorialnymi w perspektywie finansowej 2014-2020 [Integrated management of

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José Alberto Martínez González and Urszula Kobylińska

entrepreneurial intention. Intention-based models are implemented successfully not only in social psychology but also in marketing and management ( Wach & Wojciechowski, 2016 ). The models have received some criticism, and several authors have emphasised the importance of further clarifying the role played by certain personal variables, such as motivation, without including contextual variables ( Hien & Cho, 2018 ). In the study of the personal factors responsible for entrepreneurship, comparative studies at a regional level have also become very important ( Acs, Autio