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On Thermal Instability of Kuvshiniski Fluid with Suspended Particles Saturated in a Porous Medium in the Presence of a Magnetic Field June 13, 2017

. (2008): Thermal instability of Kuvshiniski viscoelastic fluid with finite dust in a porous medium. - Int. J. of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.13, No.1, pp.193- 201. [12] Sharma D.S. and Sharma R.G. (1991): Dusty viscoelastic flow in a slip-flow regime. - Proc. Indian Natn. Sci. Acad., 57A (5), pp.623-630. [13] Prakash O., Kumar D. and Dwivedi Y.K. (2011): MHD free convective flow of a visco-elastic (Kuvshiniski-type) dusty gas through a semi infinite plate moving with velocity decreasing exponentially with time and radiative

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Efficient Use of Natural Gas Energy in Cogeneration in Households

, the Cabinet of Ministersof Latvia, Riga, 10 March 2009. [8] A. Davis I. Laube, I. Bode, “Use of natural gas in cogeneration at households”, presented at WEC Central & Eastern Europe energy forum, FOREN 2012, Bukarest, Romania, 2012. [9] LVS 417:2011. Gāzes sadales un lietotāju sistēmas. Ārējie gāzesvadi un regulēšanas iekārtas. Projektēšana , Latvijas valsts standarts, 2011. [10] I. Platais, P. Graudiņš. Gāzapgāde. 2.daļa. Dabasgāzes gāzapgādes sistēmu izveide, ierīkošana un apkalpe. Rīga: RTU, 2008. pp.220

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Analysis of Parallelogram Mechanism used to Preserve Remote Center of Motion for Surgical Telemanipulator

, pp.923-928. [4] Trochimczuk R. (2013): Conception of arm of medical robot dedicated to application of minimally invasive surgery . – Solid State Phenomena, vol. 198, Trans Tech Publications, pp.3-8. [5] Trochimczuk R., Łukaszewicz A., Mikołajczyk T., Aggogeri F. and Borboni A. (2016): Stiffness FEM analysis of novel telemanipulator for minimally invasive surgery . – Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems (in review process). [6] Kuo C.H., Dai J.S. and Dasgupta P. (2012): Kinematic design considerations for minimally invasive surgical robots

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Unsteady Hartmann Two-Phase Flow: The Riemann-Sum Approximation Approach

References [1] Shail R. (1973): On laminar two-phase flows in magnetohydrodynamics . – Int. J. Engng Sci., vol.11, pp.1103-1108. [2] Rudraiah N., Ramaih B.K. and Rajashekhar B.M. (1975): Hartmann flow over a permeable bed . – Int. J. Eng. Sci., vol.13, pp.1-24. [3] Hartmann J. and Lazarus F. (1937): Hg-Dynamics-II, Experimental investigations on the flow of Mercury in a homogeneous magnetic field . – Det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab. Mathematisk-Fysiske Meddelelser., XV7. [4] Hartmann J. (1937): Hg-Dynamics-I, theory of Laminar

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Unsteady Flow Through a Porous Medium Due to Non-coaxial Rotations of a Porous Disk and a Fluid at Infinity Subjected to a Periodic Suction

-coaxial rotations of a permeable disk and a fluid at infinity through a porous medium . – Int. J. Appl. Mech. Eng., vol.12, No.4, pp.965-974. [12] Hayat T., Ellahi R. and Asghar S. (2007): Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic non-Newtonian flow due to noncoaxial rotations of a disk and a fluid at infinity . – Chem. Eng. Commun., vol.194, pp.37-49. [13] Hayat T., Ellahi R. and Asghar S. (2008). Hall effects on unsteady flow due to non-coaxially rotating disk and a fluid at infinity . – Chem. Eng. Commun., vol.195, pp.958-976. [14] Ghara N., Guria M. and Jana R.N. (2012

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Boundary Layer Analysis in Nanofluid Flow Past a Permeable Moving Wedge in Presence of Magnetic Field by Using Falkner – Skan Model

in nanofluids . – International Journal of Thermal Science, vol.50, pp.133-139. [4] Hayat T., Majid H., Nadeem S. Meslou (2011): Falkner-Skan wedge flow of a power-law fluid with mixed convection and porous medium . – Computers and Fluids, vol.49, pp.22-28. [5] Ashwini G. and Eswara A.T. (2015): Unsteady MHD accelerating flow past a wedge with thermal radiation and internal heat generation/absorption. – International Journal of Mathematics and Computational Science, vol.1, pp.13-26. [6] Buongiorno J. (2006): Convective transport in nanofluids

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Non-Newtonian Momentum Transfer past an Isothermal Stretching Sheet with Applied Suction

-elastic fluid over a non-isothermal stretching sheet. – IJAME, vol.13, No.2, pp.515-541. [11] Veena P.H., Pravin V.K. and Nagabhushan Joshi K. (2010): MHD visco-elastic flow and heat transfer with temperature gradient dependent heat skin in a porous medium past a stretching sheet . – IJMA, vol.3, No.1, pp.65-81. [12] Gupta P.S. and Gupta A.S. (1977): Heat and mass transfer on a stretching sheet with suction or blowing . – Can. J. Chem. Engg., vol.55, pp.744-746. [13] Kumaran V. and Ramanaiah G. (1996): A note on the flow over a stretching sheet. – Acta

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Scrutinization of Joule Heating and Viscous Dissipation on MHD Flow and Melting Heat Transfer Over a Stretching Sheet

of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, vol.13, No.4, pp.654-658. [13] Kumar K.G., Rudraswamy N.G., Gireesha B.J. and Manjunatha S. (2017): Nonlinear thermal radiation effect on Williamson fluid with particle-liquid suspension past a stretching surface . – Results in Physics, vol.7, pp.3196-3202. [14] Govardhan K., Nagaraj G., Kaladhar K. and Balasiddulu M. (2015): MHD and radiation effects on mixed convection unsteady flow of micropolar fluid over a stretching sheet . – Procedia Computer Science, vol.57, pp.65-76. [15] Kumar K.G., Gireesha B

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MHD natural convection flow with radiative heat transfer past an impulsively moving vertical plate with ramped temperature in the presence of hall current and thermal diffusion

Heat Transfer. - NewYork: Academic Press, vol.9, pp.273-348. Ghosh S.K. and Bég O.A. (2008): Theoretical analysis of radiative effects on transient free convection heat transfer past a hot vertical surface in porous media. - Nonlinear Anal. Modeling Control, vol.13, pp.419-432. Hayday A.A., Bowlus D.A. and McGraw R.A. (1967): Free convection from a vertical plate with step discontinuities in surface temperature. - ASME J. Heat Transfer, vol.89, pp.244-250. Hossain M.A. and Takhar H.S. (1996): Radiation effects on mixed

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