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Minna Saariketo

References Andrejevic, M. (2014). The big data divide. International Journal of Communication , 8: 1673-1689. Andrejevic, M. & Burdon, M. (2015). Defining the sensor society. Television & New Media , 16(1): 19-36. Bechmann, A. (2015). Managing the interoperable self. In A. Bechmann & S. Lomborg (eds.), The ubiquitous internet. User and industry perspectives (pp. 54-73). New York & London: Routledge. Beer, D. (2009). Power through the algorithm? Participatory web cultures and the technological unconscious. New Media & Society , 11

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Four Styles of Quali-Quantitative Analysis

Making sense of the new Nordic food movement on the web

Anders Kristian Munk

integration of micro-and macro-sociologies (pp. 277-303) London: Routledge. Chen, H. T. (2006). A theory-driven evaluation perspective on mixed methods research. Research in the Schools , 13(1): 75-83. Creswell, J. W. (2014). A concise introduction to mixed methods research . London: Sage Publications. Geertz, C. (2005). Deep play: Notes on the Balinese cockfight. Daedalus , 134(4): 56-86. Girard, P., Dedinger, B., Ricci, D., Ooghe-Tabanou, B., Jacomy, M., Plique, G. & Tible, G. (2016). RICardo Project: Exploring 19th Century International Trade

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Axel Bruns and Brenda Moon

networked model for political deliberation. Information Polity , 13(1-2): 71-85. Bruns, A. & Burgess, J. (2015). Twitter hashtags from ad hoc to calculated publics. In N. Rambukkana (ed.), Hashtag publics: The power and politics of discursive networks (pp. 13-28). New York: Peter Lang. Bruns, A. & Moe, H. (2014). Structural layers of communication on Twitter. In K. Weller, A. Bruns, J. Burgess, M. Mahrt & C. Puschmann (eds.), Twitter and society (pp. 15–28). New York: Peter Lang. Bruns, A., Burgess, J., Banks, J., Tjondronegoro, D., Dreiling, A

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Jenni Mäenpää

References Åker, P. (2012) Photography, objectivity and the modern newspaper. Back to the artist. Journalism studies , 13(3): 325-339. Andén-Papadopoulos, K. & Pantti, M. (2013) Re-imagining crisis reporting: Professional ideology of journalists and citizen eyewitness images. Journalism , 14(7), 960-977. Andén-Papadopoulos, K. & Pantti, M., eds. (2011) Amateur images and global news . Bristol: Intellect. Avilés, J.A. García & León, B. & Sanders, K. & Harrison, J. (2004) Journalists at Digital Television Newsrooms in Britain and Spain: workflow and

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Logics of the Icelandic Hybrid Media System

Snapchat and media-use before the 2016 and 2017 Althing elections

Birgir Guðmundsson

-clinton-youth-millennial-vote [accessed 2016, November 17]. Jensen, J. L., Hoff, J. & Klastrup, L. (2016). Internettet og folketingsvalget 2015 [The Internet and the Danish parliamentary elections 2015]. Report, Danske Medier, Copenhagen, Denmark. Retrieved from [accessed 2018, February 14]. Jungherr, A. (2016). Twitter use in election campaigns: A systematic literature review. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 13(1): 72

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Sofia Larsson

Media’ in Cammaerts, B. and Carpentier, N., eds., Reclaiming the media: communication rights and democratic media roles , Bristol, UK: Intellect Books. Carpentier, N. (2011a) Media and participation: a site of ideological-democratic Struggle , Bristol: Intellect. Carpentier, N. (2011b) ‘The concept of participation. If they have access and interact, do they really participate?’, Communication management quarterly , 6(21), 13-36. Coyer, K., Dowmunt, T. and Fountain, A. (2007) The alternative media handbook , London: Routledge. Dahlgren, P. (2005) ‘The

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Andrea Rosales and Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol

neural networks. In Machine learning, optimization, and big data (MOD 2017) (pp. 337-348). Volterra: Springer. Bi, B., Shokouhi, M., Kosinski, M. & Graepel, T. (2013). Inferring the demographics of search users: Social data meets search queries. In Conference on World Wide Web (WWW’13) (pp. 131-140) Rio de Janeiro: ACM Press. Bijker, W. E., Hughes, T. P. & Pinch, T. J. (eds.) (1989). The social construction of technological systems . London: MIT Press. Bolukbasi, T., Chang, K.-W., Zou, J. Y., Saligrama, V., & Kalai, A. T. (2016). Man is to

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The Fall of the Queen of Nordic Skiing

A comparative analysis of the Swedish and Norwegian media coverage of the Therese Johaug scandal

Ulrik Wagner and Elsa Kristiansen

: Reflections on the spread and origin of nationalism . London: Verso. Bairner, A. (2010). What’s Scandinavian about Scandinavian sport? Sport in Society, 13(4): 734-743. Bairner, A. (2015). Assessing the sociology of sport: On national identity and nationalism. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 50(4-5): 375-379. BBC (2015, August 20). Doping in sport: What is it and how is it being tackled? BBC Sport. Retrieved from: [access day 2018, July 14]. Bie, B. & Billings, A. C. (2015). “Too

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Inequality in Posting Behaviour Over Time

A study of Danish Facebook users

Anja Bechmann

and rights in the online domain . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Bechmann, A. & Lomborg, S. (2013). Mapping actor roles in social media: Different perspectives on value creation in theories of user participation. New Media & Society , 15(5): 765-781. Bechmann, A. & Vahlstrup, P. B. (2015). Studying Facebook and Instagram data: The Digital Footprints software. First Monday , 20(12): 1-13. Bernstein, M. S., Bakshy, E., Burke, M. & Karrer, B. (2013). Quantifying the

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Crowning Moments

Transformative populist use of the media and the case of Carl I. Hagen

Hilmar Mjelde

historical institutionalism (pp. 89-106). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Collier, D. & Mahon, J. (1993). Conceptual stretching revisited – Adapting categories in comparative-analysis. American Political Science Review , 87(4): 845-855. Edwards, G. (2012). Overreach: Leadership in the Obama presidency . Princeton: Princeton University Press. Erlandsen, H. C. (1987). Dype klassiske skilleliner [Deep traditional cleavages]. Aftenposten , 13 June, 1987. Esser, F., Stępińska, A. & Hopmann, D. N. (2017). Populism and the media: Cross