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Zhitao Xiao, Lei Pei, Fang Zhang, Ying Sun, Lei Geng, Jun Wu and Jun Tong

References [1] Qu, P., Guan, X., Jia, Y., et al. (2012). Effective elastic properties and stress distribution of 2D biaxial nonorthogonally braided composites. Journal of Composite Materials, 46(8), 997-1008. [2] Böhm, R., Hornig, A., Luft, J. et al. (2014). Experimental investigation of the strain rate dependent behaviour of 2D biaxially and triaxially reinforced braided composites. Applied Composite Materials, 21(2), 285-299. [3] Ayranci, C., and Carey, J. (2008). 2D braided composites: a review for stiffness critical applications. Composite

Open access

Kadir Bilisik, Huseyin Ozdemir and Gaye Kaya

References [1] Dow, M. B., Dexter, H. B. (1997). Development of Stitched, Braided and Woven Composite Structures in the ACT Program at Langley Research Centre (1985 to 1997). National Aeronautics and Space Administration Technical Publication No. 97-206234, Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia. [2] Kamiya, R., Cheeseman, B. A., Popper, P., Chou, T. W. (2000). Some recent advances in the fabrication and design of three dimensional textile preforms: A review. Composite Science and Technology, 60(1), 33