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Mitchell Friedman

[18] Dossett, W. (2013). Addiction, spirituality and 12-step programmes. International Social Work, 56(3), 369-383 [19] Ellis, C., Adams, T. E., & Bochner, A. P. (2011). Autoethnography: an overview. Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung, 273-290 [20] emerald, E., & Carpenter, L. (2016). “Autoethnography: Is my own story narrative research?” From Dwyer, R., Davis, I., & emerald, e., Narrative research in practice: Stories from the field. Singapore: Springer [21] Friedman, M. (2016). My evolution as a

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Laura Lyytikäinen

.), The Blackwell companion to medical sociology (pp. 320–333). Malden, MA & Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. Ekselius, L. (2005). Internet-based self-help for depression: Randomised controlled trial. British Journal of Psychiatry, 187 (5), 456–61. Ferri, M., Amato, L., & Davoli M. (2006). Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programmes for alcohol dependence. The Cochrane Library . Finn, J. (1999). An exploration of helping processes in an online self-help group focusing on issues of disability. Health & Social Work, 24 (3), 220–232. Galanter M

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Romeu Mendes, Nelson Sousa, Nuno Garrido, Braulio Cavaco, Luís Quaresma and Victor Machado Reis

References Borg GA. Psychophysical bases of perceived exertion. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 1982; 14(5): 377-381 Cao ZB, Maeda A, Shima N, Kurata H, Nishizono H. The effect of a 12-week combined exercise intervention program on physical performance and gait kinematics in community-dwelling elderly women. J Physiol Anthropol, 2007; 26(3): 325-332 Casonatto J, Polito MD. Post-exercise Hypotension: a Systematic Review. Rev Bras Med Esporte, 2008; 15(2): 151-157 Cornelissen VA, Fagard RH, Coeckelberghs E

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Aleš Filipčič, Bojan Leskošek, Goran Munivrana, Gabriela Ochiana and Tjaša Filipčič

) and exporting into a database; (4) organizing the data with a combination of SQL statements and exporting it to Microsoft Excel; and (5) processing the data with the statistical program SPSS 23 for Windows. Data treatment Using the SAGIT system, we gathered data on 18,856 actions (10,311 strokes; 8,545 split-steps). For further analyses, we selected actions (82.9%) in which a tennis player performed a split-step and it was possible to precisely determine the timing of that split-step. Split-steps were organized according to a player’s category (ATP players

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Andrew W. Smith and Del P. Wong

Levin S Gregor R Comparison of cycling kinetics during recumbent bicycling in subjects with and without diabetes J Rehabil Res Dev 2002 39 13 – >20 Rogers MW, Hedman LD, Johnson ME, Cain TD, Hanke TA. Lateral stability during forward-induced stepping for dynamic balance recovery in young and older adults. Journals Gerontol Ser A Biol Sci Med Sci 56: 2001; M589–M594 Rogers MW Hedman LD Johnson ME Cain TD Hanke TA Lateral stability during forward-induced stepping for dynamic balance recovery in young and older adults Journals

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Luciano Pavan Rossi, Rafael Pereira, Michelle Brandalize and Anna Raquel Silveira Gomes

.1532-5415.2010.03234.x. 12. Mansfield A., Peters A.L., Liu B.A., Maki B.E., Effect of a perturbation-based balance training program on compensatory stepping and grasping reactions in older adults: A randomized controlled trial. Phys Ther , 2010, 90 (4), 476-491, doi:10.2522/ptj.20090070. 13. Sherrington C., Whitney J.C., Lord S.R., Herbert R.D., Cumming R.G., Close J.C.T., Effective exercise for the prevention of falls: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Am Geriatr Soc , 2008, 56 (12), 2234-2243, doi: 10.1111/ j.1532

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Eva Ignatuschtschenko

://, accessed 31 January 2016 VNS. “Consortium Launches E-waste Recycling Programme in Vietnam.” 2015,, accessed 31 January 2016 Wang, Feng, Ruediger Kuehr, Daniel Ahlquist, and Jinhui Li. E-waste in China: A Country Report. Bonn: United Nations University/StEP Initiative, 2013 Wang, Zhaohua, Bin Zhang, Jianhua Yin, and Xiang Zhang. “Willingness and

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Piotr Makar and Grzegorz Bielec

., Wahl P., Sperlich B., Mester J., Comparison of three different step test protocols in swimming. J Exerc Physiol, 2011, 14 (1), 43-48. 7. Pelayo P., Mujika I., Sidney M., Chatard J.C., Blood lactate recovery measurements, training, and performance during a 23-week period of competitive swimming. Eur J Appl Physiol, 1996, 74 (1/2), 107 113, doi: 10.1007/ BF00376502. 8. Lormeau B., Sola A., Tabah A., Chiheb S., Dufaitre L., Thurninger O. et al., Blood glucose changes and adjustments of diet and insulin doses in type 1 diabetic patients

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Zoi-Despoina Tzima, Nikolaos Economides, Christos Gogos and Ioannis Kolokouris

, 2009; 35:193–196. 10. Iqbal MK, Kohli MR, Kim JS. A retrospective clinical study of incidence of root canal instrument separation in an endodontics graduate program: a PennEndo database study. J Endod, 2006;32:1048–1052. 11. Arbab-Chirani R, Vulcain JM. Undergraduate teaching and clinical use of rotary nickel-titanium endodontic instruments: a survey of French dental schools. Int Endod J, 2004;37:320–324. 12. Greene KJ, Krell KV. Clinical factors associated with ledged canals in maxillary and mandibular molars. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral

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İrem Ülkü and Ersin Kizgut

References Beck, A. and Teboulle, M. (2009). A fast iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithm for linear inverse problems, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 2(1): 183-202. Bioucas-Dias, J.M. and Figueiredo, M.A. (2007). A new twist: Two-step iterative shrinkage/thresholding algorithms for image restoration, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 16(12): 2992-3004. Boyd, S., Parikh, N., Chu, E., Peleato, B. and Eckstein, J. (2011). Distributed optimization and statistical learning via the alternating direction