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Screening for Bioflocculant-Producing Bacteria from the Marine Environment of Sodwana Bay, South Africa

.E., Maldonado, L.A., Masson, D.G., Ward, A.C., Goodfellow, M., and Bull, A., 2003. Statistical approaches for estimating actinobacterial diversity in marine sediments. Appl. Environ. Microbiol ., 69 , 6189-6200. Stephen, F.A., Thomas, L.M., Alejandro, A.S., Jinghui, Z., Zheng, Z., Webb, M., and David, J.L., 1997. Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database searchprograms. Nucleic Acids Res ., 25 , 3389-3402. Tyagi, R.D., Surampalli, R.Y., Zhang, T.C., Kao, C.M., Lohani, B.N., 2009. Sustainable Sludge Management: Production of Added

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Assessment of Environmental Factors on Secondary Metabolites and Toxicological Effects of Datura metel Leaves Extracts

by Kenneth Helrich, fifteenth edition, suite 400 2200 wilson boulevard Arlington, Virginia 22201 USA Asquith, T.N., Butler, L.G., 1986. Interaction of condensed Tannins with selected proteins. Phytochem, 25 (7), 591-1593. Bania, T.C., Chu, J., Bailes, D. and O’Neill, M., 2004. Jimson weed extract as a protective agent in severe organophosphate toxicity. Acad. Emerg. Med ., 11 (4), 335-338. Barile, E., Bonanomi,G., Antignani, V., Zolfaghari, B.,Ebrahim, S., Scala, F. and Lanzotti, V., 2007. Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial assessment of

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