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Erika Nagy and Judit Timár

. (2009), ‘Editorial: The changing face of the European periphery in the automotive industry’, European Urban and Regional Studies , 16 (1), pp. 5–10. DÜZGÜN, E. (2013), ‘The poverty of peripheralisation: Re-conceptualizing the peripheral space’, [in:] FISCHER-TAHIR, A. and NAUMANN, M. (eds.), Peripheralisation. The making of spatial dependencies and injustice, Wiesbaden: Springer, pp. 29–54. FISCHER-TAHIR, A. and NAUMANN, M. (2013), ‘Introduction: Peripheralisation as the social production of spatial dependencies and injustice’, [in:] FISCHER-TAHIR, A

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Denis Hänzi


It has become a commonplace to consider the ideal of an artistic work attitude as being the very driving force behind today’s “aesthetic capitalism.” The present contribution questions this notion and shows that the exemplary model of the artist merely represents one component of a much larger “regime of potentiality.” Thus, the article propounds the analysis of “potentialism” as an approach that might help to grasp the reproductive logics of late capitalism without reducing them to a “creativity dispositive.”

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V. Bobinaite and I. Priedite

REFERENCES 1. European Parliament & Council (2009). Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC. [Online]. Available: . 2. Ragwitz, M. et al. (2009). The impact of renewable energy policy on economic growth and employment in the European Union. Final report [Online]. Available:

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Anna Kosieradzka, Urszula Kąkol and Anna Krupa

The Development of Production Management Concepts

The aim of this paper is the analysis of contemporary concepts used in production management in relation to the paradigms which accompanied their appearance and development. The first chapter contains a definition of the term 'paradigm', discusses the importance of the paradigms for the development of a scientific approach to management and lists examples of paradigms relevant to production management. In the second chapter such management concepts as LM, Kaizen, TOC, TQM, TPM, Six Sigma and BPR are presented, along with their respective old and new paradigms, main goals, fundamental rules and tools (methods and techniques). Some less popular concepts are also dealt with. The last chapter is devoted to an analysis of interactions between the analyzed concepts, with an emphasis on their mutual compatibility and complementarity, which can be of benefit in the process of their implementation.

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Małgorzata Szewczuk

. Genet. Sel. Evol., 46: 29. Suchocki T., Komisarek J., Szyda J. (2010). Testing candidate gene effects on milk production traits in dairy cattle under various parameterizations and modes of inheritance. J. Dairy Sci., 93: 2703-2717. Szewczuk M. (2015). Polymorphism of the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor gene (IGF1R/e10/ Msp Iand IGF1R/e16/Rsa I) in four dairy breeds and its association with milk traits. Livest. Sci., 181: 43-50. Szewczuk M., Wilkowiecki P., Zych S., Czerniawska- Piątkowska E., W ój- cik J. (2011

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S. Księzarek, M. Woch, D. Kołacz, M. Kamińska, P. Borkowski and E. Walczuk

on Electrical Contact and the 56th IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts, October 2010 Charlston USA, 134-141. [4] S. Ksiezare k, D. Kołacz, M. Woch, M. Czepelak, M. Osadnik, M. Karpinski, K. Marszowski, Ł. Wierzbicki, M. Kaminska, Development of process guideless for the production of new composite material Ag-Re (5, 8 and 10 wt%) for electric contacts, IMN Report 6886/2010. Unpublished. [5] M. Woch, S. Ksiezarek, D. Kołacz, W. Kurylak et al., Development of new composites, Mechanical Alloying and PMtechnologies (development

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Wojciech Czekała, Karolina Gawrych, Anna Smurzyńska, Jakub Mazurkiewicz, Artur Pawlisiak, Dawid Chełkowski and Michał Brzoski

renewable energy. Renewable Energy. Vol. 61 p. 38–42. F ugol M., P rask H. 2011. Porównanie uzysku biogazu z trzech rodzajów kiszonek: z kukurydzy, lucerny i trawy [Comparison of biogas yield from three types of silage: maize, lucerne and grass silage]. Inżynieria Rolnicza. Vol. 9(134) p. 31–39. H ijazi O., M unro S., Z erhusen B., E ffenberger M. 2016. Review of life cycle assessment for biogas production in Europe. Renewable Sustainable Energy Review. Vol. 54 p. 1291–1300. I gliński B., B uczkowski R., C ichosz M. 2015. Biogas production in

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Włodzimierz Nowak, Robert Mikuła, Ewa Pruszyńska-Oszmałek, Barbara Stefańska, Paweł Maćkowiak, Małgorzata Kasprowicz-Potocka and Andrzej Frankiewicz

References Agenäs S., Dahlborn K., Holtenius K. (2003). Changes in metabolism and milk production during and after feed deprivation in primiparous cows selected for different milk fat content. Livest. Prod. Sci., 83: 153-164. AOAC (2007). Official methods of analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists. 18th ed. AOAC International, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. Cameron R.E.B., Dyk P.B., Herdt T.H., Kaneene J.B., Miller R., Bucholtz H.F., Liesmann J.S., Vandehaar M.J., Emery R

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Katri Ots, Mall Orru, Mari Tilk, Leno Kuura and Karin Aguraijuja

kangasmetsien lannoitteena. (Ash as forest fertilization on mineral soils). – Finér, L., Leinonen, A., Jauhiainen, J. (eds.). Nutrients contained in wood ash back to the forest? (Puun ravinteet tuhkana takaisin metsään?). Metsäntutkimuslaitoksen tiedonantoja / Finnish Forest Research Institute, Research Papers, 599, 21–26. (In Finnish). Orru, M., Ots, K., Orru, H. 2016. Re-vegetation processes in cutaway peat production fields in Estonia in relation to peat quality and water regime. – Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 188(12), 655−665. Orru, M., Riibe, M

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Raffaele Matacena

). Reconnecting consumers, producers and food: exploring alternatives . Berg. New York. La Trobe, H. (2001). Farmers’ markets: consuming local rural produce. International Journal of Consumer Studies , 25 (3), 181-192. Lang, T. (2005). Food control or food democracy? Re-engaging nutrition with society and the environment. Public Health Nutrition , 8 (6a), 730-737. Lang, T., Rayner, G., Rayner, M., Barling, D., & Millstone, E. (2005). Policy Councils on Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity: the UK as a case study. Public Health Nutrition , 8 (1), 11