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Ingus Skadiņš, Juta Kroiča, Ilze Salma, Aigars Reinis, Marina Sokolova and Dagnija Rostoka

lymphocytes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. , 89 (5), 1890–1893. Sawamura, D., Goto, M., Shibaki, A., Akiyama, M., McMillan, J.R., Abiko, Y., Shimizu, H. (2005). Beta defensin-3 engineered epidermis shows highly protective effect for bacterial infection. Gene Ther., 12 , 857–861. Schutte, R. J., Xie, L., Klitzman, B., Reichert, W. M., (2009). In vivo cytokine-associated responses to biomaterials. Biomaterials, 30 (2), 160–168. Shindo, S., Ogata K., Kubota, K., Kojima, A., Kobayashi, M., Tada, Y., Okuyama, K., (2003). Vascular prosthetic implantation is

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A. Valdovska, A. Jemeljanovs, M. Pilmane, I. Zitare, I.H. Konosonoka and M. Lazdins

(1995) Changes in neuroendocrine elements in bronchial mucosa in chronic lung diseases in adults. Thorax 50: 551-554. Rhoades J, Gibson G, Formentin K, Beer M, Rastall R (2006) Inhibition of the adhesion of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains to HT-29 cells in culture by chito-oligosaccharides. Carbohydr Polym 64: 57-59. Schlee M, Harder J, Koten B, Stange EF, Wehkamp J, Fellermann K (2008) Probiotic lactobacilli and VSL#3 induce enterocyte β-defensin 2. Clin Exp Immunol 151: 528- 535. Shu Q, Qu F, Gill HS (2001

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A. Valdovska and M. Pilmane

1 and 2 in kidneys with chronic bacterial infection. BMC Infect Dis 18: 2-20. Lehrer RI, Ganz T ( 2002 ) Defensins of vertebrate animals. Curr Opin Immunol 14: 96-102. Lindroos PM, Zarnegar R, Michalopoulos GK ( 1991 ) Hepatocyte growth factors (hepatopoietin A) rapidly increases in plasma before DNA synthesis and liver regeneration stimulated by partial hepatectomy and carbon tetrachloride administration. Hepatology 13: 743-750. Maher JJ ( 1993 ) Cell-specific expression of hepatocyte

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Nataliya Hrunyk, Roman Gout and Valentina Kovaleva

(Belarus). Folia Forestalia Polonica, Ser. A - Forestry, 52 (1), 61-64. Carvalho A.O., Gomes V.M. 2007. Role of plant lipid transfer proteins in plant cell physiology - a concise review. Peptides, 28, 1144-1153. Carvalho A.O., Gomes V.M. 2009. Plant defensins - prospects for the biological functions and biotechnological properties. Peptides, 30, 1007-1020. Chang S., Puryear J., Cairney J. 1993. A simple and efficient method for isolating RNA from pine trees. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 11 (2), 113

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Mohammad Sayari, Valiollah Babaeizad, Mohammad Ali Tajick Ghanbari and Heshmat Rahimian

tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) chitinases and β-1,3- glucanases exhibit antifungal activity. Plant Physiol. 101 (2): 857. Shah Kachroo P., Klessig F.D. 1999. The Arabidopsis ssi1 mutation restores pathogenesis-related gene expression in npr1 plants and renders defensin gene expression salicylic acid dependent. Plant Cell 11 (2): 191-206. Silverman P., Seskar M., Kanter D., Schweizer P., Metraux J.P., Raskin I. 1995. Salicylic acid in rice (biosynthesis, conjugation, and possible role). Plant Physiol. 108 (2): 633

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R. Wójcik

Physiol Pharmacol 16: 225-230. Lackovic V, Borecky L, Sikl D, Masler L, Bauer S (1970) Stimulation of interferon production by mannans. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 134: 874-879. Milewski S, Wójcik R, Małaczewska J, Trapkowska S, Siwicki AK (2007) Effect of β-1,3/1,6-D-glucan on meat performance and non-specific humoral defense mechanisms in lambs. Med Weter 63: 360-363. Mosmann TR, Coffman RL (1989) TH1 and TH2 cells: different patterns of lymphokine secretion lead to different functional properties. Annu Rev Immunol 7: 145

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M Mihaylova, R Staneva, D Toncheva, M Pancheva and S Hadjidekova

low human β-defensin 2 gene copy number predisposes to Crohn disease of the colon. Am J Hum Genet. 2006; 79(3): 439-448. 10.1086/505915 Fellermann K Stange DE Schaeffeler E Schmalzl H Wehkamp J Bevins CL A chromosome 8 gene-cluster polymorphism with low human β-defensin 2 gene copy number predisposes to Crohn disease of the colon Am J Hum Genet. 2006 79 3 439 448 12 Gamazon ER, Nicolae DL, Cox NJ. A study of CNVs as trait-associated polymorphisms and as expression quantitative trait loci. PLoS Genet. 2011; 7(2): e1001292. 10.1371/journal

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Daniel Zaborski, Witold Stanisław Proskura, Katarzyna Wojdak-Maksymiec and Wilhelm Grzesiak

J, Krzyżewski J, Zwierzchowski L, Bagnicka E: Expression patterns of β-defensin and cathelicidin genes in parenchyma of bovine mammary gland infected with coagulase-positive or coagulase-negative Staphylococci. BMC Vet Res 2014, 10:246. 21. Meade KG, Cormican P, Narciandi F, Lloyd A, O’farrelly C: Bovine β-defensin gene family: opportunities to improve animal health? Physiol Genomics 2014, 46:17-28. 22. Piwczyński D: Using classification trees in statistical analysis of discrete sheep reproduction traits. J Cent Eur Agric 2009, 10:303-309. 23

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Gabriele Balciunaite, Jovita Juodsnukyte, Arunas Savickas, Ona Ragazinskiene, Luka Siatkute, Gitana Zvirblyte, Edita Mistiniene and Nijole Savickiene

Funct. 5 (2015) 1489-1495; DOI: 10.1039/C5FO00060B. 3. J. J. Dong, F. Wu, X. Ye, C. F. Sun, Y. Y. Tian, M. X. Lu, R. Zhang and Z. H. Chen, β-Defensin in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): Sequence, tissue expression, and anti-bacterial activity of synthetic peptides, Gene 566 (2015) 23-31; DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2015.04.025. 4. I. Arcan and A. Yemenicioglu, Antioxidant activity of protein extracts from heat-treated or thermally processed chickpeas and white beans, Food Chem. 103 (2007) 301-312; DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem. 2006

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Damian Józefiak, Agata Józefiak, Bartosz Kierończyk, Mateusz Rawski, Sylwester Świątkiewicz, Jakub Długosz and Ricarda Margarete Engberg

References Aerts A.M., Francois I.E., Cammue B.P., Thevissen K. (2008). The mode of antifungal action of plant, insect and human defensins. Cell. Mol. Life. Sci., 65: 2069-2079. Aguilar-Miranda E.D., López M.G., Escamilla-Santana C., Barba De La Rosa A.P. (2002). Characteristics of maize flour tortilla supplemented with ground Tenebrio molitor larvae. J. Agric. Food Chem., 50: 192-195. Allen M.E., Oftedal O.T. (1989). Dietary manipulation of the calcium content of feed crickets. J. Zoo Wildlife Med., 20: 26