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Bogumił Wrana

” Dublin, 13–14 June 2013. [4] B udhu M., Soil Mechanics and Foundations , Wiley, Hoboken, New York 1999. [5] C ai G., L iu S., T ong L., D u G., Assessment of direct CPT and CPTu methods for predicting the ultimate bearing capacity of single piles , Eng. Geol., 2009, 104, 211–222. [6] C ai G., L iu S., P uppala A.J., Reliability assessment of CPTu-based pile capacity predictions in soft clay deposits , Eng. Geol., 2012, 141–142, 84–91. [7] DNV-OS-J101-2007: Det Norske Veritas. Design of offshore wind turbine structures . October 20007

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Majid Kazzazi, Fahimeh Dehghanikhah, Hossein Madadi and Vahid Hossseininaveh

.H. LASHOMB, R. CASAGRANDE (eds.). Advances in potato pest management. Hutchinson Ross Publishing Co., Stroudsburg, 13-33. GHADAMYARI M., HOSSEININAVEH V., SHARIFI M. 2010. Partial biochemical characterization of α- and β-Glucosidases of Lesser mulberry pyralid, Glyphodes pyloalis WALKER (Lep.: Pyralidae). Comptes rendus biologies 333(3):197-204. HARE J.D. 1990. Ecology and management of the Colorado potato beetle. Annual Review of Entomology 35: 81-100. LAEMMLI U.K. 1970. Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of

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Oksana Rotkāja, Jeļena Goluško and Pēteris Mekšs

-Determination of Acid-Soluble β- Lactoglobulin Content - Reverse-Phased HPLC Method,” International Dairy Federation, Belgium BS ISO 13875:2005, Nov. 2005. [10] I. M. Ferreira, F. Mendes, M. A. Ferreira. “HPLC/UV analysis of proteins indairy products using a hydrophobic interaction chromatographic column,” Analytical Sciences, vol. 17 pp. 499-501, Dec. 2001. [11] C. Pinho, Z. E. Martins, C. Petisca, et. al. “Size exclusion and reversedphase high-performance liquid

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Marzena Anna Przybysz, Arkadiusz Szterk, Edyta Symoniuk, Małgorzata Gąszczyk and Elżbieta Dłużewska

carotenoids in high-pressurized orange juice during refrigerated storage. J. Agric. Food Chem., 2003, 51, 647–653. 30. Solval M.K., Sundararajan S., Alfaro L., Sathivel S., Development of cantaloupe (Cucumismelo) juice powders using spray drying technology. LWT – Food Sci. Technol., 2012, 46, 287–293. 31. Szterk A., Sosińska E., Obiedziński M.W., Lewicki P.P., Method for obtaining natural α- and β-carotene preparation from carrot. Zywnosc. Nauka. Technologia. Jakosc, 2008, 4, 269–274 (in Polish; English abstract). 32. Thirundas R., Gadhe K.S., Syed I

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Mohd. Rashdan Abd. Rahim, Jin Ai Mary Anne Tan, Ravishankar Ram Mani and Umah Rani Kuppusamy

beta-thalassemia in Malaysia: treatment options and emerging therapies. Med J Malaysia. 2010; 65(4):256-60. 2. Abdul WJ, Naznin M, Nora MZ, Suzanah AR, Zulaiha M, Aidil Faszrul AR, Kamaruzaman WS. Thalassaemia: a study on the perception of patients and family members. Med J Malaysia. 2011;6(4):326-34. 3. Bank A. Understanding globin regulation in β-thalassemia: it’s as simple as α, β, γ, δ. J Clin Invest. 2005 Jun 1; 115(6): 1470–3. DOI: 10.1172/JCI25398 4. Liu S, McConnell SC, Ryan TM. Erythropoiesis in the Absence of Adult Hemoglobin. Mol Cell

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Barbara Woźniak, Iwona Matraszek-Żuchowska, Stanisław Semeniuk, Alicja Kłopot and Jan Żmudzki

References 1. ARO SOP 475B. Method validation using ResVal . Validation according to EC/2002/657. National Institute of Public Health and Environment, the Netherlands 2004, 1-17. 2. Blackwell B.R., Cai Q., Smith P.N., Cobb G.P.: Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis of 17α- trenbolone, 17β-trenbolone and trendione in airborne particulate matter. Talanta 2011, 85, 1317-1323. 3. Blokland M.H., Zoontjes P.W., Sterk S.S., Stephany R.W., Zweigenbaum J., Van Ginkel L.A.: Confirmatory analysis

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Grzegorz Lonc

.A., Hayashi S., Pfaff D.W., Ogawa S., Rohrer S.P., Schaeffer J.M., McEwen B.S., Alves S.E.: Immunolocalization of estrogen receptor β in the mouse brain: comparison with estrogen receptor α. Endocrinology. 2003, 144 , 2055-2067. 15. Morris J. A., Jordan C. L., King Z. A., Northcutta K. V., Breedlove S. M.: Sexual dimorphism and steroid responsiveness of the posterodorsal medial amygdala in adult mice. Brain Res 2008, 1190 , 115-121. 16. Moryś J.: The limbic system and emotions. Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 1996, 1 , 1

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Edyta Klimczak-Jajor, Joanna Skulimowska, Anna Ejduk, Katarzyna Guz, Małgorzata Uhrynowska and Ewa Brojer

origin [ 7 ]. It was also detected in a British patient [ 8 ], an Iran patient [ 3 ] and an inhabitant of the Netherlands [ 9 ]. In HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) analysis as well as in other routine laboratory methods the hemoglobin coded by DNA with this mutation, can be mistaken with HbS since both elute in the “S” window compartment [ 10 ]. The aim of this communication is to highlight the occurrence of compound hetreozygotes in α-globin gene defects in Northern Europe. Materials and methods A 32-year-old Polish woman was diagnosed for red

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Dorota Szopińska and Barbara Politycka

and allergenic compounds. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 136-140(1-12): 57-65. D ehghanpour F arashah H., T avakkol A fshari R., S harifzadeh F., C havoshinasab S., 2011. Germination improvement and α -amylase and β -1,3-glucanase activity in dormant and non-dormant seeds of oregano ( Origanum vulgare ). Aust. J. Crop Sci. 5(4): 421-427. D i G irolamo G., B arbanti L., 2012. Treatment conditions and biochemical process influencing seed priming effectiveness. Ital. J. Agron. 7(e25): 178-188. D orna H., T ylkowska K., W ei Y.H., M arcinek

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Iwona Matraszek-Żuchowska, Barbara Woźniak and Jan Żmudzki

.F., Scahill B.G., West D.M.: Natural zeranol (α-zearalanol) in the urine of pasture-fed animals. J Agr Food Chem 1994, 42 , 2721-2725. 7. European Commission SANCO/2004/2726 Guidelines for the implementation of decision 2002/657/EC rev 4- December 2008. 8. European Community Council Directive 96/22/EC of 29 April 1996 concerning the prohibition on the use in stockfarming of certain substances having a hormonal or thyreostatic action and of β-agonists, and repealing Directives 81/602/EEC, 88/146/EEC and 88/299/EEC. Off J Eur Commun L125