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New zinc(II)-complexes with S-alkyl derivatives of thiosalicylic acid (alkyl = benzyl-(L1), methyl-(L2), ethyl-(L3), propyl-(L4), butyl-(L5)) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental microanalysis, IR spectroscopy, and 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The S-alkyl derivatives of thiosalicylic acid were prepared by alkylation of thiosalicylic acid by adding alkyl halides to an alkaline water-ethanol solution, while the corresponding zinc(II)-complexes were obtained via the direct reaction of ZnCl2 with S-alkyl derivatives of thiosalicylic acid in water. Based on the microanalysis results and the IR and NMR spectra of the S-alkyl derivatives of thiosalicylic acid and the corresponding zinc(II)-complexes, we concluded that the ligands are bidentately coordinated to the zinc(II)-ion.

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