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Suboptimal Rake Finger Allocation: Performance and Complexity Tradeoffs

/84249. KIM, B. S.—BAE, J.—SONG, I.—KIM, S. Y.—KWON, H.: Optimum and suboptimum rake receivers in impulsive UWB environment, IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology 55 No. 6 (2006), 1797-1804. CASSIOLI, D.—WIN, M. Z.—VALATARO, F.—MOLISCH, A. F.: Low complexity rake receivers in ultra-wideband channels, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications 6 No. 4 (2007), 1265-1275. JIN, H.—SALEHI, M.: A new finger placement for the generalized RAKE receiver, Proc. 42-nd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Sysems (CISS '08

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3D Body Scanning Measurement System Associated with RF Imaging, Zero-padding and Parallel Processing

International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 14-20 November 2014. ASME. Vol. 4B, 36576. [28] Mundo, C., Adhinarayanan, V., Feng, W. (2013). Accelerating fast Fourier transform for wideband channelization. In IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 9-13 June 2013. IEEE, 3369-3373. [29] Vasilache, N., Johnson, J., Mathieu, M., Chintala, S., Piantino, S., LeCun, Y. (2015) Fast convolutional nets with fbfft: A GPU performance evaluation. In International Conference on Learning Representations ICLR (2015), 7-9 May

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