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Seedling Establishment, Biomass Yield and Water use Efficiencies of Four Maize Varieties as Influenced by Water Deficit Stress

. (2005). Drought resistance, water-use efficiency, and yield potential-are they compatible, dissonant, or mutually exclusive? Aust. J.Agric. Res. , 56: 1159-1168. Chaves, M.M., Pereira, J.S., Maroco, J., Rodriques, M.L., Ricardo, C.P.P., Osório, M.L., Carvalho, I., Faria, T. & Pinheiro, C. (2002). How plants cope with water stress in the field photosynthesis and growth. Ann. Bot ., 89: 907-916. Delachiave, M.E.A. & Pinho S.Z. de (2003). Germination of Senna occidentalis link: seed at different osmotic potential levels. Brazlian Arch. Technol., 46

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Water Use Efficiency and Rain Water Productivity of Wheat under Various Tillage-Glyphosate Interactive Systems

References Ahmad N., Rashid M., Vaes A.G., 1996 - Fertilizers and their use in Pakistan. NFDC Publication No. 4/96, 2nd ed. NFDC, Islamabad, Pakistan, pp. 274. Ali S.,1998 - Yield and water use efficiency of rainfed wheat as influenced by tillage and fertilizer application on two Ustochrepts. Pak. J. Soil Sci., 15:140-145. BARD. 1987 - Annual report 1985-‘86. Barani Agricultural Research and Development Project. PARC, Islamabad. Bolton F.E.,1991 - Tillage and stubble management. In: Harris, H., P

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Water-Yield Relations of Drip Irrigated Watermelon in Temperate Climatic Conditions

Agriculture, 4:449-460, 2005. FAO: Crop water information: Watermelon, 2015. Available at: (accessed March, 2016). HERGREAVES G.H., SAMANI Z.A.: Reference crop evapotranspiration from temperature. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 1:96-99, 1985. HOWELL T.A.: Enhancing water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture. Agronomy Journal, 93:281-289, 2001. JONES J.W., ALLEN L.H., SHIH S.F., ROGERS J.S., HAMMOND L.C., SMAJSTRALA A.G., MARTSOLF J.D. Estimated and measured evapotranspiration for Florida

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Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Raised Bed Wheat Cultivation

REFERENCES Aggarwal, P. & Goswami, B. (2003). Bed planting system for increasing water-use efficiency of wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) grown on Inceptisol (Typic Ustochrept). Indian J.Agric.Sci ., 73(8):422-425. Ali, M.H., Hoque, M.R., Hassan, A.A. & Khair, A. (2007). Effects of deficit irrigation on yield, water productivity, and economic returns of wheat. Agric. Water Manage. , 92(3):151-161. DOI:10.1016/j.agwat.2007.05.010 Balasubramaniyan, P., & Palaniappan , S.P. (2001) . Principles and practices of agronomy. Agrobios , Jodhpur, India

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Eco-physiological responses and biochemical characterization of different accessions of Corchorus olitorius (L.)

den B oogaard R., L ambers H., 1996. Effect of soil drying on growth, biomass allocation and leaf gas exchange of two annual grass species. Plant Soil. 185, 137-149. K aminski K.P., K orup K., K ristensen K., N ielsen K., L iu F., T opbjerg H., K irk H., A ndersen M., 2015. Contrasting water-use efficiency (WUE) responses of a potato mapping population and capability of modified ball-berry model to predict stomatal conductance and WUE measured at different environmental conditions. J. Agron. Crop Sci. 201, 81-94. K aminski K.P., K orup K., N

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Climatic signals in tree-ring width and stable isotopes composition of Pinus sylvestris L. Growing in the industrialized area nearby Kędzierzyn-Koźle

measured and modelled δ 13 C in α-cellulose is equal to 0.93, whereas the value of the correlation coefficient between the measured and modelled δ 18 O in α-cellulose is equal to 0.78. Water use efficiency (WUE) and temperature anomaly Diffuse air pollution (carbon dioxide) caused the variation in the ratio of water used in plant metabolism to water lost by the plant through transpiration (WUE). In the period of time from 1975 and 2012, according to NASA (2016) the global concentration of mid-tropospheric carbon dioxide ranged from ca . 330 ppm to ca . 393 ppm

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Water Efficient Cropping Systems for Semi-Arid Regions in Pakistan

-32. Chen C., W.A. Payne, R.C.Smiley, M.A. Stoltz, 2003 - Yield and water use efficiency of eight wheat cultivars planted on seven dates in Northeastern Oregon. Agron. J., 95:836-843. Eghball B., B.J. Wienhold, J.E. Gilley, R.A. Eigenberg, 2002 - Mineralization of manure nutrients. J. Soil Water Conserv., 57: 470-473 Ghosh P.K., P. Ramesh, K.K. Bandyopadhyay, A.K. Tripathi, K.M. Hati, A.K. Misra, C.L. Acharya, 2004 - Comparative effectiveness of cattle manure, poultry manure, phospocompost and fertilizer-NPK on three cropping systems in

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Potassium Fertilization Influences Growth, Physiology and Nutrients Uptake of Maize (Zea Mays L.)

:83-101. Dowswell R.C., R.L. Paliwal, R. Cantrell, 1996 - Maize is the third world Winrock Development-Oriented Literature Series, West view Press, Boulder, Colo., p. 268. Egilla J.N., F.T. Davies, M.C. Drew, 2001 - Effect of potassium on drought resistance of Hibiscus rosasinensiscv. Leprechaun: plant growth, leaf macro- and micronutrient content and root longevity. Plant Soil, 229:213-224. Egilla J.N., F.T. Davies, T.W. Boutton, 2005 - Drought stress influences leaf water content, photosynthesis, and water-use efficiency of Hibiscus rosa

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Effects of Different Irrigation Strategies on Soil Water, Salt, and Nitrate Nitrogen Transport

] Bower C, Ogata G, Tucker J. Rootzone salt profiles and alfalfa growth as influenced by irrigation water salinity and leaching fraction. Agron J. 1969;61(5):783-785. DOI: 10.2134/agronj1969.00021962006100050039x. [39] Da Silva VDPR, Da Cunha Campos JHB, De Azevedo PV. Water-use efficiency and evapotranspiration of mango orchard grown in northeastern region of Brazil. Sci Hortic-Amsterdam. 2009;120(4):467-472. DOI: 10.1016/j.scienta.2008.12.005. [40] Migliaccio KW, Schaffer B, Crane JH, Davies FS. Plant response to evapotranspiration and soil water sensor

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Investigation of gas exchange and biometric parameters in isogenic lines of poplar differing in ploidy

References BACON, M., M. CHAVES, P. GREGORY, L. HANDLEY, H. JONES, B. LOVEYS, J. OSORIO, J. PASSIOURA, J. S. PEREIRA, J. RAVEN, M. STOLL, R. TUBEROSA, S. WILKINSON, B. WOLLENWEBER, J. YANG and J. ZHANG (2004): What is Water Use Efficiency? pp. 27-41. In: Water use efficiency in Plant Biology, edited by M. A. BACON, Wiley-Blackwell, Bodmin, Cornwall, United Kingdom. BOARDMAN, N. K. (1977): Comparative photosynthesis of sun and shade plants. Annual Review Plant Physiology 28: 355-377. BRÉDA, N., R. HUC, A. GRANIER

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