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Nine selected varieties of tomatoes were grown in field experiments in order to follow up changes in the content of vitamin C, depending on the degree of the fruit ripeness. Vitamin C content of green fruit ranged from 6.74 mg (Denár) to 10.23 mg (Salus). The mean value for the varieties in the green state was 8.66 mg.100 g−1. The value of vitamin C in the semi-mature tomatoes ranged from 11.34 mg (Denár) to 14.95 mg (Darinka). The mean value for all varieties was 12.89 mg. 100 g−1. The lowest content of vitamin C was found in consumer (red) ripening tomato varieties Šejk (16.03 mg), Denár (16.32 mg) and Zámčan (16.80 mg) and the highest content of vitamin C in varieties Salus (19.43 mg) and Darinka (19.26 mg). The mean value for the nine varieties was 17.70 mg.100 g−1. In the botanical (overripe) maturity, we recorded the highest vitamin C content in the variety Salus (21.51 mg. 100 g−1). The highest increase in vitamin C was also recorded at the variety Darinka, where we registered the content of 21.32 mg.100 g−1. The lowest vitamin C content in botanical ripeness was observed in the variety Zámčan (19.44 mg.100 g−1). The average amount of vitamin C marked 20.26 g mg.100−1. The results can be concluded that the level of vitamin C is increasing by the gradual ripening of the fruits.

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