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Visualisation in Assembly

assembly . 1st Edition. Köthen: Hochschule Anhalt. 102 p. ISBN 978-3-86011-044-7. 5. VÁCLAV, Š., 2013. Theoretical Aspect of Assembly . Köthen: Hochschule Anhalt. 103 p. ISBN 978-3-86011-065-2. 6. SENDERSKÁ, K., KOVÁČ, J., MADARÁSZ, L., ANDOGA, R., 2005. The assembly technology process and part-feeding model. In SAMI 2005 , 3-th Slovakian-Hungarian joint symposium on applied machine intelligence . Herľany, pp. 415-423. ISBN 963-7154-35-3. 7. HINCKELDEYN, J., 2011. Systematic visualisation of assembly performance using throughput curves

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Using visualisation software to improve student approaches to HE online assessment

. J. (2009). Making sense of social studies with visualization tools. Social Education, 73(3), 124-126 [5] Brooks, B., Gilbuena, D., Krause, S., & Koretsky, M. (2014). Using word clouds for fast, formative assessment of students’ short written responses. Chemical Engineering Education, 48(4), 190-198 [6] Clarke, V., & Braun, V. (2013). Teaching thematic analysis: Overcoming challenges and developing strategies for effective learning. The psychologist, 26(2), 120-123 [7] Cao, N., & Cui, W. (2016). Introduction to text

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Data Visualization in Scandinavian Newsrooms
Emerging Trends in Journalistic Visualization Practices

Introduction Data visualization plays an increasingly important role in journalism, as many scholars have noted (e.g., Rinsdorf & Boers 2016 ; Appelgren 2017 ; Loosen et al. 2017 ), as data visualizations affect both journalistic content and interactional patterns of news discourse ( Engebretsen 2017 ). We use ‘discourse’ to refer to situated activities of communication and to the shaping of world views connected to these activities (cf. Fairclough 2003 ). These developments parallel the general trend of ‘datafication’ in society, that is, quantification

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Can interestingness measures be usefully visualized?

References Agrawal, R., Imielinski, T. and Swami, A. (1993). Mining associations between sets of items in massive databases, Proceedings of the 1993 ACM-SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, Washington, DC, USA, pp. 207-216. Alaíz-Rodríguez, R., Japkowicz, N. and Tischer, P.E. (2008). Visualizing classifier performance on different domains, ICTAI 2008, Dayton, OH, USA, pp. 3-10. Carnap, R. (1962). Logical Foundations of Probability, 2nd Edn., University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL

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Definition of General Requirements for Graph Visualization Software

References E. Gansner E. Koutsofios S. North. Drawing graphs with dot / Graphviz, 2006. - T. Dwyer. Extending the WilmaScope 3D Graph Visualisation System - Software Demonstration / National ICT Australia, 2005. aiSee Graph Visualization Software - User Manual / aiSee Graph Layout Software, 2008. Tulip User Manual / Tulip

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Visualization Emergency Research Based on Mobile Mapping Technology

References 1. The Pioneer. USA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, May-June 2004. 2. Zhu, Qing. A Survey of Three-Dimensional Geographic Information System Technologies. – Geographic Information World, Vol. 3 , 2004, No 3, pp. 8-12. 3. Bo, Huajie Three-Dimensional Abstract and Expression of Urban Surface Landscape. Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, 2006. 4. Yonghui, Xiao. Three-Dimensional Modelling and Visualization of Urban Landscape. The PLA Information Engineering University, 2006. 5. Wang, X., C. Li, Y. Zhou. Multi

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Water Tunnel Visualisation and Numerical Analysis of Flow Around TS-11 Iskra Wing with Flow Control Surfaces

, McGraw-Hill, pp. 75-89, 2011. [13] Tucker, P. G., Advanced computational fluid and aerodynamics , Cambridge University Press, USA, pp. 386-403, 2016. [14] Filipiak, D., Szczepaniak, R., Zaorski, T., Bąbel, R., Stabryn, S., Stryczniewicz, W., Flow visualization over an airfoil with flight control surfaces in a water tunnel , Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 1 (246), pp. 63-78, Warsaw 2017. [15] Rott, N., Note on the history of the Reynolds Number , Annul Review of Fluid Mechanics, 22, pp. 1-11, 1990. [16] Reynolds, O., On the

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Role of Visualization in a Knowledge Transfer Process

References 1. Austin, P. L. (2017), “Work During Your Hours of Peak Productivity,” available at: (21 February 2019). 2. Balter, M. (2011), “Was the Spotted Horse an Imaginary Creature?”, available at: (18 March 2019). 3. Brzeziński, Ł., Wyrwicka, M. (2015), “Wykorzystanie wizualizacji sieciowej do stymulacji wzrostu przedsiębiorstwa” (The use of network visualization to stimulate

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The Definition of Framework for Automated Creation of Graph Visualization Systems

. "Lua 5.1 Reference Manual" 2010. [Online]. Available: V. Zabiniako and P. Rusakov. "Development and Implementation of Partial Hybrid Algorithm for Graphs Visualization," Scientific Proceedings of Riga Technical University, Computer Science, Applied Computer Systems, ser. 5, vol. 34, pp. 192-203, 2008. V. Zabiniako and P. Rusakov. "Supporting Visual Techniques for Graphs Data Analysis in Three-Dimensional Space," The 50th Scientific Conference of Riga Technical University, Computer

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Visualization of Events Using Various Kinds of Synchronized Data for the Border Guard

References [1] Blok M., Czaplewski B., Kaczmarek S., Litka J., Narloch M., Sac M., The system of the supervision and the visualization of multimedia data for BG, 12th Int. Conf. Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation TransNav 2017, Gdynia 2017. [2] Blok M., Czaplewski B., Kaczmarek S., Młynarczuk M., Narloch M., Sac M., Multimedia distributed system for visualization of ongoing and archival events for BG, 7th Int. Conf. Naval technologies for defense and security NATCON 2016, Gdańsk 2016, pp. 61

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