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01.06.2018) 8. Deegenberg klinik, Bad Kissingen; Germania Dr. Carmen Săndică.Sursa: JurnaluldeDiabet1/2009 9. A new Classification of Diabetic Nephropathy 2014: a report from Joint Committee on Diabetic Nephropathy. Haneda M, Utsunomiya K, Koya D, Babazono T, Moriya T, Makino H, Kimura K, Suzuki Y, Wada T, Ogawa S, Inaba M, Kanno Y, Shigematsu T, Masakane I, Tsuchiya K, Honda K, Ichikawa K, Shide K; Joint Committee on Diabetic Ne phropathy 10. Skovborg, F., A. Nielsen, J.Schlichtkrull, and J. Ditzel, 1966. Blood-viscosity in diabetic

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