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REFERENCES Ahmed, A.K., Johnson, K.A., Burchett, D. & Kenny, B.J. (2006). The effects of heat, smoke, leaching, scarification, temperature and NaCl salinity on the germination of Solanum centrale (the Australian bush tomato). Seed Sci.Technol. , 34(1): 33-45. Amin, R., Khan, A.Z., Muhammad, A., Khalil, S.K., Gul, H., Daraz, G., Akbar, H. & Ghoneim, A.M. (2016). Influence of seed hardening techniques on vigor, growth and yield of wheat under drought conditions. Journal of Agricultural Studies , 4 (3): 121-131 Ashraf, M. & Foolad, M.R. (2005). Presowing seed


Due to the fact that wheat varieties are different, they also have different temperature requirements. The present paper aims to find the most suitable seedlings that can germinate in an area with climatic conditions well below the optimum for germination of seeds. The observed temperatures were between 0 °C and 5 °C for the studied wheat varieties. The varieties analyzed were Miranda, Boema 1, Litera, autumn wheat varieties, created in our country.

The research was carried out by the controlled exposure method at low temperatures under laboratory conditions. During the study, the most important characteristics that can confirm the quality of seed material, namely germinative energy and faculty, were followed. Besides, we have also analyzed the elements of seed vigor, namely the length of the coleoptile, the root length and the weight of the germ, because I consider that these are key factors in determining the quality of the seeds.

The results obtained showed that low temperatures influenced moderately to strongly seeds germination capacity as well as the elements of vigor.

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