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Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Preferences in Selected Countries

References Ahlstrom, D., Bruton, G. (2006). Venture Capital in Emerging Markets: Networks and Institutional Change. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practi ce, 30, 299-320. Benzécri, J.-P. (1973). L’Analyse des Données. Volume II. L’Analyse des Correspondances. Paris, France: Dunod. Bruton, G., Fried, V., Manigart, S. (2005). Insti tuti onal Infl uences on the Worldwide Expansion of Venture Capital. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practi ce, 29, 737-60. Caselli, S. (2010). Private Equity and Venture Capital

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Venture Capital and Exporting – Some Evidence from EU Countries

References Aizenman, J. and Kendall, J. (2012). The internationalization of venture capital. Journal of Economic Studies , 39 (5): 488–511, Azarmi, D. (2016). The most influential factors in venture capitals’ exit decision: A qualitative study among Spanish venture capitalists. In: M. Kosała, M. Urbaniec and A. Żur (eds.), Przedsiębiorczość Międzynarodowa , 2 (2): 257–268. Bannock, G. and Doran, A. (1991). Venture Capital and the Equity Gap . London: National Westminster Bank. Bergemann, D

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Financing Small Businesses: From Venture Capital to Crowdfunding

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Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Strategies in Selected European Countries

References Benzécri, J.-P. (1973). L’Analyse des Données. Volume II. L’Analyse des Correspondances. Paris, France: Dunod. Bottazzi, L., da Rin, M., Hellmann, T. (2008). What Is the Role of Legal Systems in Financial Intermediati on? Theory and Evidence. Journal of Financial Intermediati on, 18, 559-598. Bruton, G.D., Fried, V.H., Hisrich, R.D. (2000). CEO Dismissal in Venture Capital Backed Firms: Further Evidence from an Agency Perspecti ve. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practi ce, 24(4), 69

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Analysis of the Attractiveness of the Polish Market for Venture Capital Funds

R eferences Aveni, D. (1995). Hipercompetitive Rivalries. New York: The Free Press. Ciborowski, R. (2016). Międzynarodowy transfer technologii a innowacyjność krajów Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, Białystok. Czerniak, J. (2015). Fundusze venture capital jako źródło finansowania innowacji. Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska. Sectio H, Oeconomia , 2010, T. 44, No 2. Digital Yearbook 2017. Internet, social media, and mobile data for 239 countries around the world. Retrieved from

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Empirical Analysis of Hungarian Firms According to Venture Capital Investment Criteria

References Banyár, L. & Csáki, B. (2006). A kockázatitőke-ágazat jogi szabályozása Magyarországon. In Zs. Makra (Eds.), A kockázati tőke világa (pp. 183-199). Budapest: Aula. Cumming, D., Schmidt, D. & Walz, U. (2010). Legality and venture capital governance around the world. Journal of Business Venturing, 25, 54-72. Fried, V. H., & Hisrich, R. D. (1994). Toward a Model of Venture Capital Investment Decision Making. Financial Management, 23 (3), Venture Capital Special Issue (autumn), 28-37. http

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Venture Capital and Business Angels and the Creation of Innovative Firms in Poland

Przedsiębiorczości w Polsce . Raport 2009, PARP, Łódź-Warszawa Drucker P. (1992), Innowacja i przedsiębiorczość. Praktyka i zasady , Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, Warszawa European Business Angels Network, Statistics compendium based on the information provided by business angels networks having responded to the survey conducted in 2008 , Brussels 2008 Grzywacz J., Okońska A. (2005), Venture capital a potrzeby kapitałowe małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw , SGH, Warszawa and M. Pietraszewski (2007

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Venture Capital in Japan: A Financial Instrument Supporting the Innovativeness of the Japanese Economy

References 2010 Survey Results on Trends in Venture Capital Investment, Venture Enterprise Center, Japan, December 15, 2010 Corver M. (2008), Evolution of Japanese Venture Capital , Global Venture Capital inaugural lecture Getsu S., Uchida K., and Matsumoto M., The Dark Side of Independent Venture Capitalists: Evidence from Japan

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Investment Management Strategy in Financial Markets


The subject matter of this research is investment management and its forms practiced in developed financial markets. The goal of this research is to elaborate on the strategies and characteristics of investment companies, hedge funds, venture capital funds, and LBO funds. Investments companies deal with professional management of financial assets of individual and institutional investors. Investment companies also deal with funds management.

Hedge funds establish a pool of assets to invest in securities. The strategy of hedge funds is: aggressive growth, unpayable securities, financial markets, and market neutrality.

Venture capital funds use the capital of investors to finance entrepreneurs and promising companies. They function as general partners, while the investors are limited partners. LBO funds use credits to finance acquisitions of companies. They collect their assets by: issuing shares, speculative bonds, and private placement of debt securities.

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Opportunities For Funding Innovation


This article is based on the view that firms’ competitiveness lies in their ability to innovate. It points out the incentives that make firms more innovative and the outcomes of implemented innovations. The main focus is given to the sources of innovation funding, in particular leasing, venture capital, private

equity, business angels and the NewConnect market, and describes the possibilities of using them. The article stresses that firms seeking capital to grow through innovation can use a wide range of financing options as long as their projects are underpinned by solid documentation, have a specified time horizon, and are attractive for investdors.

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