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analogues for Miocene to Pleistocene alkali basaltic phreatomagmatic fields in the Pannonian Basin: "soft-substrate" to "combined" aquifer controlled phreatomagmatism in intraplate volcanic fields. Cent. Eur. J. Geosci. 2, 339-361. Németh K., Risso C., Nullo F. & Kereszturi G. 2011: The role of collapsing and rafting of scoria cones on eruption style changes and final cone morphology: Los Morados scoria cone, Mendoza, Argentina. Cent. Eur. J. Geosci. DOI: 10.2478/s13533-011-0008-4 Ort M. H. & Carrasco-Núñez G. 2009: Lateral vent migration during phreatomagmatic and