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On the generalized variation and generalized weak variation of maps with values in metric linear spaces

References [1] BRUCKNER, A. M.: Differentation of Real Functions . Lecture Notes in Math., Vol. 659, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1978. [2] CIEMNOCZOŁOWSKI, J.-ORLICZ, W.: Inclusions theorem for classes of functions of generalized bounded variation , Ann. Soc. Math. Pol., Ser. I., Commentat. Math. 24 (1984), 181-194. [3] DROZDOWSKI, R.: On the structure of some subsets of interval function of bounded SC (Λ) -variation , Tatra Mt. Math. Publ. 37 (2007), 1-9. [4] ENGELKING, R.: General

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On Functions of Bounded (φ, k)-Variation

properties of functios of generalized variation , Monatsh. Math. 104 (1987), no. 1, 53–65. [10] MEDVEDEV, YU. T.: Generalization of a theorem of F. Riesz , Uspehi Matem. Nauk. (N.S.) 8 (1953), no. 6 (58) 115–118. (In Russian) [11] MERENTES, N.: On functions of bounded ( p, 2) -variation , Collect. Math. 43 (1992), no. 2, 117–123. [12] MERENTES, N.—RIVAS, S.—SÁNCHEZ, J.: On functions of bounded ( p, k ) -variation , J. Funct. Spaces Appl. 2012 , Article ID 202987, doi:10.1155/2012/202987, pp. 9. [13] NÖRLUND, N. E.: Vorlesungenüber

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Aortic arch branches’ variations detected on chest CT

References 1. Nayak SR, Pai MM, Prabhu LV, D’Costa S, Shetty P. Anatomical organization of aortic arch variations in the India: embryological basis and review. J Vasc Bras. 2006; 5:95-100. 2. Nelson ML, Sparks CD. Unusual aortic arch variation: distal origin of common carotid arteries. Clinical anatomy (New York, NY. 2001; 14:62-5. 3. Natsis KI, Tsitouridis IA, Didagelos MV, Fillipidis AA, Vlasis KG, Tsikaras PD. Anatomical variations in the branches of the human aortic arch in 633 angiographies: clinical

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Variation of selected morphological characters of the cave mite Oribella cavatica Kunst, 1962 (Acari, Oribatida)

. Comparison among Populations of Tectocepheus velatus (Michael, 1880) from Forests Grasslands and Crop Field. Edaphologia 55:1-39. Fujikawa T. 1999. Individual variations of two Reared Oribatid Species, Tectocepheus velatus (Michael, 1880) and Oppiella nova (Oudemans, 1902). Edaphologia 62:11-46. Krzanowska H., Łomnicki A., Rafiński., Szarski H., Szymura J. M. 2002. Zarys mechanizmów ewolucji. [An Outline of Evolution Mechanisms] 415 pp., PWN, Warszawa. Kunst M. 1962. Oribella cavatica n

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Anatomic Variation of the Median Nerve Associated with an Anomalous Muscle of the Forearm

References 1. Standring SM. Gray’s Anatomy. 39th ed. New York: Churchill Livingstone 2005;848, 884-8. 2. Moore KL, Dalley AF. Clinically Oriented Anatomy. 5th ed. Baltimore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 2008;794,810-22. 3. Chummy SS. Last’s Anatomy. Applied and Regional. 10th ed. London: Churchill Livingstone 1999;62, 64, 90. 4. Urban T, Krosman M. Variation of the median nerve of the forearm and the wrist. Folia Morphol(Warsz) 1992;51(1):77-9. 5. Skie M, Ciocanel D. Anomaly of

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Analyses of Genotypic Variation in White Poplar Clones at Four Sites in China

References BRADSHAW, H. D., R. CEULEMANS, J. DAVIS and R. STETTLER (2000): Emerging model systems in plant biology: poplar (Populus) as a model forest tree. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. 19: 306-313. COOKE, J. E. and S. B. ROOD (2007): Trees of the people: the growing science of poplars in Canada and worldwide. Canadian Journal of Botany. 85: 1103-1110. DHILLON, G., A. SINGH, D. S. SIDHU and H. S. BRAR (2012): Variation among poplar clones for growth and crown traits under field conditions at two sites of

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A new Ostrowski type inequality for functions whose first derivatives are of bounded variation

References [1] M. W. Alomari, A Generalization of Weighted Companion of Ostrowski Integral Inequality for Mappings of Bounded Variation, RGMIA Research Report Collection, 14(2011), Article 87, 11 pp. [2] M. W. Alomari and M.A. Latif, Weighted Companion for the Ostrowski and the Generalized Trapezoid Inequalities for Mappings of Bounded Variation, RGMIA Research Report Collection, 14(2011), Article 92, 10 pp. [3] T.M. Apostol, Mathematical Analysis, Second Edition, Addision-Wesley Publishing Company, 1975

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On the notion of Jacobi fields in constrained calculus of variations

References [1] O. Bolza: The Determination of the Conjugate Points for Discontinuous Solutions in the Calculus of Variations. Amer. J. Math. 30 (1908) 209-221. [2] C. Caratheodory: Über die diskontinuierlichen Lösungen in der Variationsrechnung, Doctor-Dissertation, Universität Göttingen 1904. C. H. Beck'sche Verlagsbuchhandlulng (1954). [3] C. Caratheodory: Über die starken Maxima und Minima bei einfachen Integralen, Habilitationsschrift, Universität Gottingen 1905. Mathematische Annalen 62 (1906) 449

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Genetic Variation in Picea glauca for Growth and Phenological Traits From Provenance Tests in Ontario

References BEAULIEU, J. and CORRIVEAU, A. (1985): Variabilite de la densite du bois et de la production des provenances d’epinette blance, 20 ans apres plantation. Can. J. For Res. 15: 833-838. BLUM, B. A. (1988): Variation in the phenology of bud flushing in white and red spruce. Can. J. For. Res. 18: 315-319. BROWN, A. (2001): Adaptive variation and age-age correlation results from the 194-N white spruce provenance test at Pearson Township, Ontario. B. Sc. (For.) thesis, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ont

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Diminutive affixes in the Number domain: A syntactic variation

. Vinogradov, V. (1972). Russkijjazyk (2nd ed.). Moskva: Uchpedgiz. Wiltschko, M. (2006). Why should diminutives count? In H. Broekhuis, N. Corver, R. Huijbregts, U. Kleinhenz, and J. Koster (Eds.), Organizing grammar: Linguistic studies in honor ofHenk van Riemsdijk (pp. 669-679). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Wiltschko, M. In press. The universal structure of categories. Oxford University Press. Wiltschko, M. and Steriopolo, O. (2007). Parameters of variation in the syntax of diminutives. In M. Radisic (Ed.), Proceedings of the

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