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Much evidence from theory and research points towards difficulties in processing metaphors by elderly people. These difficulties are usually associated with working memory and inhibitory control deficits observed in this age group, as these very functions play a crucial part in efficient metaphor processing. However, results of research on understanding metaphorical content by elderly people are inconclusive. The following article reviews studies showing that metaphor processing relies on a set of complex variables, which might explain the inconclusiveness of previous results. Though we acknowledge the role of interindividual factors (differences in cognitive functioning among the elderly), we focus on the properties of the metaphor stimuli themselves, especially those of conventionalization and valence, as they might influence the processing of verbal metaphors by people in older age groups.

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The mechanism underlying constructing of lexically correct sequences of words is an object of attention both in theoretical and applied fields of linguistics. This paper reveals some aspects of modelling the patterns of semantic valence in noun phrases of NN (Noun+Noun) structure, one or both components of which contain the ‘person’ semantic tag. The research is based on the Corpus of Ukrainian and performed with the help of automatic language processing.

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Value represents one of the key concepts in strategic management, because the evolution of both the theory and practice of strategic management has been greatly shaped by the generic searching for value. But the approaches of value have been quite various and sometimes controversial, making value one of the most complex and dynamic determinants and metrics of the strategic competitiveness of the firm. Therefore, the paper aims to identify, based on literature review, the multiple valences value has for the strategic management process (in all of its phases: analysis, formulation and implementation), in order to capture as much as possible of its multiple facets (as concerns value drivers, value creation and value distribution) into a comprehensive framework – able to successfully manage and measure the contribution of value to the strategic competitiveness of the firm, while enhancing it.

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