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University Rankings of Different Academic Positions for the Present and the Future: The Case of Greek Departments of Economics

Υπόδειγμα Αξιολόγηζ ης ηης Αποηελεζ μαηικόηηηας ζ ηα Ελληνικά Πανεπιζ ηήμια, Research Report, ΕΠΕΑΕΚ, 2000, in Greek. Boulton Geoffrey, “University Rankings: Diversity, Excellence and the European Initiative”, in the Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences , Vol. 13, 2011, pp. 74-82. Butler Declan, “University rankings smarten up”, Published online 3 March 2010, Nature, Vol. 464, No. 16-17, 2010, doi:10.1038/464016a. Chung H. Kee and Cox A. K. Raymond, “Patterns of Productivity in the Finance Literature: a Study of the

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Relations of University Values and Competences of University Teachers

References Adamonienė, R., Ruibytė, L., & Šikšnianaitė, N. (2017). Problematic Aspects of the Police Personnel Education System: Sight from Organization’s and Employees’ Perspectives. Human Resources Management and Ergonomics, 11 (2), 6–14. Agiomirgianakis, G., Lianos, T., & Tsounis, N. (2018). Returns to Investment in Higher Education: Is There a Difference between Distance Learning and Traditional Universities in the Fields of Physics, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer Science and Economics?. Creative Education, 9 (16), 19. doi: 10.4236/ce

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Roles And Satisfaction During Internship Program In Estonian Universities

-619. Bruneel, J., D’Este, P., and Salter, A., 2010. Investigating the Factors that Diminish the Barriers to University - Industry Collaboration. Research Policy, 39 , 858-868. doi: 10.1016/j.respol.2010.03.006 Cheng, S. S., Wu, C. K., Lai, H. H., and Sun, L. H., 2004, 30.07.2014-01.08.2014. Factors Affecting Taiwan Hospitality Students’ Attitude on Internship. Paper presented at the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education, San Diego, California, USA. Collins, A. B., 2002. Gateway to the Real World, Industrial Training: Dilemmas

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Challenges Of Transition Towards Entrepreneurial University

REFERENCES 1. Van Vught, F. A. (1992), Governmental Strategies and Innovation in Higher Education , London: Jessica Kingsley 2. Clark, B. R. (1998), Creating entrepreneurial universities. Organizational pathways of transformation , Pergamon & Elsevier Oxford/New York 1998; 3. Etzkowitz, H. (2004), The evolution of the Entrepreneurial University . International Journal of Technology and Globalization, 1, 64-77; 4. Kirby, D. A. (2005), Creating entrepreneurial universities in the UK: applying entrepreneurship theory to practice . Journal of

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The Adoption of Service Learning in Universities Around The World

in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices, Barbara Jacoby and Associates (eds.), San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Vol.1, Nr.1., A Publication of the Office of Community Service Learning at the University of Michigan, Fall 1994. Torres, J., Schaffer, J. (2000). "Benchmarks for Campus/Community Partnerships," Providence: Campus Compact. Umpleby, Stuart A. (2005). "How Graduate Students in Management do Projects with Local and International

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The Critical Factors Of Entrepreneurial University In Engineering Education: A Conceptual And Empirical Analysis

REFERENCES 1. Bercovitz, J., and Feldman, M., Entrepreneurial universities and technology transfer: A conceptual framework for understanding knowledge-based economic development, Journal of Technology Transfer , 31, 175-88, (2006) 2. Binks, M., Wright, A. And Vohora, A., The creation of spin-off firms at public research institutions: Managerial and policy implications, Research Policy , 34, 981-93 (2005) 3. Daft, R., New Era of Management , (ninth edition), SouthWestern Cengage Learning, 2010 4. Gertler, M., and Vinodrai, Anchors of creativity: how

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University Sports: Major Development and New Perspectives

References Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung (2009). Sportmagazin. Unisport-Special. Wien: Sportverlag Canadian Interuniversity Sport (N.N.). Programs and Services. Retrieved June, 1 st , 2010, from EUSA (2009, September.). European University Sports Newsletter 3/2009. Retrieved June, 1 st , 2010, from FISU (N.N.). Fisu History

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Multicultural society from view of university students

References Cabanová, V. (2006). Kultúra a vyrovnávanie kultúrnych rozdielov v školskej edukácii (Inkluzívnosť a stratégie podporujúce školskú úspešnosť) . Prešov: Metodicko-pedagogické centrum. Fullinwider, R. (1996). Public education in multicultural society. Policy, theory, critique. Cambridge University Press. Gallová Kriglerová, E. & Kadlečíková, J. (2009). Kultúrna rozmanitosť a jej vnímanie žiakmi základných škôl. Bratislava: Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti. Kurčíková, K. (2016). Multikultúrna výchova ako súčasť rozvojového

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University’s Social Responsibility – Labor Market Perspective

), 265‒285. DOI: 10.1007/s10734-008-9123-7. Van Ginkel, H. (2002). Academic freedom and social responsibility – the role of university organizations. Higher Education Policy , 15 , 347‒351. DOI: 10.1016/S0952-8733(02)00052-1.

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Marketing Innovations as a Source of Competitive Advantage of the Universities

Wydawniczy ABC 10. Rogers, E.M. (1995). Diffusion of Innovations. Xth Edition. New York: The Free Press. 11. Shankar, V., Inman, J.J., Mantrala, M., Kelley, E., Rizley, R. (2011). Innovations in Shopper Marketing: Current Insight and Future Research Issues. Journal of Retailing, No 1, 29-42. 12. Schumpeter, J.A. (1934). Theory of Economic Development: An Enquiry into Profits Capital, Credit, Interest and Business Cycle. London: Oxford University Press. 13. Whitfield, P.R. (1979). Innowacje w przemyśle

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