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Philosophical Problems of Foundations of Logic

): 315-342. 9. Benthem, Van J., “Where is Logic Going, and Should It?” Topoi 25 (2006): 117-22. 10. Benthem, Van J., “Logic and the New Psychologims” Studia Logica 88 (2008): 67-84. 11. Benthem, Van J. and K. Doets, “Higher-order Logic”, [in:] Dov. M. Gabbay and F. Guenthner. (eds.), Handbook of Philosophical Logic. 2nd ed. Vol. 1. Dordrecht: Reidel, 2001, 189-243. 12. Béziau, J.-Y. “Universal Logic”, [in:] T. Childers and O. Majer (eds.), Logica'94: Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium. Prague

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The field F8 as a Boolean manifold

Hexagonal framework of the field F4 and the associated Borromean logic, Log. Univers.,6 (1-2), 2012, 119-147. [5] R. Guitart, Hexagonal logic of the field F8 as a boolean logic with three involutive modalities, in A. Koslow, A. Buchsbaum (eds.), The Road to Universal Logic, Studies in Universal Logic, Birkhäuser, 2015. p. 191-220. [6] D. Lau, Function Algebras on finite sets, Springer, 2006. [7] H.W. Lenstra Jr. and R.J. Schoof, Primitive normal basis for finite fields, Math. Comp., 48, 1987, 217-231. [8] R. Lidl and H. Niederreiter, Introduction to finite fields and

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Implications and Limits of Sequences

References 1. Bensusan, H, Costa-Leite, A, De Souza, E. Logics and Their Galaxies. In. The Road to Universal Logic , vol.2, A. Koslow and A. Buchsbaum (eds.), Basel: Birkhäuser, 2015, pp.243-252. 2. Beziau, J-Y. Universal Logic, In. Logica 1994 , T. Childers and O. Majer (eds.), Prague: Filosofia, 1994, pp. 73-93. 3. Dunn, M, Hardegree, G. Algebraic Methods in Philosophical Logic , Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. 4. Koslow, A. A structuralist theory of logic , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. 5. Koslow, A

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The Football of Logic

Football”, in The Road of Universal Logic , Studies in Universal Logic, Springer, 2015: 407-15. [6] Quine, W.V.O. (1982). Methods of Logic . Harvard University Press. [7] Schang, F. (2010). “Beyond the Fregean Myth: The Value of Logical Values”, in Stalmasczyk, P. (ed.), Philosophy of Language and Linguistics , Volume I: The Formal Turn. Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag: 245-60. [8] Schang, F. (2013). “A One-Valued Logic for Non-One-Sidedness”, International Journal of Jaina Studies , Vol. 9(1): 1-25. [9] Schang, F. (2017). “A Four-Valued Logic of

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Negating as turning upside down

-296. Mac Lane, S. (1998). Categories for the Working Mathematician. Graduate Texts in Mathematics. Springer. Marquis, J.-P. (2015). Category theory. In Zalta, E. N., editor, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford University, winter 2015 edition. Pogorzelski, W. and Wojtylak, P. (2008). Completeness Theory for Propositional Logics. Studies in Universal Logic. Birkh¨auser Basel. Ramsey, F. P. (1927). Symposium: Facts and propositions. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary

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On Logics of Transitive Verbs With and Without Intersective Adjectives

.), Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition. Studies in Universal Logic , Basel:Springer, 2012, pp. 219-227. 6. De Morgan, A. Formal logic: or, the calculus of inference, necessary and probable , Taylor and Walton, 1847. 7. Eijck van, J. Generalized quantifiers and traditional logic, In J. van Benthem & A. T. Meulen (eds.), Generalized quantifiers in natural language , vol. 4, Walter de Gruyter,1985, pp. 1-19. 8. Eijck van, J. Syllogistics= monotonicity+ symmetry+ existential import , May, 2005, preprint. 9. Eijck van, J. Natural Logic for

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Choosing the Right Path: Image Schema Theory as a Foundation for Concept Invention

. CEUR-WS. Mossakowski, T.; Codescu, M.; Neuhaus, F.; and Kutz, O. 2015. The Road to Universal Logic–Festschrift for 50th birthday of Jean-Yves Beziau, Volume II . Studies in Universal Logic. Birkhäuser. chapter The distributed ontology, modelling and specification language - DOL. Mossakowski, T.; Kutz, O.; and Codescu, M. 2014. Ontohub: A semantic repository for heterogeneous ontologies. In Proc. of the Theory Day in Computer Science (DACS-2014) . Satellite workshop of ICTAC-2014. Mossakowski, T.; Lange, C.; and Kutz, O. 2012. Three Semantics for

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On Language Adequacy

-Skardowska, U. (2005a). Meaning and interpretation. In J. Y. Beziau & A. Costa Leite (Eds.), Handbook of the First World Congress and School on Universal Logic (p. 104). Unilog’05, Montreux, Switzerland. Wybraniec-Skardowska, U. (2005b). O pojęciach sensu z perspektywy logiki [On the notions of sense from the perspective of logic]. In K. Trzęsicki (Ed.), Ratione et Studio (pp. 155-190). Białystok: Publishing House of Białystok University. Wybraniec-Skardowska, U. (2006). On the formalization of classical categorial grammar. In J. Jadacki & J. Paśniczek (Eds

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Theodore the Studite’s Christology Against Its Logical Background

References 1. Arenhart, J. R. B., and D. Krause. Potentiality and Contradiction in Quantum Mechanics, In A. Koslow and A. Buchsbaum (eds.), The Road to Universal Logic. Festschrift for the 50 th Birthday of Jean-Yves Béziau , vol. 2, Basel: Birkhäuser, 2015, pp. 201-211. 2. Baranov, V., and B. Lourié. The Role of Christ’s Soul-Mediator in the Iconoclastic Christology, In G. Heidl and R. Somos (eds.), Origeniana nona: Origen and the Religious Practice of His Time. Papers of the 9 th International Origen Congress, Pécs, Hungary, 29 August-2

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