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Analysis of the Effect of Ultrasonic Welding on Microstructure

alumínium lemeznél . In: Proceedings of 8 th International Engineering Symposium at Bánki. Budapest, Magyarország, 2016. [5] Callister Jr. W. D., Rethwisch D. G.: Materials science and engineering. An introduction. 8 th ed., John Wiley & Sons Inc., USA, 2000. [6] Astashev V. K., Babitsky V. I.: Ultrasonic processes and machines, dynamics, control and applications. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2007. [7] Chen K., Zhang Y.: Mechanical analysis of ultrasonic welding considering knurl pattern

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Investigation of Imperfections Formed at the Ultrasonic Welding of Copper Sheets

: 2018. 03. 22.) [4] Wu X et al.: Microstructure, welding mechanism, and failure of Al/Cu ultrasonic welds . Journal of Manufacturing Processes 20. (2015) [5] Astashev V. K.,· Babitsky V. I.: Ultrasonic Processes and Machines, Dynamics, Control and Applications . Springer-Verlag, Berlin–Heidelberg, 2007. 33–45. [6] Abramov O. V.: High-Intensity Ultrasonics: Theory and Industrial Applications . 1 st Edition, CRC Press Published 1999

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Application Features of Ultrasonic Welding

References [1] Ultrahangos hegesztés. In Hegesztés és rokon technológiák. Kézikönyv (ed. Szunyogh L. ) Gépipari Tudományos Egyesület, Budapest, 2007, 299–303. [2] Bitay E., Bagyinszki Gy.: Robotok és a sajtoló hegesztések fejlesztései . In: A XXI. Fiatal műszakiak tudományos ülésszak előadásai. Proceedings of the 21 th international scientific conference of youngth engineers, Kolozsvár/Cluj, Kolozsvár, Románia, Műszaki Tudományos Közlemények 5. (2016) 101–104. [3] Szilágyi M., Kovács T.: Ultrasonic

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Dopamine detection using mercaptopropionic acid and cysteamine for electrodes surface modification

cerevisiae cells at pH 7.2, the obtained value of R(ct) showed over 560 percent from the value obtained on the same thiol-modified electrode [ 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 ]. The main objective of this presented work is to give a better understanding of the comparative study of targeted dopamine detection with two modifications for the surface of Au electrodes i.e., (1) cysteamine and (2) MPA for thermally bonded and ultrasonically welded microfluidic chips, respectively. The influence of both bonding techniques along with the selection of optimized tubing for the fabricated

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Performance Evaluation of Neural Network Based Pulse-Echo Weld Defect Classifiers

International Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Application , 8-10 September 2003. Calgary: Acta Press, 673-678. [21] Phinyomark, A., Limsakul, C., Phukpattaranont, P. (2011). Application of wavelet analysis in EMG feature extraction for pattern classification. Measurement Science Review , 11 (2), 45-52. [22] Legendre, S., Massicotte, D., Goyette, J., Bose, T.K. (2001). Neural classification of lamb wave ultrasonic weld testing signals using wavelet coefficients. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement , 50 (3

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