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Railways as a Key Part of Integrated Transport Systems

References Dedik, M., Gasparik, J. and Zahumenska, Z. 2017 Quality Assessment in the Logistics of Rail Passenger Transport In: MATEC Web of Conferences, Doi: 10.1051/matecconf/201713400009 Dolinayová, A. et al. 2016. Ekonomika železničnej dopravy /Economics of Railway Transport/. Žilina: EDIS – vydavateľstvo Žilinskej univerzity. ISBN 978-80-554-1283-2 Gasparik, J., Luptak, V., Mesko, P. 2016. New Methodology for Assessing Transport Connections Depending on the Integrated Transport Network. In: Proceedings of the Third International

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Potential of Prediction Quantification and Trends in Transport Requirements as Tool of Transport Management and Development

References 1. Dicová, J., Ondruš, J. (2010). Development of Public Passenger Transport in the Slovak Republic between Individual Road Transport. (In Slovak). Railway Transport and Logistics , VI(1), 33-38. ISSN 1336-7943. Žilina: FPEDAS, University of Zilina. 2. Kalašová, A., Paľo, J. (2003). Traffic Engineering - Organization and Transport. (In Slovak). Zilina: University of Zilina, 165 pp. ISBN 80-8070-076-1. 3. Kalašová, A., Surovec, P. (2003). Sedated Transport. (In Slovak). Zilina: University

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Lithuania Transport Service Providers’ Position in the Baltic Sea Region Transport Market

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Sustainable Urban Transport Planning

, ILIESCU MIHAI, "Determining the population data in the transport planning process" In Materials and technologies in the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges and Traffic Safety Symposium, Cluj-Napoca, 2013. ISSN 2069-749X. (in Romanian) [4]. CITY HALL OF CLUJ-NAPOCA n.d, The Strategy of Development for the city of Cluj-Napoca, < .pdf> [5]. EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Green Paper: Towards a new culture for urban mobility Communication from the Commission

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New Training Schemes for the Future Education in Transport Sector

References SKILLFUL consortium. 2017 Deliverable D1.1: Future scenarios on skills and competences required by the Transport sector in the short, mid and long-term. Retrieved from: Gavalas, D., Kasapakis, V., Konstantopoulos, C., Pantziou, G., Vathis, N., Zaroliagis, C. 2015 The eCOMPASS multimodal tourist tour planner, Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 42, Issue 21, 30 November 2015, Pages 7303-7316, ISSN 0957-4174. SKILLFUL consortium. 2017 Deliverable D2

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Mobile Autonomous Robots – A New Type of City Public Transport

References 1. U. S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Retrieved June 20, 2012, from 2. Kapitanov, V. T. (1985). Management of transport streams in cities. V. T.Kapitanov, E. B. Khilazhev (Eds.) . M.: Transport. 3. Mikhaylov, A. Yu. (2004). Current trends of design and reconstruction of street road networks. A. Yu. Mikhaylov, I. M. Golovnykh (Eds.). Novosibirsk: Science. 4. Anfilets, S., Shut, V. (2010). Evaluating the

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Influence of road transport infrastructure on agricultural sector development in Nigeria

REFERENCES 1. A. O. Ajiboye, (2009). The Effects of Transportation System on Food Marketing and Security in Nigeria. Transport Management Technology, School of Entrepreneurship and Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. PP. 1-14. 2. A. O. Ajiboye and O. Afolayan (2009) The Impact of Transportation on Agricultural Production in a Developing Country: A case of kola nut production in Nigeria. International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development , pp49-57. 3. CBN (2013). CBN Statistical Bulletin

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Research on Demand for Bus Transport and Transport Habits of High School Students in Žilina Region

References [1] Konečný, V. (2015). Dopyt po prímestskej autobusovej doprave a jeho determinanty (in Slovak). In Verejná osobná doprava 2015: international conference, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. ISBN 978-80-89565-20-7. [2] Žilina self-governing region. (2017). Retrieved July 15, 2017, from . [3] Konečný, V. & Gnap, J. (2016). Dopyt po autobusovej doprave v kontexte vlakov “zadarmo” (in Slovak). Transport a logistika, 18(2). ISSN 1338-3809. [4] Statistical office of the Slovak Republic. (2016). Statistical data

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Analysis of Common Governance Transport System Development Possibilities in the East-west Transport Corridor

References 1. European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and the role of macro-regions in the future Cohesion policy . (2010) Draft report by MEP Wojciech Olejiczak. Committee of Region Development European Parliament. 4.2.2010. 2. Discussion paper Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures . Thematic Programming Workshop. 24 April, 2013, Riga. 9 p. 3. Bazaras, D., Bartulis, V., Batarliene, N., Palšaitis, R. (2013) Governance of East BSR countries common transport system development. Reliability and

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Freight Transport Logistics in the Baltic Sea Region. Regional Aspects

References CPMR Baltic Sea Commission. (2005). Transport Challenges in the Baltic Sea Area: Report by the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission . Work Group Transport. Brussels Arvis, J.-Fr., Mustra, M. A., Ojala, L., Shepherd, B., Saslavsky, D. (2010). Connecting to Compete. Trade Logistics in the Global Economy. The Logistics Performance Index and its Indicators . Washington: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development /The World Bank. European Commission. (2007). The

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