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Transition Spaces

References [1] Rashmi Singh: Understanding transition spaces . 2005 [2] Shweta Deshmukh: Transition spaces . 2009 [3] Kerékgyártó Béla (2005): Hely és jelentés. Tanulmányok az építészetről és a városról . Terc Kereskedelmi és Szolg. Kft., 2005. [4] Brebbia C. A.,. Pulselli R.: Eco-Architecture V. Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature. Architecture vs. nature (P. Haupt). 2014.

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Role of Banks in Sustainable and Digital Transition

References Digital Innovation in Bank, Intel, Red Hat, 2016, in-banks-it-infrastructure-modernization-accelerates-progress (access 10.03.2017). Geels F.W., 2011, The multi-level perspective on sustainability transitions: Responses to seven criticisms, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 24-40. Geels F.W., 2013, The impact of the financial-economic crisis on sustainability transitions: Financial investment, governance

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Transitional Times
‘New Media’ – Novel Histories and Trajectories

Communciation :The Spatial Turn in Media Studies . Göteborg: Nordicom. Thorburn, David and Henry Jenkins (2003) Rethinking Media Change: the Aesthetics of Transition . Cambridge. MA: MIT Press. Williams, Raymond (1974) Television: Technology and Cultural Form. London: Fontana.

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Transforming Transition: enhancing practice in haemophilia

References 1. Department of Health and Social Care. National service framework: children, young people and maternity services. 2004. Available at publications/national-service-framework-children-young-people-and-maternity-services (accessed 19 October 2018). 2. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Transition from children’s to adults’ services for young people using health or social care services. NICE guideline [NG43], February 2016. Available at https

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Urban demographic transition

Urban demographic transition is a process that has been an object of analyses, even before being defined, since the beginning of 20 th century. In 1909, A. Landry published a work entitled Les trois théories principales de la population ( Three main theories on population ). By this title he meant that the new demographic regime consists of the third basic theory after those of T. R. Malthus More precisely, A. Landry analyses J. Townsend and his text A dissertation on the poor law (1786) and R. Cantillon Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général (Essay

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Predicting Academic Digital Library OPAC Users’ Cross-device Transitions

devices are becoming more popular for users, especially in the face of complex search tasks. Montanez et al. defined the “cross-device transition” as the behavior that users change the device when searching on the web ( Wang et al., 2013 ). They also found that the searches for information about adults and shopping triggered more device transitions ( Wang et al., 2013 ). In addition, the probability of device transitions changes over time, and predictions of user’s behavior across device settings have recently become a hot topic (Montanez et al., 2014). The users

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Temporal Activity in Particular Segments and Transitions in The Olympic Triathlon

not affect running efficiency during a triathlon World Cup competition. J Sport Med Phys Fit , 2009; 49(2): 152-158 Cejuela R, Perez-Turpín JA, Cortell JM, Villa JG. An analysis of transition time in the world championschip of triathlon - Hamburg 2007: Determination of the Lost Time T2. Proccedings of 1º Joint International Pre-Olympic Conference of Sports Science y Sports Engineering. Nanjing, P. R. China, August, 5-7. 2008; 2: 193-198 Cejuela R, Perez-Turpín JA, Villa JG, Cortell JM, Rodriguez-Marroyo, JA. An analysis of

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Literature Review: Transition From Paediatric to Adult Services in Haemophilia

References 1. Srivastava A, Brewer AK, Mauser-Bunschoten EP, et al; Treatment Guidelines Working Group on Behalf of The World Federation Of Hemo­philia. Guidelines for the management of hemophilia. Haemophilia 2013 Jan;19(1):e1-47. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2012.02909.x. 2. Department for Education and Skills, Department of Health. Transition. Getting it right for young people. March 2006. (http://webarchive.nation­

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IMF programs and policies assessment in the transition economies during the transition and the post-transition period

/205 Domar, Evsey (1946). "Capital Expansion, Rate of Growth, and Employment". Econometrica 14 (2): pp 137-147 EBRD, 2012. Transition Indicators Database available at: Evrensel, A., Y., 2002. Effectiveness of IMF-supported stabilization programs in developing countries’, Journal of International Money and Finance, 21, pp 565-587 Faye, M., L., McArthur, J., W., Sachs, J., D., Snow, T., 2004. ‘The Challenges facing landlocked Developing countries’, Journal of Human

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Transitions between community complexes: a case study analysing gradients through mountain ridges in south Hungary

: Effect of slope aspect on soil and vegetation properties along an aridity transect. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 47, 169-178. LAURANCE, W. F.,DIDHAM, R. K., POWER, M. E., 2001: Ecological boundaries: a search for synthesis. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 16, 70-71. LENGYEL, A., PURGER, D.,CSIKY, J., 2012: Classification of mesic grasslands and their transitions of South Transdanubia (Hungary). Acta Botanica Croatica 71, 31-50. LOVÁSZ, GY., 1977: Geomorphological districts (In Hungarian). In: LOVÁSZ, GY. (ed

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