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1 Introduction In deep space missions, a gravity assist trajectory is often used, which uses the gravity of a planet (or other celestial body) to alter the path and speed of a spacecraft. This technique allows to reach destinations which would not be accessible with current technology or to reach targets with significantly reduced propulsion requirements. Many spacecrafts such as Voyager, Galileo, and Cassini use the gravity assist technique to achieve their targets. The two Voyager spacecrafts provide a classic example. Voyager 2 launched in August 1977 took one

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Production, processing and consumption within Slovenian agrarian space are fragmented due to physical constraints (72.4% of the territory categorised as ANC) and socio-geographic factors. Based on available data, five essential building blocks of contemporary Slovenian agrarian space (available land, change management, integrated circular economy, adjustable policies, and flexibility of institutions) are discussed. Interrelations among the building blocks shape the modernisation trajectories of approx. 70,000 agricultural holdings in Slovenia. The coexistence of three modernisation trajectories, i.e. practised autarky, various forms of pluri-activity, and small-scale intensive and innovative modernisation, creates a complex mosaic. The governance of multifunctional and multi-structured agrarian space is becoming more demanding.

Lagrangian approaches [ 29 , 30 ]. However, in our case, we are considering in our model, additional effects related to the cleaning process, such as the transport and sink effects generated by the skimmer ships, which require to have a continuous (not particle wise) representation of the distribution of oil at each point of the considered area and at each time of the simulation. This explains why we have chosen an Eulerian approach. We then proceed to model the trajectory for a skimmer ship, and using a global optimisation algorithm, we optimize the trajectory to

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