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of Blade-tip Sensors to Blade-Vibration Monitoring in Gas Turbines” in: Thermal Power Plants. ISBN 978-953-307-952-3. InTech - Open Access Publisher. Rijeka. Croatia (2011) [6] E. Rokicki, J. Spychala, R. Szczepanik, P. Majewski. “Measuring vibrations of a turbo-machine rotor blade with the help of an induction sensor in high temperature”. US 8125215 B2 (2009). [7] R. Przysowa, J. Spychała, Health Monitoring of Turbomachinery Based on Blade Tip-Timing and Tip-Clearance, RTO-MP-AVT-157-14, 2008 [8] K. Chana Engine Experience of Non-optical Tip Timing Sensors in: Tip


Blade Tip Timing (BTT) is a non-intrusive method to measure blade vibration in turbomachinery. Time of Arrival (TOA) is recorded when a blade is passing a stationary sensor. The measurement data, in form of undersampled (aliased) tip-deflection signal, are difficult to analyze with standard signal processing methods like digital filters or Fourier Transform. Several indirect methods are applied to process TOA sequences, such as reconstruction of aliased spectrum and Least-Squares Fitting to harmonic oscillator model. We used standard sine fitting algorithms provided by IEEE-STD-1057 to estimate blade vibration parameters. Blade-tip displacement was simulated in time domain using SDOF model, sampled by stationary sensors and then processed by the sinefit.m toolkit. We evaluated several configurations of different sensor placement, noise level and number of data. Results of the linear sine fitting, performed with the frequency known a priori, were compared with the non-linear ones. Some of non-linear iterations were not convergent. The algorithms and testing results are aimed to be used in analysis of asynchronous blade vibration.

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