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In this paper we study the nature of Ricci solitons in D-homo-thetically deformed Kenmotsu manifolds. We prove that η -Einstein Kenmotsu metric as a Ricci soliton remains η -Einstein under D-homothetic deformation and the scalar curvature remains constant.

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-1950) as Seen by German and Polish Publications 139 Alicja KRZYMOWSKA-KOSTROWICKA, Landscape as the Object of Investigation. An Axiological Approach 147 Anna ACHMATOWICZ-OTOK, Monika WAGROWSKA, Attempt at Ap- plication of the GIS Methods to Investigation of Landscape Aes- thetics Perception in Poland 153 Andrzej KOWALCZYK, L'influence des résidences secondaires sur l'environnement naturel et le développement local . . 161 Joanna WIDY-KWIATKOWSKA, L'environnement naturel et la base touristique en Andalousie 169 Izabella LEJCKA, Integration of the Communities in

irregularly shaped blob possesses rather striking aes- thetic properties, though only as an accidental (and unbeknownst to me) result of actions intended to be in service to the portraiture” (p. 34). Mag Uidhir concludes that the result is not a work of art (it is failed art) because the aesthetic properties that the work does possess are not the result of the intention to produce them: “the work has those properties as the result of the way in which my attempt at por- traiture failed and not as the result of any successful art-attempt” (p. 34). So, he concludes, even

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styrene-based polymers. Appl. Polym. Sci. 112, 1192-1198. doi: 10.1002/ app.29511 20. Kanwal, F., Imran, M., Mitu, L., Rashid, Z. & Razza, H. (2012). Removal of Chromium (III) using synthetic polymers, copolymers and their sulfonated derivatives as adsorbents [Abstract] E-J of Chem. 9(2), 621-630. From Hindawi Publishing corporation on 21. Arsalani, N., Rakh, R., Ghasemi, E. & Entezami, A. (2009) Removal of Ni(II) from syn thetic solutions using new amine-containing resines based on polyacrylonitrile. Iranian Pol. J. 18, 623

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safe new anes­thetic for fish - Arch. Pol. Fish. 9: 183-190. Kouřil J., Barth T., Štěpán J., Fila F., Příhoda J., Flegel M. 1987a - The stripping of female grayling ( Thymallus thymallus L.): Ovulation induced with LH - RH analog and carp pituitary - Bull. VURH Vodňany, 2: 3-11 (in Czech with an English abstract). Kouřil J., Barth T., Fila F., Příhoda J., Pospíšek J., Krchňak V., Flegel M. 1987b - Using a synthetic analog of salmon Gn-RH for induced spawning of female grayling ( Thymallus thymallus L.) - Bull. VURH Vodňany, 3: 3-10 (in Czech with an English