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Levels of Management and Economic Performance of Companies


In order to achieve competitive results, the manager must master the skills necessary for subsequent levels of management. In the present study we have verified three hypotheses regarding the correlation between the level of control and efficiency, a form of ownership and influence on the managing level to direct and indirect subordinates. Two of the hypotheses gained the expected level of significance and the third was statistically insignificant.

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The Assessment Of The Level Of Management Control Standards Completion In Treasury Sector


This paper concerns the rules of the functioning of management control standards used in the Treasury Control Office. Its purpose is to present research results conducted in the years 2013–2014 in Polish Treasury Control Offices. Obtained results are the effect of applying author’s model of the assessment of management control implementation. The research was conducted for management personnel and the rest of offices employees separately. Significant discrepancies between these two groups of respondents were indicated. Based on the results, the areas of deviation from expected level of management control standards were established and the areas where implementation of control mechanisms relying on increasing the supervision of board of directors over managers were indicated, providing permanent and efficient elements of managers supervision over subordinate employees and making purposes and tasks put on the Treasury Control Office for given year more precise and familiarization of employees and carrying out trainings and series of other corrective measures.

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Selected Aspects of the Tourist Space of the Lublin Region (Case Study)


The article presents the results of studies on the tourist space of the Lublin Region conducted so far by employees of the Department of Regional Geography and Tourism at the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. The studies, regarding the environmental and cultural tourist values, the level of management and transport accessibility, as well as selected elements of the tourism policy of the local authorities, permitted the determination of the tourist potential of spatial units (administrative and physicogeographical) with various importance and character. Areas with varied degrees of attractiveness were distinguished based on their tourist potential. Those classified as attractive and very attractive were described in detail in terms of: the degree of development of the tourist function, functional types of spatial units, perception of tourist space by users, and attitudes of the local community towards the development of tourism.

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in Turyzm
Capacities of African-oriented Polish NGOs: a quantitative approach

. Number of people in an organisation’s leader’s network on LinkedIn (discrete variable) LinkedIn Structures and procedures Structures and procedures in any organisation determine the level of management in the organisation. This dimension corresponds with different terms used to describe this dimension in other studies: s tructural (Hall et al., 2003), infrastructure and planning and planning and development ( Doherty et al., 2013 ), strategy and planning ( Andersson et al., 2016 ), internal structure ( Light et al., 2004 ), and physical as sets

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