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Tensile Test For Arboform Samples

®, Bio-Based Plastics: Materials and Applications, First Edition, Edited by Stephan Kabasci, John Wiley & Sons. Ltd. Published 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., pp. 89-115, (2014). [5] Nedelcu, D., Pruteanu, O.V., Aspecte ale formării canelurilor exterioare prin deformare plastică la rece utilizând metoda Taguchi (Some Aspects of Forming Exterior Grooves by Cold Plastic Deformation using Taguchi Method), Tehnica-Info Publishing House, Chişinău, ISBN 9975-910-96-3, pp. 243-261 (2000). [6] , Accessed: 10.03.2015 [7] Tensile

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Influence of Strain Rate on Tensile Strength of Woven Geotextile in the Selected Range of Temperature

References [1] CASTRO C.A.C., GUIMARÃES M.G.A., LOPES M.L.C., URASHIMA D.C., Durability of a Polypropylene Woven Geotextile under Climatic and Chemical Agents, 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics, 21-25 September 2014, Berlin, 2014. [2] CHIWAN H., YEN-CHEN T., Tensile creep behavior of a PVC coated polyester geogrid at different temperatures, Journal of GeoEngineering, 2008, Vol. 3(3), 113-119. [3] CHODYŃSKI A., Dobór geotekstyliów, Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowo-Techniczna: „Geotekstylia w

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The Statistical Analysis of Relation between Compressive and Tensile/Flexural Strength of High Performance Concrete

R eferences 1. ACI Committee 318, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-02) and Commentary (ACI 318R-02), American Concrete Institute, 2002. 2. EN 1992-1-1:2004, Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. Part 1: General rules and rules for buildings, European Committee for Standardization, 2004. 3. Model Code 2010 - Final draft, Volume 2, Bulletin 66, 2012. 4. J.M. Rapheal, Tensile Strength of Concrete, Jurnal Proceedings, Vol. 81, Issue 2, 1984. 5. I. Narrow, E. Ullberg, Correlation Between Splitting Strength

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Tensile Strength of Dark Chocolate


The effect of loading rate as well as the cocoa content on the tensile strength of dark chocolate has been studied. Tensile strength was measured using the Brazilian test. The main advantage of this test consists in the use of a specimen of simple geometry in comparison with a specimen for tensile tests. Tensile strength increases with loading rate. The cocoa content exhibits the same effect.

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Analysis of Factors Influencing Measurement Accuracy of Al Alloy Tensile Test Results

References [1] Palček, P., Porubčan, J., Blažek, D., Trojanová, Z. (2007). Internal friction in commercial aluminium alloy AW-2007. Procedia Engineering, 10, 1226-1231. [2] Miller, W.S., Zhuang, L., Bottema, J., Wittebrood, A.J., De Smet, P., Haszler, A. (2000). Recent development in aluminum alloys for the automotive industry. Materials Science and Engineering A, 280, 37-49. [3] Huang, J.C., Shin, C.S., Chan, S.L.I. (2004). Effect of temper, specimen orientation and test temperature on tensile and fatigue

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Determination of Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Input Parameters to Attain Maximum Tensile Strength of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel

, S. Sundarrajan. Optimization of pulsed TIG welding process parameters on mechanical properties of AA 5456 Aluminum alloy weldments. Materials and Design 2009 (30), No. 4, 1288 - 1297. [12] N. Murugan, R. S. Parmer. Effects of MIG process parameters on the geometry of the bead in the automatic surfacing of stainless steel. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 1994 (41), No. 4, 381 - 398. [13] G. Padmanaban, V. Balasubramanian. Optimization of laser beam welding process parameters to attain Maximum tensile strength in AZ31B

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Influence Of Preservative On The Tensile Strength Of The Tissue Of Porcine Circulatory System

, Feldmanea L, Kasyanovb V., Comparison of biomechanical and structural properties between human aortic and pulmonary valve. European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 26 (2004), 634-639. 4. Mohammad S.N., The Effect of storage on tensile properties of natural heart valve tissue. University of Surrey 1994. 5. Sauren A.H, Van Hout M., Van Steenhoven A, Veldpaus F., Janssen J., The mechanical properties of porcine aortic valve tissues. J. Biomechanics 16, 5 (1983), 327-337. 6. Bourges J.Y, Rojo F.J, García-Paez J.M, Atienza J.M, Álvarez L, Guinea G

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Technological Development of a Yarn Grip System for High-Speed Tensile Testing of High-Performance Fibers

References [1] Bleck, W., Frehn, A., Larour, P., Steinbeck, G. (2004). Untersuchungen zur Ermittlung der Dehnratenabhängigkeit von modernen Karosseriestählen. Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 35(8), S. 505–513. [2] Gizik, D., et al. Heavy tow carbon fibers for aerospace applications. In: ADDITCStuttgart November 30 – December 1, 2017. [3] Schuler, H., Mayrhofer, C., Thoma, K. (2006). Spall experiments for the measurement of the tensile strength and fracture energy of concrete at high strain rates. International Journal of Impact

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Study on Indirect Tensile Strength of Plastic Waste Bituminous Concrete for Road Construction

and bituminous materials - Determination of specific gravity [l6]. IS 1208: 1978 Methods of testing tar and bituminous material - Determination of ductility [17]. ASTM D 6931 (2007), “ Indirect Tensile (IDT) Strength for Bituminous Mixtures ”, American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia.

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Finite Element Modelling for Tensile Behaviour of Thermally Bonded Nonwoven Fabric

References [1] Rawal A, Priyadarshi A, Kumar N, Lomov S.V, Verpoest I. Tensile behaviour of nonwoven structures: comparison with experimental results. (2010). Journal of Materials Science, 45(24): 6643-6652. [2]Hou X.N, Acar M, Silberschmidt V.V. Finite element simulation of low-density thermally bonded nonwoven materials: Effects of orientation distribution function and arrangement of bond points. (2011). Computational Materials Science, 50(4): 1292-1298. [3]Ridruejo A, González C, Llorca J. Micromechanisms of deformation and fracture of polypropylene

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