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Rouhani’s and Obama’s Persian New Year messages: A systemic functional grammar perspective

Overview of Research in Discourse Studies . Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Saragih, Amrin (2010). Introducing Systemic Functional Grammar of English . Medan: FBS UNIMED Stojičić, Violeta, Nikoleta Momčilović (2016). Verbal derivatives and process types in transitivity configurations of English and German clauses. Linguistics and Literature 14(1): 15-24. Tavakoli, Mahboobeh, Amin Karimnia (2017). Dominant and gender-specific tendencies in the use of discourse markers: Insights from EFL learners. World Journal of English Language 7(2): 1

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Organized Chaos: Cohesive Devices in Benjy’s Sections of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury


As the history of criticism on The Sound and the Fury proves it, Benjy’s section is probably the most controversial part of the novel. Some literary critics and writers celebrated it as an excellent piece of literary art, the peak of writerly performance, while others felt confused and irritated over the trials it posed to the reader.

Although critical voices that reproach the writer for the incoherence of Benjy’s narrative may be justified at first sight, a closer inspection reveals that it is much less incoherent than it appears. In my paper, I will argue that there are several ways in which the author helps the reader to construct a more or less coherent story line out of the fragmented events that happened in the course of about thirty years. Secondly, I want to demonstrate that functional-semantic approaches to text analysis, such as Systemic Functional Grammar or Text Linguistics, can be effectively employed in analysing and interpreting literary texts. Finally, I try to find a psychological explanation of how Benjy’s incoherence is made readable by the interworking between the coherence-seeking dispositions of the reader and the ingenious cohesive devices used by the writer.

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‘Thrilled with Chilly Horror’: A Formulaic Pattern in Gothic Fiction

, Christian & M. A. K. Halliday. 1997. Systemic functional grammar: A first step into the theory. Beijing: Higher Education Press. Murnane, Barry. 2010. Uncanny translations, uncanny productivity: Walpole, Schiller and Kahlert. In Stephanie Stockhorst (ed.) Cultural transfer through translation: The circulation of enlightened thought in Europe by means of translation, 141-165. Amsterdam: Rodopi. Nadel, Siegfried F. 1954 (1970). Nupe religion: Traditional beliefs and the influence of Islam in a West African chiefdom. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Napier, Elizabeth R

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Natural Language Generation and Semantic Technologies

, 64-71. 52. Teich, E. Systemic Functional Grammar in Natural Language Generation: Linguistic Description and Computational Representation. London, Cassell, 1999. 53. Weal, M., H. Alani, S. Kim, P. Lewis, D. Millard, P. Sinclair, D. De Roure, N. Shadbolt. Ontologies as Facilitators for Repurposing Web Documents. - International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Vol. 65, June 2007, No 6, 537-562.

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