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, Warszawa 1976 Jung C G , Symbols of transformation, Archetype and the Collective Unconscious, Symbolic Life, Archetypes and Symbols, [in:] P Tillich’s works Dynamics of Faith, Religious Symbol Młyńczyk Ł , Konstruowanie tożsamości politycznej w Polsce a mit o narodzie w kontekście rozważań Ernesto Laclau’a. Analiza dyskursywna, „Przegląd Narodowościowy - Review of Nationalities”, No 2, 2013 Pochyły P , Źródła tożsamości narodowej Kurdów, „Przegląd Narodowościowy - Review of Nationalities”, No 2, 2013 Psalmy, translated by I Cylkow, Warszawa 1883 Sandt S , Kiedy i jak

1 Introduction The classical Pochhammer symbol ( λ ) ν is given as follows: [ 1 , 7 , 9 , 10 , 18 , 22 , 23 , 26 , 29 , 30 , 33 ] (1) ( λ ) ν = Γ ( λ + ν ) Γ ( λ ) ( λ ,   ν ∈ ℂ \ ℤ 0 − ) = { 1 λ ( λ + 1 ) ⋯ ( λ + n − 1 )     ( ν = 0 )     ( ν = n ∈ ℕ ) . \matrix{ {(\lambda )_\nu } \hfill & { = {{\Gamma (\lambda + \nu )} \over {\Gamma (\lambda )}}} \hfill & {(\lambda, \, \nu \in {\mathbb{C}} \backslash {\mathbb{Z}}_0^ - )} \hfill \cr {} \hfill & { = \left\{ {\matrix{ 1 \hfill \cr {\lambda (\lambda + 1) \cdots (\lambda + n - 1)} \hfill \cr } } \right

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Fundamental right of all consumers is the availability of necessary information to protect their own health. Information should be obtained from the marks referred to the product which they come into contact with. Marks are integral parts of everyone's life. We can see various types of marks at home, in stores and everywhere around us. Symbols indicate to the consumer the importance assigned to them in an opinion system (labelling scheme).

1 Introduction The kneading sequences of a multimodal map f of a closed interval I are symbolic sequences that locate the iterates of its critical values up to the precision set by the partition defined by its critical points [ 15 , 16 ]. See Sect. 2 for the exact meaning of these concepts in the present work and the general mathematical setting. Since the n th iterate of a critical point of f is a critical value of the n th iterate of f , f n , one may attach to the symbols of each kneading sequence of f a label informing about their minimum

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