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Transformative research and the sustainable development goals: challenges and a vision from Bandung, West Java

). [11] Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Barat. (2019). Rancangan Akhir Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Provinsi Jawa Barat, unpublished document. Bandung: Unpad Press. [12] Pusat Riset Citarum Unpad. (2019). A research program for a restored Citarum River, Internal document. Bandung: Unpad Press. [13] United Nations. (2018). Sustainable Development Goals – 17 goals to transform our world. Retrieved May 28 2019. [14] Unpad. (2018). Program Pascasarjana Transdisiplin

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Millenium Development Goals/UN and Sustainable Development Goals/UN as Instruments for Realising Sustainable Development Concept in the Global Economy

Goals for women and girls – Gaps & Lessons Learned – CSW 58, European Commission – Fact Sheet; Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030; European Commission welcomes new 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, Wysokińska Z. (2005), Foreign Trade in Environmental Products; The WTO

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Das Portfolio deutscher Biosphärenreservate im Lichte der Sustainable Development Goals

1 Einleitung Dieser Beitrag beleuchtet die Repräsentativität der deutschen UNESCO Biosphärenreservate. Als Analyserahmen dienen die Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), die Nachhaltigkeitsziele der Vereinten Nationen ( UN 2015 ). Deshalb werden für ausgewählte Ziele aussagekräftige Parameter theoriegeleitet analysiert und in Form thematischer Karten präsentiert. Im Hintergrund dieser Analyse steht zudem der vom Bundesumweltministerium initiierte Prozess eines „Nationalen Aktionsplans Schutzgebiete" ( BMUB 2015 : 35). Dieser soll bis zum Jahr 2020

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Teacher Development for Effective English Teaching in Bangladesh: A Gap that Needs Bridging

. Sundh, S. (2016). A Corpus of young learners’ English in the Baltic region – texts for studies on sustainable development. Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education , 7 (2), 92–104. United Nation. (2018). The Sustainable Development Goals Report. Retrieved from United Nations. (2015). Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 25 September Md Al Amin and Janinka Greenwood 2015: Transforming our world: The

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Urban food systems as vehicles for sustainability transitions

., Kraxner, F., Fritz, S. and van Vuuren, D., 2016: Assessing the land resource- food price nexus of the Sustainable Development Goals. In: Science Advances, Vol. 2 (9): DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1501499 Olsson, G.A., 2018a: Peri-urban food production as means towards urban food security and increased urban resilience. In: Zeunert, J. and Waterman, T. editors, Routledge handbook of landscape and food, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 197-212. Olsson, G.A., 2018b: The shaping of food landscapes from the Neolithic to Industrial period: changing

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One fits all?
Resilience as a Multipurpose Concept in Regional and Environmental Development

United Nations use the term in two of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals makes it even more timely and important to have an up-to-date look at its background, notion, emergence and use. The results of a systematic literature review and the in-depth scrutiny of 650 papers published on resilience between 2000 and 2013, a period which was decisive for shaping the discussion in environmental urban and regional studies, allow us to draw a number of conclusions. The bulk of literature which has been developed over the past decade is impressive. There is an abundance of

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Measuring the Sustainable Development Goals: What does it mean for Ireland?

Development Goals. London: Overseas Development Institute. Bhattacharya, A., & Kharas, H. (2015). Worthy of support - Our piece on the Sustainable Development Goals. Retrieved from [7 February 2017]. CBS. (2016). CBS explores SDGs: Starting point for a public debate. Retrieved from point-for-a-public-debate [10 November 2017]. CBS. (2017). Measuring the SDGs: An

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Designing a Pond and Evaluating its Impact Upon Storm-Water Quality and Flow: A Case Study in Rural Australia


Storm-water management is a common concern in rural catchments where development-related growth causes increases of storm-water flows. Greater magnitude and frequency of storm-water create greater challenges for mitigating storm-water damage and improving water quality. The concept of Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) as a solution incorporates a wide range of applicable components with the aim of minimizing the effect of catchment development on flow regimes without changing the watershed morphology. BGI components manage storm-water by decreasing impermeable cover and expanding natural and semi-natural systems to store water or recharge and filter storm-water into the ground. In this paper, guidelines for designing a pond as a component of BGI are provided and, configuration and size of the pond are determined. Moreover, the impacts of the designed pond on storm-water peak flow and quality are assessed for the Tarwin catchment, State of Victoria, Australia. The results indicate that the introduction of the pond would have reduced outfall inflow by 94 % and would have achieved the reduction of 88.3, 75.5 and 50.7 % for total suspended solids, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen respectively, during the extreme weather event in June 2012.

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Efficient Resource Allocation and Utilization: The Missing Link in Nigeria’s Quest for Sustainable Development

Index. Retrieved 26 October, 2017 from Transparency International. (2017). Corruption Perceptions Index 2016. Retrieved 26 October, 2017 from United Nations (UN). (2015). UN Sustainable Development Goals. Retrieved 26 May, 2018 from United Nation’s Environmental Programme (UNEP). (1991). Our Common Future, Chapter 2: Towards Sustainable Development

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Multilingualism in Benin. Some Reflections from the Perspective of Sustainable Development and Multilingual Education

). Manterola, I., Almgren, M., & Idiazabal, I. (2013). Basque L2 development in immersion school settings. International Journal of Bilingualism, 17(3), 375–391. Marinotti, J.-P. (2016). Final Report Symposium on Language and the Sustainable Development Goals. New York: United Nations, Report Study Group on Language and the UN. Recuperado de . Marinotti, J.-P. (2017). Final Report Symposium on Language, the Sustainable Development Goals and Vulnerable Populations. New York: United Nations, Report Study Group on

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