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Mixing system for highly concentrated fine-grained suspensions

References Moravec, J. & Rieger, F. (2008). Rheological behavior of high-concentrated fine-grained suspension. Czasopismo Techniczne 5-M/2008, 231-238. Rieger, F. & Moravec, J. (2007). Rheometry of the Fine Concentrated Suspensions. In Teoretičeskie osnovy sozdanija, optimizacii i upravlenija energo-i resursosberegajuščimi processami i oborudovaniem - Sbornik trudov, 2007, (pp. 75-83). Ivanovo, Russia. [in Russian]. Rieger, F. (1993). Efficiency of agitators while mixing of

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Determination of hydraulic conductivity of a suspension

References Coe, H.S., Clevenger, G.H., 1916. Methods for determining the capacity of slime-settling Tanks. AIME Trans., 55, 356-384. Kynch, G.J., 1952. A Theory of Sedimentation. Transactions of the Faraday Society, 48, 166-176. Landman, K.A., White, L.R., Buscall, R., 1988. The continuous flow gravity thickeners: steady state behaviour. AIChE, 34, 239-252. Mls, J., 1995. Determination of Hydromechanical Characteristics of a Suspension. In: Wrobel, L.C., Šarler, B., Brebbia, C.A., (Eds

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Quarter Car Suspension System With One Degree Of Freedom Simulated Using Simulink

References [1] E. Guglielmino, C. W. Stammers, T. Sireteanu, G. Ghita, M. Giuclea, Semi-active Suspension Control , Springer, London (2008); [2] E. M. Lowndes, Development of an Intermediate DOF Vehicle Dynamics Model for Optimal Design Studies, Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, North Carolina (1998); [3] G. Rill, Vehicle Dynamics , Lecture Notes, Regensburg (2003); [4] H. Heisler, Advanced Vehicle Tehnology , Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford (2002); [5] R. Gao, Dynamic System Modeling Using Matlab and Simulink , MIE

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Modelling Accuracy of a Car Steering Mechanism with Rack and Pinion and McPherson Suspension

References [1] Meissonier J., Fauroux J-C., Gogu G. and Montezin C. (2006): Geometric identification of an elasto-kinematical model in a car suspension . – Proc. I. Mech. E., vol.220, No.9, Part D: J. Automobile Engineering, pp.1209-1220. Meissonier J. Fauroux J-C. Gogu G. Montezin C. 2006 Geometric identification of an elasto-kinematical model in a car suspension Proc. I. Mech. E. 220 9 Part D: J. Automobile Engineering, 1209 1220 [2] Mantaras D.A., Luque P. and Vera C. (2004): Development and validation of a three

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Production of suspension fertilizers as a potential way of managing industrial waste

References Hoffmann J., Górecki H.: Suspension fertilizers - new ecological generation of agricultural and garden fertilizers (in Polish), Przemysł Chemiczny 1995 , 74, pp. 87 - 91. Kępiński J.: Inorganic chemical technology (in Polish), PWN, Warsaw, 1974 . Šebek V., Malechowă V.: Zpŭsob aktivacejilových materiálu, Pat. CSR, no. CS231830 (B1), 1986 . Vetjugov A. V., Voevodin L. I., Mal'tseva V. E.: Sposob aktivacii bentonitowoj gliny, Pat RUS, no. RU

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Multi-Objective Optimization of Vehicle Suspension Parameters Considering Various Road Classes

References [1] Hac, A., “Suspension Optimization of a 2 - DOF Vehicle Model Using a Stochastic Optimal Control Technique”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 100, no. 3, 1985 [2] STN ISO 8608: Mechanické kmitanie. Profily povrchu cesty. Zaznamenávanie nameraných údajov., 2000 [3] Hać A., Youn I.: “Optimal Design of Active and Semi-Active Suspensions Including Time Delays and Preview”, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, vol. 115, no. 4, pp. 498-508, 1993 [4] STN ISO 2631-1: Mechanické kmitanie

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The Influence of Semi-Active Suspension Adjustment on Vehicle Body Pitch Oscillations

References 1. Aly, A.A., and Salem, F.A. (2013) Vehicle Suspension Systems Control: A Review. International Journal of Control Automation and Systems , 2(2), 46–54. 2. Chen, H., Liu, Z., Sun, P. (2005) Application of Constrained H_Control to Active Suspension Systems on Half-Car Models. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control , 127. 3. Crosby, M.J. and Karnopp, D.C. (1973) The active damper – a new concept for shock and vibration control. Shock Vib Bull, 43, 119–133. 4. Guglielmino, E., Sireteanu, T., Stammers, C. W

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Methods For Determination of the Parameters of a Machine Gun Suspension Mounted on an Armoured Vehicle

References [1] Spirdonov S., Method of approach for using the basic equation of statistical dynamics for analyzing the frequency response of the body of an armoured vehicle, Proceedings of 2nd International Scientific Conference TECHNICS. TECHNOLOGIES. EDUCATION. SAFETY, pp. 1310-3946, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, May, 2014. [2] Spirdonov S., Stefanov S., Yotkov T., Research on the vibro-dynamical processes, which ensue in an armoured vehicle suspension from the shooting of mounted machine-guns at place, Proceedings of Annual

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Experimental analysis of an effect of the nutrient type and its concentration on the rheological properties of the baker’s yeast suspensions

LITERATURE CITED 1. Sato, A.C.K., Perrechil, F.A. & Cunha, R.L. (2013). Rheological behaviour of suspensions dispersed in non-Newtonian matrix. Appl. Rheol. 23, 4, 45397 (10 pages). DOI: 10.3933/ApplRheol-23-45397. 2. Pereira de Oliveira, L.A., Castro Gomes, J.P. & Nepomuceno, M.C.S. (2013). The influence of wastes materials on the rheology of rendering mortars. Appl. Rheol. 23, 1, 15505 (11 pages). DOI: 10.3933/ApplRheol-23-15505. 3. Klein, J., Maia, J., Vicente, A. A., Domingues, L., Teixeira, A.J. & Jurascik, M. (2005). Relationships

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The Acute Effects of Different Forms of Suspension Push‐Ups on Oxygen Consumption, Salivary Testosterone and Cortisol and Isometric Strength

Introduction There are many exercise devices that are designed to increase the difficulty of overcoming the weight of the body or a barbell due to instability. Suspension exercise trainers offer instability during exercises that mimic traditional calisthenics. These devices, and exercises in general that involve an element of instability, have been shown to elicit similar or elevated surface EMG reading compared to traditional resistance exercises ( Calatayud et al., 2014 ; Maszczyk et al., 2016 ). Byrne et al. (2014) reported that compared to a floor

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